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  1. Limit 1k per day per person. 


    Cci. small pistol,  small rifle,   large rifle.    $70  


    I know it's still high but they are in stock 20k of each.   No they don't ship


    Just a heads up for those in the area


    Edit to add no these are not mine.  I've had several people ask.  It's the local shop I can pm you the name if you want

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  2. The local gun store has a 73, as will as a new marlin on the shelf.  If your interested I can send you the address


    As stated earlier don't shy away from a single shot.    Very simple to use and build good habits.  Also once you get the a rhythm you would be suprised how fast they can be shot.    Ive won overall at several matches running one. 

  3. 2 hours ago, Sedalia Dave said:


    That right there is enough ammo to fund your trip to EOT

    Actually that has been considered. Also selling some primers. I already sold one double action revolver to a friend.  I have an old pocket h&r .32 that's going next. 

      I saw the prices vaqueros are bringing online as well.  $700 to over $1k for a decent old model.   I figure it will be around $1500 for entry, gas, food, travel, lodging.    


     The hold back is how hard will it be to replace after.

  4. We moved to the farm almost 4 years ago  I still have boxes of stuff in the granary that aren't unpacked.    I was out there yesterday looking for a spare part for the reloader...   came across a small pile of ammo I forgot I even had.


     What's worse is I'm pretty sure there is more out there... somewhere..


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  5. The local shop has an old marlin 22 takedown that it just took in on trade Thursday.  I don't know if it's a 39a but I can swing by next week and find out if you want.   It's a straight grip.  Other than that i don't know much.  

  6. 4 minutes ago, Widder, SASS #59054 said:


    CCI small pistol primers are great.    As to the hardness, I don't know because I think Federal now makes those primers.


    Others with more knowledge can chime in, but feel lucky you found em, assuming the pricing was right.




    Makes sense.   They came on a pallet from federal

  7. Well I guess the first thing is to see if we can even get in. Little  miss lou who is going to try on Monday when they open up.  If we cant get in I guess there is no need to debate.   After that we will see what we need to do.

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  8. 3 hours ago, Old Man Graybeard said:

    Evil...just you going or the whole family??


    The whole family.  But the kids wouldn't be shooting.    Mindy said she wanted to go which was a first.  I never expected that or I wouldn't even be considering it. Shes been practicing gf all winter.  


         While I love .45s,  I shoot my 38s as main match guns.    It wouldn't hurt me if they were gone, and it wouldn't hurt if they stayed. so it really isnt an end all.  I already sold my dream guns this summer and I have come to realize that in the end memories are more important than physical items. 

     I still have guns to shoot. 

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