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  1. 7 hours ago, Alpo said:

    If he had shot it he would have blown a hole in his car. It was in the trunk. The guy that was finally going to kill it was going to beat it to death with a stick.

    One time on Camp Lejune we were out in the field, when all of a sudden our Navy Corpsman come running out of the woods. When we finally got him settled down, we asked what he was running from.

    "Well, I saw this snake, so I picked up a tree branch to beat it with, but it turned out that the snake was just another tree branch." he told us.

    "So why are you running like that?" I asked him. 

    "The tree branch I picked up turned out to be a snake!"

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  2. 1 hour ago, Marshal Mo Hare, SASS #45984 said:

    about Calvin Coolidge…

    Both his dry Yankee wit and his frugality with words became legendary. His wife, Grace Goodhue Coolidge, recounted that a young woman sitting next to Coolidge at a dinner party confided to him she had bet she could get at least three words of conversation from him. Without looking at her he quietly retorted, “You lose.”

    When asked why he chose not to run for reelection, he is reported to have said, "No chance for advancement."

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  3. We've done Mary Ann or Ginger to death, (Mary Ann). And we've done Jeannie or Samantha, (Jeannie).

    Recently, one of the retro TV channels has been showing "Fall Guy" in a vain attempt to garner interest to the movie. (I think that they should have gotten Chris Pratt to play the part, but he's more one os US than them). Since doing so, I have ,of course, been noticing the gorgeous beauty of Heather Thomas. That leads me to remember the "Heather or Heather" question from the 80s, Heather Thomas or Heather Locklear, from "T.J. Hooker". What say you? I say Heather Thomas.

    Heather Thomas:


    Heather Locklear:


    And NO, you can't say both!


  4. 1 hour ago, irish ike, SASS #43615 said:

    When people say they want a single provider  healthcare system from the Fed's just refer them to this fiasco? Private company did it faster, and cheaper.

    Sheeple want single provider healthcare because if the Government is providing it it's free.:wacko:

    Insurance would BE much less expensive if the Government would just stay out of it and let the Free Market control it.B) The customer could choose what he wants and pay for just that. If he chose wrong, he'd have to pay for that too. 

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  5. 1 hour ago, Hardpan Curmudgeon SASS #8967 said:

    Dark OD.  Just like the original stuff was that my buddies and I would buy from the Army Surplus Stores when we were kids back in the 50's and 60's.  ;)


    Speakin' of which... are there any surplus stores left?  :huh: 

    I'd have to agree. My Dad brought a couple things back with him, and my best friend's Dad had a lot, all OD Green. 

    As for surplus stores, there's one here in Tucson called Miller's Surplus. It's pretty good, though most of what they have is current stuff: Cammo Utilities in various colors and patterns, MOLLE gear. A lot of repro gear, mostly bags, backpacks, tool bags of canvas that rots after a couple years in the Arizona summers.  

    Good selection of boots and a large Carhartt section.

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  6. 23 minutes ago, Rip Snorter said:

    I was involved in a large charity event featuring Colonel Klink.  An arrogant, obnoxious, "superior" individual who I had to work with.  I was surprised he could manage the inept character in the TV show.  In person, he came off as the real, dyed in the wool thing.

    He was said to play klink that way on purpose. He even had it in his contract that Klink could never come out on top. 

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  7. 44 minutes ago, Colorado Coffinmaker said:

    Gotta remember, BLACKWATER is on just a LITTLE Opinionated.  Really simple.  Doesn't like anything not FAR RIGHT

    Sounds good to me.:D

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  8. If it were me, and remember I'm a COB, (Cheap Old Ba$tard), I'd get the new part. It's just a shooter, so no particular collector value.

    If he were to replace the grips with new grips, how would that affect the value? Probably not much. And if I'm replacing broken, 100 year old parts, what makes me think the the replacement, 100 year old part, is any better that the one that broke? If it's well used, (worn), it might not even function. 

    It kind of reminds me of articles I used to read where the author took his worn out, 1st generation Colt to a gun builder, and had him replace the barrel, cylinder, and all the internals to have a "better" gun. It's certainly not an "original" gun anymore, but the serial number comes back to a 1st generation Colt. 

    I've been to gun shows, looking at an older gun that was in good shape, just to have some sanctimonious "expert" stop to tell me, "You know that's been reblued, right?" They usually go pale when I say something like, "Good. I hope it shoots as good as it looks."  "Collector" value means nothing to me. I buy guns to shoot them. 

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  9. 14 hours ago, Tex Jones, SASS 2263 said:

    There, staring back at me, was the affable ghost of Mr. Hamilton. After a blink or two, I saw it was only me, dressed in the Bobby Hamilton Line, circa 1997.“What an old codger,”


  10. 2 hours ago, PowderRiverCowboy said:


    In my 81mm Mortar Platoon, we were regularly described as a cross between Baa Baa Black Sheep, F Troop, and McHale's Navy. We had a VARIED cast of characters at the time.

    We even had a guy that could pass for a young Andy Griffith. 

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  11. 9 minutes ago, Cypress Sun said:


    Neither did I but Microsoft just seems to add whatever they want to, whenever they want to. When this computer takes a dump, it'll be Apple for me.

    I know that some don't like it, but I use google chrome. It seems well behaved and doesn't do things like that. Plus you can get to it from anywhere, and when you do it's like being at you home confuser. I don't know if other browsers do that, but I'm familiar enough with chrome that I like it.                                                     

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  12. 3 hours ago, Cypress Sun said:


    Has to be a display and a dumb one at that as all of the different locking devices are on the exterior side of the door. The door knockers and peep holes give that away. ;)

    Well, you never know who's in there.:unsure:

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