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  1. Guess you tamed that shrew right and proper! Good on you, Hardpan!
  2. There was an old thread in the Saloon about interesting names. The two aforementioned names are mild in comparison.
  3. Ya'll should be ashamed of your hagophobia.
  4. Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery. There are voice to text apps for smart phones.
  5. Even though he is blanket thief (chihuahua) my little guy sleeps on my bed every night.
  6. Ginger the tabby turns 19 this year.
  7. You know you can't sing when the kitties yowl and the dogs howl.
  8. A good bit of siding was removed from my parents house and left in the yard. This happened while they were out. My dad nailed the siding back. I'm sure there was cussing going on. The next day happened again, only worse. Come to find out, the work was for a house on the next street! The contractor had to send a crew to repair the damage.
  9. So I should feel bad about being ok with my gender, something which I had no control over. Eve needs counseling, not joking. Hopefully it will help.
  10. I never had kidney stones, Buckey suffered from them. Very, very painful. Diet change and medication put a stop to those horrible things.
  11. The card thing does not sound right. The first two covid payments were either direct deposits or a treasury check. No fees or interest rates.
  12. Last September I could not even get out of bed. Did a faceplant. Couple of times. Cat scan time, fortunately no brain injuries. And many other tests. Severe anemia. ICU for 4 days with a pic line. I am grateful for the learned and caring medical staff and EMT's for saving me. I do admit that I was not the best patient because I did not like being tethered to a bed.
  13. Not a fan of his, yet I find the memes funny. And proceeds from his shirt are going to a very good cause.
  14. Will these robots need hip and knee replacement surgeries?
  15. On a positive note, someone is going to get a free rifle.
  16. Good grief. It's like some people are so torqued up that will pounce on anything.
  17. Joe, you may want to research Florida. They have beautiful beaches, especially on the gulf. Clear water and white sand.
  18. Happy birthday! And remember, you're only as old as you look.
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