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  1. What happens to dog when you are away
  2. As a loyal servant to my masters I resemble some of these memes
  3. I had a thought once. It was painful
  4. I just might resemble that remark.
  5. If I look from their side it might seem you just trying get it free. Her offer was only between you 2 since nothing in will or other kind of contract. I truly understand your side but I've seen vultures even with my own bloodlines. My mother had grandfather clock she had always promised me. She never told anyone else. After she passed I never heard who eventually tool it.
  6. My cats love to supervise during auto repair
  7. I hope everyone realizes this is Alpo after he put makeup on in morning.
  8. At least casualties were minimal
  9. I just got noticed that i have been accepted for a service dog. Hard part now 12-18 months.
  10. This is what happens when @singin'sue comes into the saloon.
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