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  1. A few things not mentioned in the article: Corporal William A. Wynne published a book about Smoky and their lives together during and after the war. "Yorkie Doodle Dandy" was published in 1996. My copy was a gift from his son. His son, William G. Wynne, was a US Marine Corps Corporal in VietNam, and later served as a member of the US Marine Corps Reserve, the Army National Guard, and as a reserve police officer. He was also known as Sagebrush Bill, SASS #5269 and a member of the Horse Ridge Pistoleros.
  2. John Fain (Richard Boone): "I thought you were dead." Jacob McCandles (John Wayne): "Not hardly!"
  3. One of our own (Grizzly Roberts) literally co-wrote the book on the Ferguson rifle! It is entitled "Every Insult & Indignity: The Life, Genius, and Legacy of Major Patrick Ferguson" and is available through various book outlets. Very informative and well-written. Grizz also had a few videos on the internet showing the speed with which it could be shot.
  4. I don't recall it being served on such a fancy plate though. Need to get you some plastic or metal trays.
  5. Bob: As has been said, that's what friends are for. Hang in there, many prayers have been said on behalf of you and yours.
  6. The first club at which I started shooting CAS matches had been formed only a couple of months earlier. Normal match attendance was around eight shooters and ten or twelve was a good turnout. We actually used a stopwatch to time the stages, because no one had a timer! Most of the members had come over from Rendezvous, so we probably could have used a sundial just as well. This was in early 1995. Things have changed a bit since then.
  7. Boulder Canyon Bob: Lots of good advice so far. It sounds like you will have permission to establish permanent facilities and the flexibility to build them to suit your purposes (within reason). Of course funding will not be unlimited, but I'll add a few points for your consideration. Who will actually be designing and running the matches once the shooting range has been built? I am unclear from your post whether the new facility will be run by an existing club, a new club to be formed, or some other arrangement. Get input from the other members / prospective members of the club whi
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