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  1. When I started I was traditional & Duelist.  That was before the 49ner category and before Gunfighter, as I think of it.  There was only a couple seniors shooting with a group of 50!

    Now I'm Cattle Baron and remember shooting with a young whipper-snapper named Santa Fe River Stan.

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  2. I used 3.4 grains of VV320 and it worked well.  As state it costs more and there are several other good, economical powders. 


    You have to balance "clean" with recoil and sometimes consistency. 

  3. From Badman Bullets FAQ.  (I've used their bulletsf)
    What are the advantages of shooting Badman Polymer Coated Bullets?
    Let's compare the difference between Polymer and plated bullets.

    * Plated bullets have a soft core (8-10 BHN) with a strong copper outer finish. They perform well at mid velocities or higher end lead velocities but can be rather expensive to shoot and can wear your barrel out faster. Plated bullets also have speed restrictions of less than 1,500 fps.

    * Badman Polymer Coated Bullets have a strong lead core (16 BHN) with a durable 2 layer baked on Polymer coating finish. They perform extremely well from low to high velocities. We have personally tested our .452 diameter 250 Grain RNFP bullet to 1,800 fps with great results. Compared to plated or jacketed bullets they are less expensive, as good as or better and they don't foul your barrel.

    How fast can I shoot the Badman Polymer Coated Bullets?
    As fast as you can pull the trigger. LOL Seriously though, these bullets can be pushed out to 2,200 fps with great results as long as they are loaded properly.

    Do the bullets smoke when being fired?
    No. You will notice a dramatic reduction in smoke compared to standard lubed bullets as there is no wax used in the making of this bullet. The Polymer is the lubricant. Please Note: You may still experience some smoke when shooting these as this comes from the powder you may be using. Some powders smoke more than others.  Check out this Video demonstrating the durability of our Polymer coating under extreme heat

    Can I use the polymer coated bullets with real Black Powder?
    No... the polymer is not intended to be used with real BP... but they will work with black powder substitutes.

    Can I shoot these in a polygonal rifled barrel?
    Our bullets perform the same as a plated or jacketed bullet and work well in polygonal rifling leaving the barrels clean.

    Do I need a gas check with our bullets?
    No. The polymer coating is very durable and can withstand high pressures without compromising performance.

    Do I need to apply wax lube to them before loading?
    No. The Polymer coating is the lube. Nothing else is required to load them.



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  4. From Eggelston Bullets FAQ
    Q: How should I load polymer coated bullets?

    • Work up loads based on data for hard cast lead or plated bullets of the same weight.
    • Always gauge or test chamber your cartridges to ensure proper O.A.L. Some of our bullets are shorter than typical lead or plated bullets, and use a shorter C.O.A.L as a result.
    • Use of 'Factory Crimp' dies is discouraged, but careful testing can yield successful results.
    • A light taper crimp is the preferred method for crimping, if the body or base of the bullet is squished by too much crimping the result may be poor accuracy and/or keyhole issues.
    • Flair the case mouths enough that the polymer coating is not being shaved off during bullet seating, this is crucial in preventing leading.
    • Unlike regular hard cast lead bullets, fast burning powders such as Titegroup will work exceptionally well with EM Polymer Coated bullets.
    • As always, start light and work up to more powerful loads.
    • Visit out Articles section for much more in-depth information!

    Speeds up to 2700 fps.  Above 2600 evidently smokes more.



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  5. Widdow's modification makes the Marlin sing.  I found that I could do well with the regular slicked up Marlin, especially if I used cartridges loaded to the 357 Mag length.  It was slightly faster than most folks could shoot it.  I got a lot of positive comments.  But when I tried to speed up more, I found a "speed limit" of .39 to  .40 second splits.  Any faster and I got hangups. 

    So I switched to the 66 and 73 with short strokes and was able to get .2 second splits pretty easily.

    Then tried one of the guns Widdow and crew had done and it was just as fast as my short stroked 73.  So they got around the issues that caused the "speed limit."


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  6. On 1/1/2024 at 6:44 AM, Texas Jack Black said:

    For lead .004-.008 less for jacketed  buy a feeler gauge and check.  More for a 22  .Try some different ammo.


    Happy New Year

    What he said!

    Some guns have a gap of only .002, but most have slightly larger just in case.  Most fall in the range Jack mentioned.  .01 or above is a little too much .


    Try to slip a peace of 20 lb paper between the front cylinder & the barrel,  If that works, try 2 sheets.  Each sheet should be about .003.


    Also, put in an empty cartridge in the cylinder and have the hammer down to test.  If there is any "cylinder shake" that can make a slight difference.

