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  1. Our club has an annual “Iron Cowboy” match. Shoot a different category every stage. Gunfighter, dualist, outlaw, 2 handed, buckaroo, and wild bunch. Club officers supply the 22s and WB guns for those that don’t have them. 
    lots of fun!  I bought a 410 double just for this match! 
    It is optional, shooter can shoot their regular category if they prefer. 
    I always threaten to shoot a regular monthly match buckaroo, just because it’s fun to shoot 22s. 

  2. I used to shoot 130 grn Bullets both rifle & pistol. Then tried 105’s in pistols, using a timer for comparison. The 105’s were almost 1 second faster in a 10 shot string. A bit more on a dump, a bit less on a multi-target sweep. 
    8/10ths or so ain’t much on a given stage but 8 seconds in a 10 stage match can definitely make a difference! 

  3. Very few matches I’ve ever been to have a LTO. Not saying it’s right, just saying it’s the way it is. I have a pretty set routine, lay my shotgun down, then lever my rifle twice, decock and lay it down, then pull my pistols. Load rifle first. I stick with the same routine every time. Limits forgetting!  I also eyeball every rifle at the table and let shooter know if they have a hammer back. 

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  4. 2 minutes ago, Allie Mo, SASS No. 25217 said:

    At a BIG match (under SASS contract), a shooter came to the line with the hammer back on rifle. A counter, Buckaroo, called it. TO (also MD) said, "I'll allow it as he didn't set it down." I told the Buckaroo he made the correct call, the TO did not.  I said nothing to the MD. The Buckaroo's mother thanked me for supporting her son.



    It’s frustrating to me that this rule gets ignored. It’s one of the easiest SASS rules to prove (other is dropped gun) there is no question of “did he or didn’t he”? 
    I know lots of folks want this rule to go away. I’m not totally against that, but, as long as it’s in the rules, should be enforced. 


    if you shoot your shotgun, shuck the shells, move to another position and shotgun closes and you take a step it’s SDQ for moving with cocked gun. Nobody complains. Nobody wants to do away with that rule. 

  5. The bar goes parallel to the rear axle. Basically just in front of it.  

    I tried one, did not care for it. It took up some space under the long guns where I put extra Bullets etc. and I did not find it stable. 
    plus when the cart was folded it stood up too high to fit under the bed cover on my truck. 

  6. 51 minutes ago, Matthew Duncan said:

    I am of the opposite opinion.

    And you are 100% entitled to your opinion!

     I don’t avoid clubs with down range movement stages, just not my favorite.  I do prefer when there is downrange that requires rifle to be left behind to have a table with an angled marker to restage on, as opposed to vertically. 

  7. berms are a good thng, for lots of reasons.  


    That being said I dont care all that much for downrange movement.  seems like somebody always forgets to prpoerly stage their rifle, or when done turns around and has gun pointed uprange.  in my opinion many (not all or even most) stages with downrange mvemen seem contrived and more trouble than they are worth. 

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  8. I prefer belt with 5 double loops. rare that more than 4 SG per stage, but with 10 I have enough to get me thru most anything, plus, if (when!!!) I forget to replenish can get thru 2nd stage. 

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  9. I have a pair of tall sticks that use seated in a directors chair, or can use them standing.  I also have a shorter set that work on a bench.  


    some guys shoot prone, others sitting on grng (both using sticks) Shooting prone is probably best, but unless they have a cherry-picker to help get me up, I'm not shooting prone! 

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  10. 170 violations are the hardest to call. Usually close, and brief. I’ve only seen a couple called, and one that was called I think wa really a prop failure. 


    Ive called one. Fairly new shooter, shot 5 out of pistol cocked again and pulled trigger CLICK. cocked again, I said that’s all in that gun, pull the trigger and holster. Shooter turned around to face me, with cocked (but empty) pistol pointed at my gut, and said Huh???  


  11. TO held the line and did not allow a score. I don’t necessarily think allowing a shooter to shoot for no score in this situation is a terrible thing. I’ve never done it, but I’m not totally against it. 

  12. At a match today, shooter came to line with hammer back on rifle. I was a counter. I brought it to TO attention. He told shooter SDQ. Shooter said not by SASS rules. I assured him it was. He and TO gas a discussion, then shooter shot the stage. I assumed they had discussed rules and then TO allowed shooter to shoot. After hecshot TO said no score, SDQ.  Shooter got made and said if it’s SDQ I’m going home. Packed his gear and left. This shooter had many years experience. He should know the basic rules. 


    I hate to come off as a “harda$$, but if we don’t enforce the rules of the game it’s just not right.  At my home club, where I am range safety office I always mention hammer back is an SDQ, and we enforce the rule. 


    Some rules are harder to call than others. Breaking the 170 is usually so brief, and just barely that you ask yourself did he or didn’t he? If you have to think about it, then shooter should get benefit if the doubt. But on the really obvious ones, hammer back, dropped gun, failure to clear guns etc. we should and must enforce the rules. 

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  13. 10.0 Unique in my HiWall with 260 grn bullet works well. Wind will have a pretty big effect on the bullet. I’ve shot mine out to 500 meters, but if it’s windy, it’s tough. 

    Good sights are a must. If you are shooting a H&R Buffalo Classic you can’t mount a tang sight as no steel tang. While you could mount them on wood, they won’t be as stable. 


    The 38-55 is a good target load, but has it’s limitations, primarily due to wind.  The heavier the bullet the better, mine can handle a 310. I tried 335 but the would not stabilize. Sounded like a bee going downrange! 

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  14. Most of the matches I’ve been to whomever the MD gets to running a particular side match makes the rules and shooting sequences. As long as it’s the same for everybody it’s fair. 

    Many just write top score on a board, change it when somebody beats it. I prefer recording all scores. That way, if leader somehow MDQs later during  the side matches, you can go to the next person in line. I also prefer, as time allows, letting a shooter try 3 times, keep his best score. 

  15. 20 minutes ago, PaleWolf Brunelle, #2495L said:



    Bisley double loop belt.jpg  DIXIEBELL004.jpg


    ......................................... ILLEGAL .............................................................................................................. LEGAL ...................................................




    without applying a protractor, those holsters look to be pushing the 30 degree rule.  

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