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  1. At State and above matches, all Range Officers are to be RO-I certified by contract with SASS.


    Match Director

    Range Master

    Posse Marshal

    Deputy Posse Marshal

    Timer Operator


    Score Keeper


    Loading/Unloading Officer

    at the state matches I've been to I've never heard that the spotters, Loading/unloading table officers, expediters or scorekeeper had to be RO trained. Heck at most larger matches in many cases a non-shooting spouse keeps score for the posse. I would agree that TOs/posse marshals etc should be RO I & II at a state level or above match. Not necessarily that it makes them a better TO, but it would generally indicate that they have more experience. I'm thankful top those who are willing to grab the timer at large matches. its a big responsibility. Nobody wants to DQ somebody, even if the shooter clearly earned the penalty.

  2. refreshers are nice, but not necessary, especially at a monthly match. at state or higher, it would be a good idea. more importantly, is having a flow chart handy, with rules. then you don't have to "think" you can get the card and figure it out. Everyt shooter ought to take the classes whenever they have an opportunity. I hope to take refresher this spring.

  3. When I started shooting CAS I always bought loaded ammo from a local ammo manufacturer at gun shows. As I shot more and more the cost rose to an uncomfortable level. Plus the ammo (45 Colt) was a tad hot for our game. Guys used to joke I was shooting 45 magnum. Needless to say I now reload my ammo. BUT, if I could have bought ammo in the neighborhood of $12-15 per box of 50 I might have just kept buying that ammo, especially if the rounds were not so hot. I use either 200 or 250 grain RNFP and either would have suited me.


    Now I am looking for factory ammo once again in 45 acp for a different shooting venture. Mainly to NOT get into more reloading. But I'm choosing factory also because I do not plan on needing vast amounts of it so the occasional factory ammo purchase should suffice. When I plan to shoot 45-70, 30-30, or 44 Colt or 44 Special BP, I do so infrequently that I just buy factory.


    Ammo I would purchase now for my cowboy action shooting would be in 44 Special or 44-40. Black powder would be 44 Colt or 44 special only because I only do that maybe a couple times per year. All of this is predicated on affordability. Most of my shooting is done with 45 Colt which I reload but the other calibers I shoot infrequently enough to just stick with factory cowboy ammo.


    Whether or not I purchase factory ammo or choose to reload ultimately depends on the frequency which I would shoot that particular caliber every year.

    check out these guys for 45 ACP. I shoot 4-6 WB matches a year, so really did not want to start reloading another caliber. found these, and they have worked fine. Zero failures in my Remington R1 1911.



  4. Misty Moonshine emailed me back, will look into it. She too does not know why we cant post direct, has heard different reasons. she is going to get back to us, but will probably be after the first of the year.

  5. I wish we could post direct. I've tried the photo bucket route, no joy. I can post pictures direct to Facebook, craigslist, emails etc, why not direct to this forum? I've heard it takes up too much bandwidth....whatever that is..... but I don't really know. Seems like if we can send a man to the moon we ought to be able to fix this. If its a question of $$$$, I bet most of us would pony up a few bucks a year to pay for the privilege.


    What say you SASS?

  6. Slippery little boogers. I tried some in 38 sp, they work fine, but hard to grab with my big ole fat fingers. I've tried wearing fingertip gloves, can't stand them. Same with any sort of rubber glove.


    I like them SPG lubed bullets from Ringers Bullets!

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  7. he only needs the 1 spur. If he gets one side of the horse going, the other side is naturally going to go too!


    My old dad told me that when I lost a spur when I was a kid. Fond memories!

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  8. Rooster

    I shot Pietta 58's 44's for years, I ran 454 balls with lubed wads, after every stage I would pull the cylinders, wipe them and the pin down, use a loading stand, load the cylinders and grease up the pins with mink oil, that made em run smooth. The main problem I had was banging my middle finger with the trigger guard and catching caps in the palm of my hand, that will make a man out of you with a burning cap in your hand and still hitting the target...

    The cap in the palm will definitely get your attention!

  9. my wife shoots those, but with 5" barrel. called Lightings. (maybe the longer barrel?)


    anyways, she likes them more than my Rugers. they are much lighter. I've loaded some 105 grn bullets and 130 grn bullets for her. She, nor I, can tell any appreciable difference in recoil between the 2.


    Best advice I can give is if she wants to shoot, get her what she wants. they likely down in value, so you can get your money back.


    if you are sharing a shotgun, get it cut to fit her.

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  10. Where are you from? Go to a local match, find a mentor.


    If you want to be "competitive" you probaly want 38sp.


    Hard to beat the Ruger Vaqueros. Couple if options on grips/hammers. You won't need a back-up


    Rifle wise a 66 or 73, from Cody Conager or Long Hunter. I have both. I like the 66 more, but I think the 73 is probably better. If you get a 66 reinforce the loading gate.


    Bakail SXS by Johnny Meadows. For another $1000 you can get the SKB.


    Get quality leather from a cowboy leather maker. I got mine from Johnny Meadows, j-m leather. You have to decide on cross draw or double straight hang. I use cross draw, if I was starting over would probably go with double straight hang.


    Don't forget a gun cart to haul everything around with. The Rugged Gear cart us hard to beat. The wood carts are easier to customize or "pretty up" but the Rugged Gear just works.


    Then side match, long range, plainsman, Wild bunch.....


    4.5 years ago I had 1 Glock 9mm. Got into CAS, Glock us long gone, I have 28 cowboy guns! I shoot 3 times/ month on average. Greatest bunch of guys you will ever meet!

  11. I use the magtech brass. deprime with antique deprimer I found (can use punch) prime on press using 12 g shell holder. dip BP sub in. Nitro over powder card. fiber wad. pack It down tight with rammer (wood dowel works fine. dip shot in. over shot card. elmers glue.


    takes some time, I just use them for BP or subs. You can get the wad and cards from Track of the Wolf.

  12. ...I have beaten a fellow shooter on 7 of 10 stages , had two less misses ,been less than 1/2 second slower than him on 3 stages and 63 seconds faster on total time and he beat me in RANK Points !!!!

    I guess he was more CONSISTENT than me, in being slower shooting and missing more ...


    If this is the Consistancey that rank point rewards ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Then RANK really is a Great discription of this method of scoring ...


    Jabez Cowboy

    Jabez, I'm kind of with you, I think TT is the way to go. But, aint nobody asked me (or likely to! ) I've been looking at this issue with somewhat of an open mind, since I aint likely going to win any matches either way, its somewhat easier to be objective. I would be interested if you could post or PM me the detailed scores in theis match, so I could look at them and see how this could happen. Seems pretty unusual, and I am in agreement, 63 seconds slower, with more misses, yet ahead in rank points makes no sense!

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