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  7. I always wanted a Winchester 94 as did my Dad.  Went for years just looking.  Then I heard folks say good things about the Marlin rifles.  SO I compared the two.  The Winchester is a relatively complicated design requiring good machining - only moderately good engineering.  They work but are more complicated to take down & maintain.


    The Marlin is a simplified design that is much smoother, fewer moving parts and maybe even more reliable.  It requires good machining since it is much more efficient design. 
    Note that Marlin pistol caliber rifles work great for regular SASS while the Winchester 94 doesn't do well.

    I was fortunate several years ago to find a used Revelation 200 (30-30).  It is a Marlin 94 with standard barrel and no added safety.  Sold by Western Auto in the 1960's.


    The microgroove barrels have been shown to be very accurate, but you just need to clean them well.


    Both Marlin and Winchester made "store brand" files for chain stores.

  8. Fond memories!  Thanks!


    I was in the Wartrace picture!


    I remmeber when CVV was just starting but I had to move abut then, but I got to shoot there a few times.


    And of course remember the Magnificent 7 for here in Georgia.

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  9. 37 minutes ago, COLORADO JACKSON said:

    Rank is no different in small matches versus large matches, it is not a complicated system, very easy to score. The smartest thing I have heard stated in this debate is "If you score a match with two different methods and end up with different results, one of them is wrong", The largest problem with rank is it punishes shooters differently who commit the same error. EX: One shooter may get 50 rank points for a miss on a stage, another shooter might get 95 rank points for a miss on the same stage, how is this correct?


    As a student of statistics, sampling and measurement, it does make a difference in the impact, although not the process.

    The number of shooters defines the index or sampling for the accuracy of the system.  Just as a valid sampling is needed for a poll.  So the larger the sample, the more accurate the measurement.


    If you are in a gun fight close up, misses are much more dangerous to you than if you are at 20 yards - because your opponent is much less likely to miss at close range than further out. .  So it is entirely appropriate for the impact of a miss or mistake to vary, depending on the circumstance. For example, if you stumble and lose 5 seconds in a race.. If it is a sprint, that stumble has a MUCH larger impact than in a longer run. Are you saying that is not fair?


    Similarly, if you fumble on the 2 yard line in football, it normally is much worse than fumbling at mid-field.  Should football change it's scoring to make that more fair?

    In a rank point match, it is important to beat out as many people as you can on each stage.  So if it is a fast stand and deliver, a miss will hurt you much more because many more shooters will beat you.  That is fair - they beat you.

  10. And if you try using rank within category, it is a total mess.  You need a large sampling to provide an adequate index for a good measurement.


    Since the old gunfights didn't have categories, they lumped everyone together, just like rank does now. :D


  11. You are only comparing two shooters, is that is all that is in the match.  You are actually "cherry picking" in your example and leaving out everyone else that shot the match.   I realize this is common misunderstanding and complaint about rank.


    Rank scoring is about how many shooters you beat out for each stage - that includes everyone.  Your example is missing the understanding of how rank is done.

    You are pointing out what bothers many, but not how the match is scored.


    Is not the Super bowl is determined by the number of times you cross the goal line - not how many yards you gained in the game.  The first is like of rank, the second is more like total time.


    Similarly, baseball is how many Runs you get, not how many hits.

    In both these cases, the yards and hits will not matter unless you finish the defined goal. 


    There are issues with rank scoring such as when someone far out shoots the rest but only gains 1 rank point for a major win.  That happened to several top shooters over the years - although they often still won the match.

  12. 1 hour ago, Redwood Kid said:

    Not exactly. With rank scoring, it's not only possible, but highly probably to win the match but lose 5, 6, 7, 8, and even 9 individual gunfights. It's far less likely with total time. 

    Do you understand Rank scoring? 


    Your answer would indicate that you do not.


    In either system, you do not have to win all the "gunfights", but in rank it means you won more than those who scored lower than you did.

  13. On 6/29/2017 at 2:53 PM, Blackey Cole said:

    Total time is a sprint rank points is a marathon

    Have to generally agree.


    Total time is more of a sprint as you can go as fast as you can since misses, while having some impact, generally will not hurt you as badly as in a rank point match.  So the two do have to be shot slightly differently.  That is one of the reasons many do not rank.


    With Rank, it is how many gunfights did you win. 


    WIth total time, it is not how many fights you won but more about how much you won on those that you won.

  14. I ordered a few thousand coated bullets.  They looked great, but I noticed that 5% or so slid into the brass too far.  SO I measured and although the top of the bullet was .358, the bottom may be below .350.

    So I contacted the maker.  He checked into it and found that one of his molds was messed up.  He thanked me for letting him know and sent me 500 bullets to make up for it.

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