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  1. Love the dogos.


    My Buster was dumped with siblings on a hunting lease. The hunters managed to catch them and all were rehomed. We got this little guy, vet said he was a full blooded chihuahua. No diseases, but was skin and bones. Very malnourished.  Took a while to get some weight on him, and had to have some bad toofies pulled. Drugs from that put him down for the night. Had to carry him down the stairs to go.  Best dog ever, helped me through the worst time of my life. Here he is enjoying a chilly sunny fall day.




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  2. My grandparents had 2 mirrors, same size and placed right across from each other in one of their bathrooms. You could see into infiniam while standing at the vanity.

    If I had known it was a wormhole then I would have transported myself to a place with less heat, humidity and bugs than southern Louisiana.

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