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  1. Speaking of fonts. I can't read the cursive font (from my tablet or phone) that some people use on their posts. When I see it, I just move on,

    Anybody else have that a problem?



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  2. Lots of good info posted.

    I prefer a medium pistol powder like: unique, power pistol, Acc#5, Zip, N340, etc. especially with a cast Bullet.

    I've recently tested my new 9mm 124gr polymer coated bullets with Unique. I pushed the coated bullet to 1150 fps average. With zero barrel fouling. It worked very well and things stayed clean.

    Some folks want one powder for everything. I'm of the belief that different powders work better with different calibers, Bullets and speeds.



  3. I would be tempted to switch to 20 gauge at this price. Can't believe this gun is still available.

    I just talked with Persimmon Dan. He said he'd do the full meal SKB deal, for $150.00

    That would create an awesome Cowboy Shotgun for only $875.00

    I've paid $1,300 to $1,400 for all three of mine!



  4. I'm proud to have my moniker carved into that wall!! Three different cowboys had to drag me over to see it at BAC!! Yer in amongst some fine people when you're remembered there.

    I'm looking forward to seeing the Alamo👍🏼

  5. Finally tossed out everything except Starline and Wichester brass for my match ammo and solved that problem.


    I'm with you on this one Larsen. I shoot only one brass "Winchester" in my rifles. Not all 38spl brass are created equal!



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