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  1. Wound up with 2 of these at Christmas time.

    New, never read, paperback copy of a massive book.

    $55 shipped to you media mail.

    Check or MO, no PayPal



  2. 2000+ (counted 2100, but sold as 2000) rounds of mixed 38 special brass. I see mixed commercial and military, no nickel plated. I bought this as once fired but I can't guarantee that. Tumble cleaned. $215 shipped to you in a USPO flat rate box. Personal check or MO ok, no PayPal.



  3. For sale are 6 weighted Dummy magazines to simulate mag changes with a loaded magazine. Two made by Next Level and the other four I don't know. The Next Level and two blue ones are for Glock 17 & 22 size pistols. The other two are for the Glock 19 & 23 size. Used to use them to teach mag changes. Maybe someone else can use them. All 6 for $20 shipped to you.



  4. An aftermarket stock for a Marlin 1894, I finished. I didn't use it because I was able to repair the original stock.  It is 1/2 inch longer than a factory stock so the length of pull is +/- 14 inches. Marlin butt plate and dot added to make it correct.

    $110 shipped to you.






  5. For Sale is a brand new Buck 591+ Paradigm Shift automatic knife. You can see YouTube reviews of this knife. Be aware there are two models of this knife; the 591 assisted open and the 591+ automatic open. This is the automatic model. A fellow shooter showed me his and I was impressed. After I bought it, I discovered the arthritis in my hands makes it difficult for me to open. I have difficulty pushing the bolster up with my thumb. So this beautiful knife won't work for me.


    Be aware this is an automatic knife and is illegal to carry in some states and cities unless you are LEO, Military or Emergency Services. Check your local laws.


    Price is $200 $175 shipped or OBO.









  6. 5 hours ago, Frontier Lone Rider said:

    I had a C45 with a 26-inch stainless barrel.  The instructions were to run it like you had stolen it and it worked without any issues.  I bought it to shoot Wild Bunch and our club stopped doing Wild Bunch, so it stayed in the closet for years.  The 45s have some blow back, but I understand that the 44-40s do not.  I had read all of the materials, thus I considered it to be my tomato stake, even though it worked without a flaw.


    I decided to take it to a friend's pawn shop with some other firearms.  It sold within one day with people calling asking if it was still there? 


    Who knew?

    Taylor's has imported a some Lightnings. Anyway they started appearing on GunBroker last November. The Taylor's rifles were hitting the $2000 price range. Then some used Taurus Lightnings started showing up and some of them went for the $2000 price range. I don't know why, Taurus sounds like Taylor? I was mystified why someone would pay that much for a Taurus when they could be bought for $600 on other sites. The new Taylor's rifles got everyone excited.


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