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  1. Unless it is stamped "STERLING", chances are good that it is just silver plate. In order to identify if flatware and other items are sterling silver, the items must be identified with a hallmark or stamp that states “sterling” or “925”. The stamp is usually small and placed on the bottom of bowls and plates or at the end of flatware items. Items that are sterling silver mean that they are 92.5% silver. The stamp or hallmark on these items is mandatory by the United States government in order to keep silver regulated.
  2. After 13+ years of unconditional love, we lost our Buddy & Buster in 2018.
  3. How does one even WALK with the gun belt so low?
  4. Instead of using dog food, I understand that they can't resist marshmallows!
  5. At the four clubs that I shoot at monthly, they all shoot six stages.
  6. Ask them how is the weather is in India, they usually hang up!
  7. I have had them "bookmarked" for years. Would love to know if anyone has any experience with installing one on a Hornady.
  8. Lassiter has no web site. Best way to reach him is by phone.
  9. Been eating red Bing cherries since I was a kid. Never knew about Rainier white cherries until my wife brought home a bag of them last week. Very tasty!
  10. OH DEAR GOD UB! Now I need eye soap!
  11. I guess I misinterpreted what "BBQ gun" meant in the opening question.
  12. Who would want to be in there long enough to need Wi-Fi?
  13. That's very impressive as well! I have had mine since August of 2017 and still love it! I think I was one of the first ones in Ohio. Very well made, works flawlessly and always draws attention at the loading table! May your success continue.
  14. I doubt that all those folks really want their emails listed on a public forum. You might want to edit them out of your original post.
  15. I load a 405 grain bullet over Trail Boss, which gets me 1,056 fps out of my Marlin 1895 Cowboy with a 26" barrel.
  16. Loaded with 410 shotshells, it would be acceptable as a shotgun in the Buckaroo class!
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