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  1. I get all my bullets from LPL Bullets.com. Some moly and some poly, all are priced right. Some even lower than ordering direct. Fast delivery too. LPL and Nawlins are indeed good pards to deal with. MK
  2. I work at an indoor range full time for the past 4 yrs. on the range teaching shooters all day and TO a couple times a month. I do not do my own reloading. Just got my level checked and it was 4.9, high end of normal. That was a surprise. I guess reloading is the primary culprit.
  3. I just got a set of thin grips from altamont and love them. They are listed on the website below the standard grips. Took a couple weeks to get them. Reasonably priced as well. MK
  4. I went to an eye doc that specializes in shooting glasses. He made me a pair of RE Ranger “edge” glasses with changeable lenses. The dominant eye lense is focused at front sight distance and the other is focused at 25 yds. I had my doubts but they work great with pistols rifle and even my Malcolm scoped sharps. Nice crisp front sight focus without moving my head around to find the sweet spot as I used to do with progressives. I have an amber set of lenses for sunny days and a yellow set for indoor shooting. Expensive but worth it for me MK
  5. I also need an "A" if anyone has one to spare.
  6. Looking for a "standard" plow handle style grip frame for my NV birdshead 45ACP. My research indicates that the XR-3 or the XRN-3RED grip frame would fit the bill. blued finish preferred but open to trying SS for a two tone finish. Montague Kid
  7. I haven’t heard from him either. Sent a PM today, nothing yet
  8. GR, Sounds like the other fellers here are interested in the pair of XR 3-RED, so i will take the other XRN-3RED. I'll see if I can make it work and if not i'll throw it back up for sale . PM me your address and i'll make final arrangements for payment. MK
  9. GR, I'm not very savvy about Ruger frames, but if one of those will fit my new vaquero birdshead 45 acp, I will take it. MK
  10. I've been shooting moly coated and heat set coated bullets from LPL Bullets. Easy to load, easy to shoot and less leading. LPL Bullets are easy pards to deal with. Order on line and get shipped right to your door. Sam and Marissa run the show. For SASS shooters by SASS shooters. Check them out . Lplbullets.com
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