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  1. I see Cheyenne didn't git ya hard enuff a while back, so one of these summers I'z gonna come up ta Minnesnowda and kick yer heiny myself.....

    Pick either weekend in summer and come out

  2. Doc Noper makes some great holsters for 7 1/2" barrels for strong side. Id highly recommend looking into them.


    I've carried looking barreled gun s in a double cross draw rig. I love it but this particular rig isn't sass legal. Im a smaller guy so cross draw helps facilitate drawing. If not my hands are halfway up my armpits to clear the barrel.


    My main match guns are 5 1/2" double strong side in a doc Noper rig. However my hunting and edc is mostly done with crossdraw

  3. Get good leather. When you learn your shooting skills more you will eventually get a rig built for you.


    Shotgun shell belt get a doc noper. Simply put there isn't a better rig out there


    Old model or New it's a personal preference. But I'd recommend 5 1/2". Especially if your shooting gf or duelist. They stay on target better and you will get less misses.


    Marlin or 73 depends on your feel. Marlins just have a different feel to leveling them. Rifle runs normally go from 2 to 7 seconds not too much spread


    More time is lost with the shotgun than any other gun. A good 4 shot run is under 5 seconds mid pack is between 6 and 12 sec. Get the stock cut for you! That's very important. You won't be fast if your struggling with a gun. I run against the grain and run a stock double trigger steoger. I like that the chambers are closer together and when I'm on the timer struggles to pick up my second shot. It works for me. My best 8 shot string is 6.43. Basicly meaning don't discount the stoeger. I've been running the same gun for 5 years it's still tight and smoken fast when i remember to flip off the safety



    Best advice is from the tiny straight arrow. Get out there and jump in.

  4. I was gunho to purchase one a few years ago, then I had a chance to actually hold one, found it was too awkward to hold, and fumbly when trying to cock it.


    If you get the chance try to handle the baby version. They are tons better. I don't think anyone is replicating the smaller version unfortunately

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