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  1. You can leave the loading table with your rifle cocked. But if you self declare before you are no longer touching the rifle, then you can point it down range to verify no round in the chamber by pulling the trigger.  No boom = no call.


    If a round is in the chamber (boom),then stage SDQ.  


    If you release the rifle, then SDQ for breaking the traveling rule with a cocked firearm (see SG ruling also, both long guns) + MDQ for progressive safety penalty for unsafe gun handling by not having control of a cocked firearm.


    Other than that, things are fine.



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  2. 13 hours ago, JohnWesleyHardin said:

    I am new to black powder shooting. Do I understand that at the end of the day, regardless of the criteria used, someone just eye balls the actual smoke to see if it is enough.  The only issue is what load to compare it to?

    JWH, you should be able to have your way with this one if pressed.

  3. If you load your ammo to whatever you choose and get a "no misses but not clean" ruling from your spotters at the end of the stage, then you make enough smoke. Don't make this harder than it is. 

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  4. No wad required with .457 ball.  The CCI #10 is 0.161 ID the CCI #11 is 0.166 ID.  That’s why the 10s seemed tighter.  Keep the shoulder of the hammer that meets up with hammer channel of the frame free of fouling to let the hammer face seat the spent cap so you don’t get cap jams. 

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  5. 8 hours ago, Sedalia Dave said:

    Different design engineers don't always do things the same way. 

    Like I tell the operators that ask the very same question when they try to get upset at me because because different items but similar components have different designs, power supplies, functions, etc. is that engineers hate us, plain and simple.

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  6. I ccw hot w/one in the chamber.  I doubt we’d let that happen.  It would be a departure from wild bunch rules for shooting the semi-autos.  Could use steel challenge rules for holsters.  This is a fun idea. I’d like to see it get some traction.  Or even set up some Steel Challenge stages.

  7. Not too bad.  I was on the USS Phoenix (SSN 702). The one in the video was SSN 709.  I was one of the guys that worked in the secret space known as the engine room.  Just a nuclear reactor and its steam turbines for electricity and propulsion. The video was nostalgic to see the old views again.  Thanks for the video. 

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  8. My LH CZ doesn’t load as easy as my BSS from Briscoe Kid.  The left shell hangs up on the edge of the chamber.  May have to send it back at some time.  Can’t find a Briscoe BSS for a backup, so it will do for now.


    The gun is beautiful. Great fit up.  Almost too pretty to use for our game.  Good shotgun. The one comment above is my only negative.  

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  9. Not sure why c&b shooters worry about “ posse chores guilt”.  You can’t do posse chores if you are not at the match.  Bring your cap guns and shoot.  I have my own system that I use at my cart.  Then I come back and do what I can to help out.  Not too worried about it.  I just keep moving and don’t hide next to my cart holding it down so it won’t float away.

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