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  1. Grips are probably the most important but overlooked part of shooting revolvers well. .  Im fairly proficient at gf and it's what I will pretty much always shoot.


       Try all the guns you can get your hands on.   Take two identical guns, use different grips on them and they will feel totally different.  


       My personal opinion is while you can shoot any stock grip properly, you'll never be as fast as if you have custom grips built.   They aren't expensive, and there are a lot of competent makers. Or you can do it yourself.  Get oversized blanks and slowly remove material. 


    The first pic is my main match guns.  The grips are different.  Swells are in different places To fit my hands. They are wider and I've prepped the surfaces. I cant stand the narrow gf grips.   I've had multiple surgeries on my left hand so I made them work for it.


     The blued guns are 45s and recoil more so I did a different style to help with it.  


      Also material makes a HUGE difference in feel, balance, and grip.     I do not use grip powder, as I personally dont see any advantage to it.      I wouldn't recomend plastic grips for anything.  I have guns with them but if I plan on actually using the gun I swap grips out.



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  2. I've recieved star shaped Steel awards. A small tin bucket with a couple bullet holes in it. One of my cooler ones was a wolf statue carved out of stone. About the size of a softball carved with a dremel tool then polished. Another i really liked was a bowie knive with the match name etched into the blade

  3. I stopped by the local toy store and saw these today. I don't get anything out of the deal just thought id pass the info on.


    1886 in 40-65. #657xx asking $1850 long octagon barrel


    1887 in 10 gauge long barrel. #304xx $1200


    1892 in 25-20 octagon barrel #3854xx $895


    1873 made in 1894. In 32-20 octagon barrel $1695



    The stores info is little crow shooting sports in hutchinson mn. Phone 320 587 9829 ask for jim or katie

  4. That brings up the elephant hiding in the closet. Single action shooting.. Where we use guns designed pre 1900 or modern replicas. Because im sure you saw a lot of shotguns honed, funneled with a stay open notch. Or short stroked, wide lowered hammered colts. Short stoked 73s with straight triggers. Titanium parts. The leather we use. Boots. Even clothes are designed for speed.


    The sport has changed from what it was to, as long as it looks somewhat close the sky is the limit. 20 years ago how many of those mods would have been allowed? I had the chance to talk with judge roy bean when he came to gunsmoke a few years ago. I recieved some very interesting answers.


    Don't get me wrong i love this sport and the people in it. I see the sport as it is now. Not as it was. Ive only been to a few throwback shoots that went by the old rules. It was definitely different. Not better not worse. Just different. But how far is it going to erode from what it started out as?



    Can a human outrun the mechanics of a gun? Yes, it can be done but it takes some serious skill. Using lighter parts, heavier springs,and mods to the design can help with that too.


    The people that have that skill like duece and smokestack also have the knowledge to adjust their body and rhythm to achieve the maximum potential of the machine. So they will not out run it. Instead they show us the dynamics that make our jaws drop.

  5. Most of our awards and buckles are still boxed up from our move. Ill have to dig them out and take a pic.


    To answer your other questions.


    My favorite buckle is my first place gf at our regional gunsmoke last year. Fourth place finish overall. Its my favorite because of the group we shot with. Jackpine bill has pushed me to beat him since i started shooting. I finally managed to do it at a big shoot. We possed with our friends from the dakotas who are great friends.


    My favorite award is the spirit of the game award my family won at state last year. My wife and i both shoot now and sass matches are our family vacations too. So we have our 3 year old daughter and 6 year old son with. Normally on chairs in the back of the posse playing. I shoot at the beginning of the stage then either run the timer or do posse chores while my wife is with the kids. Then we switch so she can shoot and i watch the kids. We have some amazing friends who shoot with that help out at times too.



    Ive been shooting sass 5 years so my first buckle at 30. I don't have that many. I think 12. Then some plaques and plates. Side match awards are mostly poker chips ive 22 of those plus some medals from regionals for speed and group events, and a bucket for the quigley shoot. Our club does specilty shoots in winter with prizes being toy cars and other things such as garters enamel cups and plates. The ribbons for monthly shoots i usually give back to the club as i have a drawer full already.


    My wife has competed for 2 years and has 4. Two 1st place lbw at state too.

  6. Do you wear your awards buckles in everyday life or just for sass?


    Personally i only wear the first one i ever earned that was a 5th place gf at state. Although that will change now with my regional win. I'm kinda fond of that one too. As for the rest they get displayed in my gun room but never really wear them.


    What does everyone else do?

  7. If your fumbling bad on your reaload for a double some times it's faster to drop the rounds and go to your belt again.



    Take a few breaths and make sure your ready to go before you say your line.



    Once you pull the trigger forget the round. Either it hit or it didn't. No changing the outcome instead focus on the next shot

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