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  1. I started wearing the kilt for summer dress code, now for steampunk.. I am sure there were Scotsmen out west and they did wear their kilts, probably not on horseback.
  2. DHI will be shooting this Saturday, July 11. Six stages straight through, no meal but will have snacks. Water will be available. Meet at the parking area. See y'all there.
  3. Just wanted to say a goodbye to someone who's music helped me grow up and become the man I am now. Thank you for your guidance and staying with your beliefs, I will listen to you always. Peace, Brother and fellow Patriot.
  4. Prayers up from myself and Gypsy. Always have fun shooting and visiting with him.
  5. Got married at it last year. Kinda committed from here on out. It's a great shoot!
  6. Thank You, Just got your note. sending it out.




    1. Dingleberry Pete

      Dingleberry Pete

      Mailed your package while I was in town Friday and you should get it Monday.  Your check was here when I got home. Lin

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