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  1. Doc Peabody's website is still out there... so before it disappears I figured I'd transplant some of his pictures here!





    Doc Peabody's Roto-Recta-rootalator. A strange medical instrument developed after years of

    cruel experiments on Desert Tortoises.



    Doc Peabody's Homemade Rectal Thermometer. It is constructed using a Ford Model-A radiator cap and

    an authentic piece of Colorado Barbed Wire (wahr) as a retention device.



    Doc Peabody's Roto-Nasa-Vacuator. The perfect tool for those pesky sinus infections.  After which it can 

    be used as a cake decorator.



    Marshal Halloway and Marshalette meet Doc Peabody 





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  2. OK, here's my preliminary review of the Polish Capper:

    After I unwrapped it I looked it over and was pleased with the overall manufacture of the product.  Only one sharp edge on the lower portion of the lid, by the head.  I'm sure that just a quick pass with a stone will correct that.

    I used it first on a Colt 1851 and it worked perfectly.  Easy on, easy out with the caps seated nicely.   I use Slik-X nipples and they seem to be the perfect size.  There was enough clearance on both sides of the head to for easy operation.

    Not quite the same experience with the Ruger Old Army, the capping head is just a bit too wide, (I haven't taken a micrometer to it yet.)  But the sides of the capping head were gouged by the nipple opening of the ROA's.  I believe if I narrow the head a little, this will fix the problem.  More about that in the future.

    Middling success with Pietta New Armies.  I was using stock nipples, and often the caps would not stay on the nipples, but stayed in the capper head.  I'm going to switch out to Slik-X nipples and I'm confident that will fix the issue.


    Be sure to watch the Polish Capper Videos, they do not function the same as the Ted Cash Snail Cappers or the Straight Line Cappers.  This is a different product, and operates a little differently.  I managed to send a fair amount of caps to the floor until I got the hang of it.


    As I said, this is very preliminary, I've only had the capper for two hours, and I plan on spending much more time with it, and ever-so-slightly modifying it for easier use with the ROA.  Meantime, I'm all set to go with any of the Colt-type percussion pistols.  I'm looking forward to giving it a run at a match, Saturday!



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  3. 2 hours ago, levi littleton said:

    Great thread.  In 1984 Gordy Davis was trying to get us in the NW to shoot SASS.  This at a IPSC state match mind you.  Gordy was a great guy!  We did eventually start shooting  something similar to SASS in the late '80s but usually using just one six gun and many times the lever gun was a 30-30.   When did SASS events mandate a second handgun for most stages? 

    Wasn't until the early '90's that folks wanted twice the fun!  Before that most stages were 2 gun... pistol and rifle or pistol and shotgun.

  4. Courtesy of Justice Lily Kate:  



    A picture of the first End of Trail. Harper Creigh, aka Judge Roy Bean, of Harper Creigh Graphics & Models, and Gordon Davis, aka Diamond Jim Chisolm

    of Davis Leather ... the first two sponsors or End of Trail.  

    Artwork by the one & only Bill Hahn. Who also created John Dwayne (rocking horse cowboy) & the SASS cowboy logo. 



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  5. 001A.jpg.1ab92fe1fe1db8041fafc2b131fed4aa.jpg

    1989 Cowtown Shootout: Phoenix, Arizona Territory.
    Stage Winners were: Tex (2), Great Dane (4), Durango Kid (1), and Dr. Willard B. Slipsnake (1)



    Cowtown Shootout, Top Seniors: Moosebreath (r.) and Zapf Chancery



    Cowtown Shootout, 1989. Top Ladies (right to left) Kid Sticks, Calamity Joan, Coyote Bate, Barbwire, Prairie Weet and Plucked Chicken 



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  6. 5abd93959f548_121a.jpg.c7431a86f91e2f672e5817c30a1f3c7d.jpg

    End of Trail, 1989:  "Early Friday morning, Jim Dunham, famed western

    entertainer from Arizona, captured the crowd's attention with his stories

    and fancy fun handling."



    Cowtown 1988:  Jim Dunham saving his "partner" from the hangman's noose.



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  7. 11c.jpg.26961b289237171bf8d2d1b374a79d22.jpg

    Top Guns at the January, 1989 Margarita match:  Standing: Greybeard, Lucky Smucky, and McCloud 
    Kneeling: Midway and Yosemite




    Diamond Annie, McCloud, Sierra and Greybeard won the Team Event at the Jan. 1989 Margarita match.



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  8. 11b.jpg.19f4cd65ea56e66a489a2dd15f29801d.jpg

    (l to r) Heath Hare (Top Junior), Max McQueen (Top Gun), City Slicker (2nd) and Rough Shot (3rd) at the Oct. 1988 Cowtown match



    Gail Snow, Calamity Lil and Sassy Kassy, Top Lady Shooters at Cowtown, Oct. 1988 match




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  9. 5aa9f34da11ce_WildBunch.jpg.478216521cffa1a8054629307ef1e930.jpg


    The Wild Bunch, 1989 (picture is damaged by a crease across the top.) 
    Back Row (L to R) Leadville Lloyd, Tex, Red Ryder, Judge Roy Bean, Hipshot and U.S. Grant.
    Front Row (L to R) R.J. Poteet, Bruce Williams, and The Durango Kid. 

    The Wild Bunch is the Board of Directors of the Single Action Shooting Society and the sponsors or End of Trail.

    The board now (1989), consists of nine members, three of whom are new since the last End of Trail.

    The new members for 1989 are The Durango Kid, Leadville Lloyd and Tex.



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  10. 5aa97450375f4_Eot89a.jpg.6aaa286d778f4caff9444732c6cf5252.jpg

    The Top Gun at EoT '89 was Paydirt and the Top Lady was Kid Sticks... Christopher Colt (the local Colt representative),

    presented Paydirt with a Custom Shop Colt Pistol. Kid Sticks received a beautifully hand-engraved Dakota.

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  11. 5aa9726e51bfc_Eot89a1.jpg.ca397f601447849b8d98c5e3907543a5.jpg

    Top Ladies, EoT 1989 were: Kid Sticks (1st), Snake Bait Kate (2nd), Cholla (3rd), Cottontail (4th), and Diamond Lil (5th).



    The Top Juniors 1989 EoT were: Calico (1st), Nomad (2nd), Waco Kid (3rd), Pecos (4th) and Kid Strut (5th). 

    These Junior shooters from the 1989 EoT are probably parents or grandparents now... 



    The international competition was dominated again that year by the "Fritzes" from Germany: Red Fritz (4th),

    Small Glassed Fritz (3rd), Six-Gun Fritz (2nd), Big Fritz (Günter Schoeneberger, 1st) and Fireman Fritz (7th)



    The Michael Shelton Memorial Award each year went to the shooter who finished in 69th position.

    1989's lucky winner was Bucolic Buffalo. The award was presented by "Half Fast", