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  1. Birdshot will do. The second they hear boom, they will scatter like the cockroaches they are.
  2. Doubt if they will come to the burbs. Too many ARs.
  3. Should have been done already. Thugs.
  4. But what about the watered down drinks? Throw them on the patrons?
  5. Not capable of killing a home invader with my hands. However, he would get well ventilated if he broke into my house.
  6. Say goodbye to 4 seasons. And the roaches are as big as kitty cats.
  7. A cargo ship capsized off the coast of St Simons island last september. No one was killed. They are in the process of cutting it up to remove it.
  8. Not responsible enough to buy your own gun? Do not ask for one of mine.
  9. Like you will need any of those after the cartels get you.
  10. Gotta admit they are giving south asia a run for the money.
  11. Rye, I would never go back to those shops. Would be leary about those bad business practices. If they are worried about hoarders then limit the amount they sell to customers.
  12. Looks like Tweety mated with a Dalek.
  13. Never open the door to strangers. Family, friends and neighbors call first so as not to be impolite.
  14. It is a good read. Found an original copy in my house and have been reading it. Dated yes, still a good book. From one the characters: Baby can you dig your man. He's a righteous man.
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