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  1. Sold, pending funds
  2. Would u take $700

    1. Bdoc


      Are you interested?  I apologize, I just saw this message.



    2. Bdoc


      I’ll meet you half way at $745 plus the $45 shipping.

    3. Happy Appy

      Happy Appy

      Thanks for your reply but I'll pass

  3. Hi Happy! im selling my CB97 let me know if you are interested! Bdoc https://forums.sassnet.com/index.php?/topic/291189-cb-97-795/&tab=comments#comment-3786099
  4. For sale is my used CB 97. The Cowboy 97 is the latest generation of 97s. I bought this new from Johnny Meadows at Winter Range in 2015. Shoots great, just selling to help pay for my new Lassiter 87. Here are some features that make them so smooth. The Double cocker invention allows the hammer to not drag on the bottom of the bolt, like all Winchesters and earlier IAC models did. The Double Cocker is the secret that makes these new guns so smooth and not need action work. Spring loaded firing pin that will not allow the gun to fire unless cocked all the way back. Modified main springs, tapered to allow easy operation. 2 3/4" chambers that will handle magnum loads. $795 plus $45 shipping
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