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  1.  Try marketing the shooting w/o so much emphasis on the dress.  I was having an action job on a Smith and asked the gunsmith if he wanted to see a video of Cody shooting.  He told me SASS is about the dress and not the shooting.  I was floored by his response as he has been building competition firearms for many years.  I wrote an article to see if there was an interest.  I do not want to say anything negative concerning the dress emphasis on the SASS rules.  It is part of what we do.  I would try marketing from another angle.   When Cody started shooting SASS I was not interested until watching the 2011 Winter Range.  Even then I really could not tell what was gong on from a distance.  It wasn't until the Top 16 shot off that I decided to join.  Those of you that were there may remember the tent where the two shooters had to enter and pick up a SAA Colt sitting on a table with 2 rounds and decide on how many rounds they needed to load on the final target.   Dillon news Cody James-revised.docx2001668294_Codyearlieryearswithrifle.jpg.90534c92d67b057db7f9a188bd964a4b.jpg

  2. Take a kitchen funnel and place the ammo round in the small end of the funnel and shake it.  Even with my poor hearing I can tell if ;there is powder.  That with a powder check from Dillon and it is hard to have a squib.  The three of us has most likely shot around 200,000 rounds plus with one or two squibs in the nine years we have been shooting.  Only one in a monthly match.  We have had light loads but enough powder to hit the target.   Hope this helps.

  3. If the TO does not see the procedural (for whatever reason)  and two spotters say they did not see it, the question was if one spotter is enough to make the call.  This is not about one particular incident even though I cited the TO could not see out the window.   My reason for questioning this was that I was under the understanding that 2 of the 3 spotters would need to verify the call if the TO did not see it.   I could not find that in the shooters handbook.   I now understand the TO needs to make the final assessment based on the evidence from the spotters if the TO does not see it.    Thanks

  4. How many spotters need to see a procedural if the TO does not see it?  TO could not see much through the window due to the size of the shooter.

  5. What makes Bordertown a must go to match.  People, People People!!!!! Besides having shooters from UK, Australia, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Germany and of course the USA,  you shoot Bordertown to make smooth transitions, see your sights, and enjoy the many activities and the people. Targets were big and close with approximately 1/3 shooting clean, while the other 2/3 had at least one miss or procedure.  Bordertown is the drag race of CAS!  Everyone seemed to be having a blast!  My only concern is I have to wait an entire year to shoot it again.  It is about the people and they must have a rest.  Thank you Bordertown and all involved.  What is your reason Bordertown is a must participate match?

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  6. An incredible match for a incredible lady.  I was so much fun to watch you shoot. So much control and focus.   I enjoy our many conversations and appreciate all the hard work you and all the others work to make Bordertown such a fantastic match. Congratulations!!! It was great shooting with you.

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  7. In 9 years of shooting, this was my favorite match.  Thank you to all the hard work to make this a sell out match!!  Posse 5 did rock.  It was hard to work because everyone was working so hard.  TN did a remarkable job as a posse marshal.  Congrats to Ray Heartless and SASS Dancer, Men and Ladies Overall Champions (both members of posse 5 by the way).  Congrats to Blackjak Zak for Overall AZ state champion.  

  8. Wish I could have shot it.  Cody James shot your divisional a few years back and said it was a blast!!!!!  Would like to shoot it in the future.  Wish the divisional concept could have continued.  

  9. It is time to practice.   Yes the P word for you are a gamer.  Don't you dare get them crotch draw holsters and keep you shotgun belt at least one thumb from your belly button or it goes beyond gaming.  Stay in your safety cone and you may now look at your firearms during SASS Defaullt.  Don't just shoot those mouse fart loads.  Explore, it is a big world out there.

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  10. This is not that hard.  Recommendation is SASS Default=either standing upright hands to side or standing anyway you want not touching guns.  You can look anyway you want if the second option is chosen.  I would never worry about how one looks.  We are all working to better what we are doing.  My belief is that more would get involved with the wire if you get rid of the egos and just give your recommendation and why.  The information goes to the TG for recommendations.

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  11. We just recently shot the World Championship of Cowboy Action Shooting.  How many 170 rule violations occurred?   There were black badges there as well as many of you.  Common sense prevails.  Not everyone is afraid of calling the rule and not everyone is out there to penalize someone.  The cone of safety would validate what we are probably already calling.  Talk to your TG' s and bring it up.  I had never heard of the cone of safety and would not have known what you are talking about.  Let's keep our sport safe yet have reasonable realistic expectations for cross draws as well as strong side shooters.

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  12. Your idea of a private coach will improve your skills and most important you will be practicing at a higher level.  I believe Matt Black is starting a shooting school in Oklahoma.  In Texas you have Oklahoma Dee and Evil Roy.   You are on the right track!

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  13. I would appreciate having all spotters and brass pickers stand back while the shooter is shooting whenever possible.  Many stage designs do not allow for easy spotting without crowding the line of fire.  By having the cross draw holster canted down the inside of the left thigh and the left leg forward I would think you are eliminating the "dance".  It is cross draw holsters sitting on the side of the hip and pointing backwards I would be more concerned about.  I would have no concerns of going to the cone concept.  

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  14. I like the idea that SASS Default is any position as long as you are not touching your firearms.  I sure can live with standing upright with hands to the sides.  I agree with Creeker that it creates a lot of interpretation and has created more problems than it is worth.  

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