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  1. Perfect experiences so far. And posting photos is simple, just like any other forum. Buckshot
  2. Unknown manufacturer, but appears well made. Loops are for .38/.357. Holsters fit Ruger Vaqueros w/5.5" barrel. Belt is 35" from buckle to center hole. Just got it but it is too small. $75 shipped anywhere in USA. PayPal preferred (goods & service only). Pistols not included This was taken in panoramic mode so the ruler looks a bit off in sections
  3. He pm'd me earlier this week. I visited his site and pm'd him but he hasn't responded. I'll shoot him an email. Thank you!
  4. Thank you Shorty, I shot him a pm! We'll see what happens. Buckshot
  5. Neglected to specify but I am looking for a double strong side rig, fairly period correct, and in some shade of brown, preferably Buckshot Brian
  6. Just getting started--still looking! . Need a decent double strong side holster/gunbelt setup for a pair of New Vaqueros, .357/.38, 5.5" barrels--I wear 34" waist pants so I'd need somewhere around a 40" gunbelt I think. Would prefer in some shade of brown and mostly period correct. Do not want a buscadero rig. Need a decent 12 gauge shotgun belt. Thank you! Buckshot Brian
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