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  1. My bad. Not afraid of heights. Not afraid of crowds, just do not like them.
  2. Not agoraphobic yet I do not want to get a Darwin award.
  3. Absolutely not I would call 911. Speaking as a small woman, could be an ambush! Such a pain to shoot them all.
  4. Ask for temporary dispensation until you buy one.
  5. Italian guy does not own a Beretta. Really?
  6. True story. Went to a place that had a no guns allowed sign. Red circle with a line over a WW2 Luger! Lol. Since I was carrying a S&W figured it did not apply to me.
  7. Anyone else enjoy being somewhat twisted for lawfully utilizing 2A via concealed carry permit? In a shop, store, doctors office or whatever with a no firearms sign.
  8. Roasted red peppers and quality paprika in place of tomatoes.
  9. Rotten tree rats caused around 4000.00 in damages to my HOUSE! All rodents must die.
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