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  1. 22 hours ago, Complicated Lady said:

    We are 80 miles east of Dallas. Most of out town is without power. 

    The town has pretty much shut down. Schools closed 

    We have not lost power. We still have water. 

    We feel fortunate. We are praying for our friends who are suffering because of this unusually cold weather.


    Good to see you back in the Saloon. 

    Glad to hear you are well, and prayers for Texas.

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  2. How can those bird cuisinarts be good for the environment?


    Not to mention, people are forced to run generators and wood burning fireplaces to keep from freezing.


    Guessing payola at play to hire some idiot savants to design this system.


    Technology is a good thing. But, hey, let's party like it is 1899.

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  3. 10 hours ago, Perro Del Diablo said:

    doing OK some blackouts due to wind mills frozen cant go anywhere roads are horrible and texans have no clue how to drive in this stuff :lol:


    Windmills? For power? 

    Power outages are rare in my area. Rolling blackouts are not a thing. Most of our power grid is supplied by hydropower. And we do have a couple of nuclear providers. 


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  4. Love the dogos.


    My Buster was dumped with siblings on a hunting lease. The hunters managed to catch them and all were rehomed. We got this little guy, vet said he was a full blooded chihuahua. No diseases, but was skin and bones. Very malnourished.  Took a while to get some weight on him, and had to have some bad toofies pulled. Drugs from that put him down for the night. Had to carry him down the stairs to go.  Best dog ever, helped me through the worst time of my life. Here he is enjoying a chilly sunny fall day.




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  5. On 8/11/2020 at 11:40 AM, MAYOBARD SASS #13025L said:

    A few years ago here in Reno, I bought an AR15, 1,000 rounds of ammo, and several 30 round magazines.  It took me about 45 minutes from the time I walked in and browsed to the time I was putting my purchase in my pick up truck to go home.


    How long did the ammo last? Not long I'm guessing.

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