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  1. My son is switching from 22s to a 38.  Currently he shoots a Marlin carbine, however we would like to switch him to a 73. He shoots long guns left handed and the Marlin is drilling his arm with hot brass.  

      If anyone has one collecting dust is appreciate it if they would let me know..  thank you

  2. Colts/Rugers are easy to shoot under 2 second for ten shots.   Top breaks are very very very hard.   


     Not bad guns at all, and can be ran pretty fast. However, pulling your finger off the trigger costs precious time.


      If your willing to practice, you can beat your buddy

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  3. Little evil has been shooting a little over two seasons, and is becoming a danger.  Last year he was averaging high thirty's raw time. With a lot of misses.   He finally learned that slowing down is faster.  

      We are mid way through mn state and I'm really blown away.  Very few missed, for him, and he burned one down in a shade over 23 seconds clean, beating momma for the first time ever. 

         He's just turned thirteen, barely 5' and is asking what he gets for beating my wife and I at a match ...  I think it's getting to that time where I hang up my guns and just watch the family, before they all beat my butt.



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  4. On 4/26/2023 at 9:20 AM, The Surgeon said:

    none of the places around me have stock I just loaded up my last 300 primers. figured at 89.00 a brick that's about the best I could do right now. 

    Unfortunately that's the going rate right now. There are a lot of stores by us that are charging over a hundred.  They are getting easier to get lately

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  5. I've recieved star shaped Steel awards. A small tin bucket with a couple bullet holes in it. One of my cooler ones was a wolf statue carved out of stone. About the size of a softball carved with a dremel tool then polished. Another i really liked was a bowie knive with the match name etched into the blade

  6. I stopped by the local toy store and saw these today. I don't get anything out of the deal just thought id pass the info on.


    1886 in 40-65. #657xx asking $1850 long octagon barrel


    1887 in 10 gauge long barrel. #304xx $1200


    1892 in 25-20 octagon barrel #3854xx $895


    1873 made in 1894. In 32-20 octagon barrel $1695



    The stores info is little crow shooting sports in hutchinson mn. Phone 320 587 9829 ask for jim or katie

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