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  1. Sorry about loss of your friend. Doggos give so much and ask little in return.
  2. Talk to your tax guy and see if the drill is deductable.
  3. Even if you are not on city sewage?
  4. Sounds extreme unless y'all shower 20x a day. It was just me and that was 10x my normal bill. Sometimes I want to sell this old house.
  5. I know the pain of water leaks. Bathtub faucet in a bathroom I seldom use started leaking. No structural damage but got a 400.00 water bill.
  6. Better have lots of change, I only drink the good stuff. Not that rot gut exliar.
  7. Think he needs one more drug: Botox.
  8. Which is why they are so tasty.
  9. Merry Christmas everyone! And Blackwater, Badger would never do such. Right Badger, you would never do such?
  10. Seems we think along the same lines.

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