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  1. Around here we haven't had any matches where masks are mandatory, though I believe all of them suggest wearing them.  In practice there are a few shooters who for their own reasons wear masks for the majority of the match.  The rest don't wear them at all.

  2. Just now, Lunger Dan said:

    Well, that accounts for your honor system now, dont it?


    In this context if you’re not family or a Cowboy I don’t care about your opinion. You’re neither.

  3. 50 minutes ago, Lunger Dan said:

    I would assume, the ONLY reason a club would succumb to the idiotic mandatory mask, would be because of government directive. All the directives have medical clause. I fit in that clause. I go to Costco, the grocery store, the gun store, sportsmans wearhouse, etc...no one says a word-except at costco...when they mention a mask I just say "medical" and they say no more . They are directed by management not to-in order to avoid suit. (My wife works there-so, not hearsay) At least in NC-the "governors directive" is , legally, tenuous at best, since he did not go the correct route.
    If, a club was liberal enough to have an idiotic mandatory mask rule without a government directive..then I am either living in the wrong state or visiting the wrong state.
    So, the hypothetical-would you shoot at a match that required a mask, question..the answer is "yes, I would, without a mask" because I am exempt legally. I cannot fathom the hypothetical of a club being so far left that they would do it voluntarily without mandate.....thats not a club I would have ever been to in the first place.

    Let me get this straight.  You're at a match where some of our older, less healthy pards are shooting.  Some have diabetes, some have asthma, some are practically a million years old.  They have legitimate reasons to fear Covid.  You're going to ignore a rule designed to either protect them, or at the least put their minds at ease, and the reason you'll cite is YOUR medical situation.

    Holy sh**!



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  4. 5 hours ago, Lunger Dan said:

    No..I will still go though...the government says I have "medical leave".   I do not wear them to stores or anywhere else. Our governor is an idiot.
    Enough is enough, you're not even allowed to comment on news articles anymore on yahoo...I won't pay to be stifled at a SASS shoot. 
    Seems like alot of folks are just rolling over.

    What are you going to do when your leader declares it illegal to dress cowboy because it may offend?

    Its amazing, and expected , when reading the comments in comparison to the area the commentor lives in.


    I think you may be conflating two different issues here.


    With respect to a government directive that I believe conflicts with my constitutional rights, I'm going to ignore it. I don't care at all whether the governor, mayor, president wants me to wear a mask. If they were to command it, I would ignore that command other than when it suited me, though I would also be prepared to pay a price for doing that.


    OTH, if a cowboy match said they wanted all participants to wear masks I would either not go, or honor the requirement, but I wouldn't go and then ignore the directive.  That's because I have a lot more respect for my pards than I do for politicians.

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  5. There is no obligation on the part of the spotters to identify which target or target type was missed.  If spotter one calls a rifle miss, spotter two calls a pistol miss, and spotter three calls clean, it's one miss. 


    If the shooter is polite about it, and I'm the spotter or TO, then I'll do my best to answer their question.  If they're not, I ignore them and make what I believe is the correct call. I've never had to go beyond that.

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  6. Just to add a little info.  My lead tested at 36 a little over a year ago.  I started being a bit more careful and checked it a few months later and it was 34.  I kept it up, plus unfortunately didn't shoot much in April and May, and my June test came back at 25.  I've just lost 20 pounds, so that probably elevated it a bit.  Now I'm adding spirulina 3 grams a day as well as garlic 2 grams a day (yes I take a multivitamin) and hopefully when I have it tested again next year it will be much lower. 

  7. Yep, something about that red Georgia clay brings out the yum in onions. I’m going to share that recipe with Sharyn. Vidalia onions are a staple in this house.


    I like to slice them into medallions, add sliced home grown tomatoes, a little pepper, a little salt, some oil and vinegar and it’s time to eat.


    Another option is slice them into medallions, lightly dust with Parmesan cheese, maybe just a pinch of garlic powder, then broil to taste (about 10 minutes for me). Messy and oily, but tastes great.

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  8. I'm very pleasantly surprised by our governor's actions.  Not only is he not locking people down, he's overriding the ability of local entities to enforce lockdown/masking, etc.  Just today he barred local governments from doing anything more restrictive than the state is doing and explicitly barred them from enforcing mandatory masks.

  9. 12 minutes ago, dannyd said:

    Hopefully I can keep it my hobby, so not making any to sell. But I have surprised couple 1911 owners with one.  Some other ones


    Good looking holsters!  I haven't seen basket weave on that color leather before. 


    Just as an FYI, when you're making carry holsters for a 1911 it can be helpful to have a cut out on the back for your thumb.  The full shield is helpful in protecting the gun from sweat, and your body from the gun, but it can make it difficult to get a good grip.  I use Wilson Combat holsters for both my full size 1911 and my Commander.  Here's how they do it. 







  10. 13 hours ago, Rafe Conager SASS #56958 said:

    Sass already has a min. Smoke standard of 1cc or 15 grains of black powder per the shooters handbook not sure if you can get 1cc of black in a 32, I know of some who use a .6cc lee dipper which is maybe  10 grains. We need to enforce standards. I used to enjoy shooting classic cowboy until some folks loaded their 45 colts to less than a mild 38 load.


    Why would someone else shooting a mild load matter to you?

    6 minutes ago, Rafe Conager SASS #56958 said:

    Nope! I have fun no matter what.

    Seems inconsistent. 

  11. 11 hours ago, Rafe Conager SASS #56958 said:

    Sass already has a min. Smoke standard of 1cc or 15 grains of black powder per the shooters handbook not sure if you can get 1cc of black in a 32, I know of some who use a .6cc lee dipper which is maybe  10 grains. We need to enforce standards. I used to enjoy shooting classic cowboy until some folks loaded their 45 colts to less than a mild 38 load.


    So you enjoying a match is dependent on how other cowboys load their ammo?

  12. 48 minutes ago, Red Cent said:


    The Wild Bunch and their corporation owns the Moriarity, NM property. The Wild Bunch owns all intangible property of SASS. On October 1, 2020, all of the Wild Bunch will retire. I would think at this time, no officers would exist under the SASS corporation. 

    On October 2, 2020, who will be running SASS? Will there be an organizational chart of new SASS officials? Will a new corporation be established ? I am aware that an advisory board will be established consisting of SASS members. They will have zero authority. Who will they advise?


    The last seven pages are interesting. It seems we are putting the cart before the horse. 



    Misty will still be the CEO and I think it's safe to assume she will be the ultimate arbiter of who is on the advisory board and most likely she will be the one being 'advised.'

  13. I think that ultimately we'll find that there are some small changes that can be made to expand the pool of people interested in SASS, but I don't think it will/would be a big expansion.  I think our best hope is raising awareness and I think Travis has the right idea there.  We need a bigger online presence. 

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  14. 42 minutes ago, Phantom, SASS #54973 said:

    Inexpensive targets can be made and used for both W3G and SASS. Gotta have down range ability.


    Biggest problem is that the majority of SASS / CAS are once... Maybe twice a month shooters. The common comment is "I shoot enough Cowboy as is".


    The ironic thing about W3G is that there usually is no running and benifits those that can't move real fast... Also takes the tripping threat out of the game.



    Hard to imagine.  Sharyn and I shoot 5 times a month and if there were more Sunday matches we would shoot 8 times a month.

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