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  1. There are no unruly children around here but I have some irritating neighbors I could throw in. Could even gag and hogtie them for you. Hogleg
  2. I second this idea.. 90% of my reloading is for .38spc on an SDB. I reload brass shot shell and rifle on a Rock Chucker and small batches of .44 spc & mag, 9mm, .45acp on a lee turret press. If I loaded quantities of different calibers I would go with a 750 or possibly an extra SDB or two dedicated to one caliber each. I like auto indexing. Some people don't. Personal choice. Automatic bullet feed is nice but I've heard it doesn't play well with lead bullets. I believe the lube gums them up?? Those with experience can elaborate. In my experience the primer feed on the Lee progressives is so atrocious that they would not be a consideration. And yes I owned one. I bought the parts to turn it into a turret press which works nicely if you prime OFF the press. Hogleg
  3. I actually knew somebody who had restored a Yugo. I asked him "why?". He couldn't give me an answer.
  4. There is still competition for middle-of-the-pack shooters depending on the category. I have seen categories won by 0.2 second. There is also the pleasure of shooting smooth functioning guns. I don't shoot in Christian's league but I am competitive in Frontier Cartridge and frontiersman. And yes, I do like to win.
  5. That kind of defeats the purpose of having tuned guns. I'd rather spend the money for Federals.
  6. I would be concerned with how these primers would work with tuned revolvers. My main match guns will not set off CCI primers but do fine with Federals. I wouldn't want to buy several thousand primers that I couldn't use. Hogleg
  7. I use what I can find. In light loads it won't make a difference. Hogleg
  8. Its about time the people started to fight back.
  9. I need to try the 1075+ on my Remmy 58's. Might make a difference. They wouldn't work on any of my Colt pattern revolvers. Hogleg
  10. I'm trying to think of a gun that has a trigger as bad as these but I can't think of any. The triggers are horrible!! And yes, I have one of the new ones with the improved trigger. Hogleg
  11. I found out you really shouldn't Google "leather butt cover" Hogleg
  12. 2 business days and no answer. I guess I now know how important black powder shooters are to Remington. Hogleg
  13. How well did the self adhesive work? This sounds like the best option if it is durable. Hogleg
  14. Doesn't seem to go bad. I've used some old cans w\o any problems. It will clump together sometimes but its easy to break apart. Hogleg
  15. When my stash of #10's is gone I'm stuck with RWS 1075+ caps. They don't fit on any nipples that I have. They won't seat far enough. I've got Slixshot nipples on all my guns. I've also tried the factory nipples and some from Butler Creek. My plan was to turn down the factory nipples to see if I can make them work. I also have a couple of tins of CCI's that I haven't tried yet but I'm not holding out much hope for these. I've also read Mako's article several times over the last year. What he said should work doesn't for me. Hogleg
  16. I just emailed Remington to ask if there are any plans to resume production of these caps. It would be nice to know before I modify the nipples on my guns to accept another brand cap. Hogleg
  17. Thanx for the heads up. Scored 10lbs. Hogleg
  18. Will you have any CZ coach guns available or are they all spoken for? Hogleg Hunter
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