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  1. Looks like you got it with the cast iron grates too, nice deal!
  2. If it last more than four hours, call a doctor.
  3. Those were all from ONE house? Good Lord, that's alot of firearms!
  4. I saw this, and thought it was quite special.
  5. Not in December, but this one is only about 65 miles from Lexington. https://sassnet.com/clubs/Clubs_detail.php?Kentucky-Long-Rifles-Cowboys-836
  6. I go in on Tuesday for mine. Went to the web page of the prep that has been prescribed, and had a good laugh at the cartoony mascot that they use!
  7. I'm starting to think it might be fun to get a flintlock rifle to play around with...
  8. NO... NO... NO... She wants the couch against the OTHER wall!
  9. OK, do you have a KINKO or UPS quick print shop where you live? Couple of bucks and they could print one for you.
  10. I realize that many of you long time Frontiersman will cringe at this, but I wanted to share it anyway. I got interested in shooting Cap & Ball Black Powder pistols, the same year that I tore my left rotator cuff and had surgery. I shoot left handed, and unfortunately, my left side never recovered to the same strength level that I had before, so it is most difficult for me to shoot one handed. I shoot at Pleasant Valley Renegades in Southeastern Indiana, and they graciously accommodated my needs by creating a “Renegade” category, which is exactly the same as Frontiersman, EXCEPT you can shoot your pistols two-handed. This gave me the opportunity to enjoy shooting my Remington 1858’s by making some smoke and flames.
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