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  1. Good that you are ok. Did they not give you anything for the pain? If they just offered you a tylenol, then that is barbaric.
  2. The absolute WORST scifi movie was The day the earth stood still.
  3. I do understand the concerns and steps taken to make it less hard for your family. Yet I truly believe you will come out of this healthier and stronger. And since you may be laid up a bit, more time to post in the Saloon!
  4. Hope all goes well and you recover quickly.
  5. Place is devastated. And not just from the the storm. They are dealing with a large chlorine gas cloud from one the chem plants. People do not understand the damage that stuff does to the human body.
  6. Heard word my sister and bil evacuated. Their house still standing. Good news. Not sure which chem plant is burning, would NOT want to be near any of them. Place was declared a superfund site. Toxic stuff. And they closed the I10 bridge. Good, it should have been closed years ago. Never liked driving over it. Built in the 20's in a sub tropical climate. Been unsafe for years.
  7. Love the dogos. My Buster was dumped with siblings on a hunting lease. The hunters managed to catch them and all were rehomed. We got this little guy, vet said he was a full blooded chihuahua. No diseases, but was skin and bones. Very malnourished. Took a while to get some weight on him, and had to have some bad toofies pulled. Drugs from that put him down for the night. Had to carry him down the stairs to go. Best dog ever, helped me through the worst time of my life. Here he is enjoying a chilly sunny fall day.
  8. How long did the ammo last? Not long I'm guessing.
  9. Yuck. Sounds like a fire hazard. There are some houses that leave their lights up all year round here. They don't turn them on till December, yet you can see them all year.
  10. Hot, hot and bright sun and droughty here in Georgia. Tired of this, thinking about moving to Maine.
  11. Comedians. Ha! Oh, wait, he's actually an MD. Oops. Guess that what they used back in his day, hunnert years ago.
  12. Been considering downsizing. Take away what you want to keep and hire estate sellers.
  13. Lower than bananas can fix. I am on a high potassium diet now. The only cure for severe anemia is blood infusion.
  14. I have a follow-up in a few days. Hope they don't semd me back. I will pick a different hosp this time. Plenty to choose from here.
  15. I'm not so picky. Glock, 1911, Sig, Kimber. Not that I have amy of those.
  16. You are welcome to join the posse. Don't think you will like it much. Hope for a speedy recovery for you
  17. I had an iv in each arm and was bedridden. And one of the nurses yelled me. She was mean about it. At least the food was decent. Plan on getting soon. Got me a nurse to yell at
  18. So last week had blood drawn. Hemoglobin was low. 6.3. Potassium, very low. I asked the doc if I had to spend the night in the hospital. At least he said. Friday till Monday. I can't drive and friends and family have to walk the doggo. Hope to feel better soon. One good thing is my excellent support system.
  19. We don't have to go. They keep threatening to come to the burbs. That would end badly for them.
  20. So did you scrape the tofu off the Texas toast?
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