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  1. Looks to me like they were advertising the shooting till the Roy Rogers title came up.  Cover pictures are exciting.  Would make me read on.  It is about the shooting and friendships.  The spirit of competition among friends helping each other.  For me it is about the shooting; and the dress is part of it, not the other way around.  Sorry I stepped on your thread.  But I really believe this is the direction we need to go!!!   Thanks for sharing.  PS.   We would not have to buy awards for 30+ categories, ten deep, if our shooters did not feel they deserved an award for the competition.  Please note:  It says the exciting sport of CAS.  It is a sport if your into the competition and a great recreational activity if you love the dress and shooting the old firearms or any combination of both.  Love this sport!!!!!!!

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  2. I would try setting two targets 8 or more feet apart.  Try alternating back and forth between targets working on your timing.  Then move the targets closer and repeat.  Keep moving them closer until 2 feet apart.  Start double tap alternating each target until smooth.  Then triple tap etc... till you are shooting 10 on one target.  If you start jacking them out again go back and repeat.    I think many time when want to put the problem somewhere else.  I do however believe it can be a hammer spring to light.  That is an easy check also.   

  3.   Take your time and your finished for the day when your ready.  Shot last week in my first match in over 3 months due to a shoulder injury and hip replacement.  Wished I had stopped earlier.   Went home and laid down on the floor for 30 or 40 minutes.  I am thankful my wife unpacked the truck for me.  You have  been through a great deal of trauma based on your experience.  Thanks for sharing your experience with us and I wish you the best of luck.

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  4. For sale:


    Price reduction-Will take $100 of either firearm.



    C Sharps Model 1885 High Wall in 38-55, 30 inch Badger Barrel, Extra Fancy Walnut Stock, Deluxe Mid Range rear sight, Globe #1 7/16 front barrel sight,  Bridgeport checkered steel plate, $2400+shipping and insurance


    Hard to find  Ruger Blackhawk  “Buckeye” chambered for 38-40 and 10mm.  Special order came with full steel frames and grip straps. Walnut grips with Ruger emblem and Buckeye flower on top of the cylinder frame, no box, 6.5 barrel, 1990 production with 5000 made.  $1050+shipping and insurance











    C Sharps 1885-6.jpg

    Sharp 1885-2.jpg

    Sharps 1885.jpeg

    Sharps 1885.jpg

    Sharps 1885-6.jpg


    R Buckeye.jpg

    Ruger  Buckeye.jpg

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