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  1. I weighed them once. And now I can't find the weights. As I remember of all my marlins the 32 H&R in the cowboy was about a half a pound heavier than in the 45. The outside dimensions of the barrels are the same but the bore is smaller, more steel. And the H&R has the loading tube in the magazine.

    Keep in mind round barrels are lighter than octagonal. So a round barrel in 38 would be about right.

    But the 32 is a sweet shooter.


  2. Here is a question for you 45 Colt Pedersoli Lightning owners. The Lightning is notorious for blowback in 45 Colt. Since I shoot 45 Schofield in my Marlins, I tried it in a couple AWA Lightnings. One I owned and one we just tried it on to check the blow back. Both of the rifles cycled the shorter round perfectly with no blowback. Has anyone here shot 45 Schofield rounds through their Pedersoli Lightning? Will a Pedersoli cycle the shorter rounds?


  3. I've had this for 2 yrs and never used it. I did try it on and put pistols in the holsters so there is some scuffing. These were made for Ruger single-six pistols with a 5.5 inch barrel. The holsters are longer than the pistol barrels as you can see in the photo with my pistols. So with a 4.5 inch barrel there is extra holster. Loops on the belt are 32 H&R. Belt is heavy double leather; 3 inches wide and 42.5 from the buckle to the center hole. If you replace the chap buckle with a trophy buckle you can gain a bit depending on your buckle. This was made by DAD Custom Leather so it was probably made in Mexico.

    $200 shipped to CONUS.

    First I'll take it here gets it. And, no the pistols aren't included.





  4. I have two pair of single-sixes. The stainless pair came as birds head grips and the blued as long grips. But the single-six plow share is a Blackhawk shape. I have replaced all of them with new vaquero grip frames from Brownells. They are all interchangeable. The stainless pair I just fitted and polished. The blued pair I fitted, polished and blued with a stump remover. Really like these pistols now.


  5. This was a special run by Marlin for Davidsons and only a thousand were made. It's a Marlin 1894, Cowboy Carbine in .41 mag with a JM stamped barrel. It's very lightly used but the butt stock has been replaced. No one has attempted an action job so the internals are unmolested. The Marlin 1894s in .41 mag are rare and this model is really rare. $2500.








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  6. I've only shot a couple AWA lightning rifles. I really liked them except for the fact what I shot had 20" barrels and I got a lot of "whip" effect as I ran them. So I've begun to look for one in 45 Colt with a 24 or 26 octagon barrel thinking it would be more stable.

    I see a lot of you shoot Pedersoli, so I assume it is a real good brand.

    What are the differences between AWA and Pedersoli?

    I also came across a Uberti, were they made by Pedersoli?

    I've been told that the Taurus is junk, and to not even consider one.



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