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  1. Did you know that LBJ was being investigated on Capital Hill that morning in November.  After he took the oath of office: all the documents at that hearing we gathered up and never seen again.   LBJ should have been a lesson to America: he almost managed to destroy the country, but this time I think his son will pull it off completely.  

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  2. 3 hours ago, Clay Mosby said:


    Not sure I can agree with this one, only because IMHO Biden is nothing more than a sock-puppet for one world government  Soros and his ilk.  Bidens opinion on anything is whatever opinion they give him with his morning Metamucil.

    The guy just reminds me of LBJ: the most evil American of the 20 century to Me.

  3. 5 hours ago, Red Gauntlet , SASS 60619 said:


    There's a great slogan!

    Been to the Arctic Circle No Global Warming just not happening: but for 19 dollars a month you can sponsor a Cowboy that's less than a dollar a day.  They will be able to relive their childhood again just for 19 dollars a month please think about it.  :)     

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  4. 1 hour ago, Red Gauntlet , SASS 60619 said:


    Gosh. I backpack every season in the National Park and National Forest Wilderness forests. I like non-polluted air. When I'm out there I like to see......species.

    The body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, so we should try to be healthy. During Lent, I try to keep a meatless diet-- can't say 'tirelessly'...

    I support Ducks Unlimited, in its efforts to limit development and preserve clean wetlands.

    'Course, nothing's been the same since the Clean Air and Water Act and the Environmental Protection Agency were set up in 1968 under that old Nazi...or is it Communist....Richard Nixon!

    Mr. Biden is more like  LBJ, Robert Byrd and Jimmy Carter all rolled into one.    As far as clean country:  been to 21 other countries all of than dirtier than the United States.   

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  5. 27 minutes ago, J-BAR #18287 said:

    We still got it better than 99.999% of people who ever lived.

    No real serious complaints here.

    That is a very true statement.

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  6. On 12/14/2020 at 11:00 AM, Dogmeat Dad, SASS #48563L said:

    Sitting here at my desk, switching between the view out the window at the 37deg cold rain and at my computer monitor where the weather app is saying we should expect 10-16" of snow on Wednesday, I can't help wondering....


    Why In The Bloody He77 Did I Leave Florida?


    Departure in T-41 days......


    The greatest thing I saw while living in Maryland was it my mirror crossing 301 bridge going back to Florida.  :)


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