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  1. Call chevy. Do not talk to the first person that answers other than to ask for the superviser. Then tell them the problem nicely. If they do not help, ask to speak to their supervisor. You want the car towed to a dealership and you want to be provided with a loaner. Worked for me.

    My situation was different, but when I picked up my fully repaired car (on Chryslers dime) those mechs were impressed. Head mech shook my hand.

  2. On 5/1/2019 at 11:21 PM, Pat Riot, SASS #13748 said:

    Kind of like Siri picking up a cussing tirade of mine. All of a sudden I hear this female voice coming from my pocket saying “I don’t know how to respond to that”. :rolleyes: :lol:


    Need a southern siri.

    "You better watch your mouth young man. Were you raised in a barn?

    Oh,  and bless your heart."

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  3. 1 hour ago, J-BAR #18287 said:

    Cattle for sure, don’t know about other species.  Research is indicated. ;)



    Edit:  from Wiki:


    ] Freemartinism is the normal outcome of mixed-sex twins in all cattlespecies that have been studied, and it also occurs occasionally in other mammals including sheep, goats, and pigs.


    Brave new world.

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  4. Never ate possum. Don't mind them in my yard since they eat a lot of bugs. Guess they do not taste real good.


    I'll make some more cinnamon rolls tomorrow and Mary gets the coveted middle one. No possums will be harmed during the process.

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