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  1. No just no. This from someone that was born and raised in sw LA.
  2. Miss Allie, No hurricanes, occasional wind and tornados. North GA has world class hospitals. Leaning towards TN, yet I am near Emory.
  3. Weather wise it sounds perfect. Except for the other stuff. To bad ya'll got californication.
  4. So, am tired of the heat and sun here in Ga. Not to mention taxes. Thinking about a cooler place, no snow tho. Good place?
  5. A few months ago, I got very sick. Could not get out of bed without doing a faceplant. Several times. I had my cell next to me so I called my daughter and told her to call 911 and let them in. They waited a few minutes till she showed up. BTW, those face plants earned me a trip to the big glowing donut.
  6. You spent your own tax dollars. Here tell there is a massive tax hike in the works. Ya think?
  7. Australia, you scary I go a away for week and come come back to this.
  8. The worst! Animals like it, tho.
  9. Got a recipe? Did have my heart set on the pink champagne cake, yet always open to new cakes.
  10. My daughter's birthday is coming up in July, and I want to bake a special cake for her. Small pink champagne cake. Been googling recipes. Anyone tried this before?
  11. Could not watch for more than a few seconds before my dog started to howl.
  12. I miss Wolfman Mac and Boney Bob. Svengooli makes me want to throw a rubber chicken at my tv.
  13. Sounds like a fruit tree. And you don't need to walk up to an ornamental pear tree to smell the the flowers, they stink to high heaven.
  14. Do the flowers smell awful? Then it is probably ornamental.
  15. Surprise surprise surprise. Even math is offensive now.
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