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  1. 28 minutes ago, Subdeacon Joe said:

    No!  I DEMAND that you offend, insult, and annoy me RIGHT NOW!



    You have reached an automated service  press 1 for information about your cars warranty press 2 to be ignored.

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  2. My Lyman # 47 gives a maximum length for 357 at 1.590. I would check cup pressure for your intended data. 357 has a cup maximum at 45000 psi. Unless you are close to or over max cup I don't think it would be a problem (disclaimer this is my opinion so take with grain of salt). Another option is call Hodgdon and ask them about the information. Also since 357 is safe to shoot 38 special in may not be issue. I load to 1.55 since my Rossi 92 is finicky with short rounds.

  3. 17 minutes ago, Pat Riot said:

    In 1983 I lived in Westchester, CA in an apartment near a retirement community. I had a 73 Suzuki 350 that I loved to clean and polish up. That bike had a lot of chrome. Anyway, this lady who I am guessing was in her late 80’s used to come by and talk to me about how she and her husband would get on his 1936 Harley Davidson and take trips all over Southern California. As she talked you could see a twinkle in her eyes and a look of joy on her face. Her husband had passed several years earlier. 
    One day she asked me to come to her townhouse and see her husband’s old bike and to see if I could reassemble it for her. 
    She literally lived 100 yards down the small street (alley) from my garage. 
    I went the next day. In her garage was a red and black (my favorite color scheme) frame, fenders, black spoked wheels, and an oil drum that contained the engine / trans covered in oil. There were 2 small boxes that contained hardware and small parts. She had some guys from the Harley dealer preserve it for her. All the parts in clouding the frame were wrapped in cheesecloth and plastic. She had gotten someone to remove it all before I showed. 
    As I was marveling over this treasure in pieces she asked me if I could reassemble it for her. I told her I could and that I had a friend that specialized in rebuilding old Harleys that could help me if I got stuck. 
    Then she told me that she was so impressed with how well I took care of my “little motorcycle” that since I seemed confident that I could assemble her husband’s old motorcycle she was giving it to me. :wub:
    My heart about leaped out of my chest. 
    She told me I could do the initial work in her garage but I would have to remove the engine in the drum of oil and and finish the bike in my apartment garage. She said “How about you start this coming weekend and that will give me a chance to find the title and paperwork for it?” I asked her if any of her family members might be upset as they might want it. She said that none of them rode a bike and none would appreciate it. She said something about them being spoiled selfish brats, then laughed. I told her I would be back Saturday morning and left. I was on cloud 9. 

    She went into the hospital the next day and passed away that weekend. I never did find out what happened. Her neighbors weren’t sure. 
    The next week I was riding my motorcycle down the alley where her garage was and her garage door was open. “Family” was in there assessing things. I stopped and shared my condolences. I decided to tell them about the motorcycle and that she was giving it to me. 
    Well, that set off all 6 of the people in that garage. They looked like jackals snapping and snarling at a big cat. My first instinct was to lash out but my upbringing kicked in and I wished them all good luck and I left. I could see why she did not want them to have the bike. 
    A few days later I saw a truck from Harbor City Harley Davidson loading up all the bike parts and the engine drum into it. I rode my bike down to find out the particulars. They bought the bike from the family for “a few hundred bucks”. I related the story that the lady offered it to me and was met with typical knuckle dragged derision. I gave them all a single finger salute and left. 

    That was my brush with owning a truly classic motorcycle. 

    If I look from their side it might seem you just trying get it free. Her offer was only between you 2 since nothing in will or other kind of contract. I truly understand your side but I've seen vultures even with my own bloodlines. My mother had grandfather clock she had always promised me. She never told anyone else. After she passed I never heard who eventually tool it. 

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