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  1. If a shooter tells me they saw an edger and it makes sense from where I saw the bullet go; I give the benefit of the doubt to the shooter.   I may ask to go down range and see the edger if safely possible. 

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  2. I have been involved with sports most of my life and have been a wrestler and a coach.    I strive to be as successful in this sport of CAS as I was in wrestling, and love the challenge of competing to get there.  I would be willing to shoot in an open division no matter what the results are.  I would enjoy CAS with coaching or no coaching.  I enjoy the aspect of the coaching, as well as the assistance of a good TO; yet I agree that it adds advantage over another shooter.  I have not competed in sports that do not allow coaching, but am sure it would increase the level of expertise on the shooter and still be rewarding.    In the sport of wresting we had coaching, some good and some bad.  They help us through those brain fades and helped us with a strategy.  We still had to have the talent to react under pressure; most often even good coaching results in a loss of time.   In CAS there are many factors that help us become a better shooter:   equipment, quality practice, modified firearms, coaching as well as luck; such as good weather, good spotters and good TO’s.  I think it is good to have these discussions and express views on how to make our sport, fantasy, entertainment or whatever we consider it.  I would enjoy sitting down with fellow shooters in a discussion on how to make CAS better.  Creeker had the idea of a pro-division.  We are not going to change how CAS shooters are going to feel about many of the reasons they are participating.  Some like the dress, the old firearms, shooting a clean match, winning their category and  the intense competition.  This diversity is another reason I feel CAS is so great.  I see so many benefits of having a pro-division where change could take place, but not take away from others participating in CAS.  I would be willing to sit down with a group of shooters to put some new ideas out there.  Maybe we could meet at the 2022 EOT to brainstorm ideas.  It would be great to have members of the board there also.  Anyone interested, please reach out. Meanwhile, be grateful we can continue CAS.

  3. All the more reason for a true open division with no coaching, shoot it any way you want at any age you want.  Get rid of so many divisions and keep things closer to what they are now.   

  4. If it is the safest thing to do then what is your call in regards to a penalty?  Not saying your wrong, but how are you going to handle it.  I put up this question a year or two ago and the answers were very mixed.  Some said they would never allow a rifle to hit the ground and some said if your going to give me a penalty let my firearm hit the ground.   Another told me I should not time for him if I would not try to keep his rifle from hitting the ground.  It is a tough call.  While trying to save someone's rifle you my sometime lose track of the shooter your safely assisting.  All you can do is the best you can do!

  5. Help me out.  If an open empty rifle falls in a continuous motion it is a SDQ.  If an open and empty rifle stops, then falls and breaks the 170 it is a SDQ.  If the stopped rifle does not break the 170 when it falls it is a minor safety.  If the TO interferes with the stop, is it the TO's call to determine the penalty based on their perception?  My concern is this could determine the outcome of a match if I am right in my determination.   

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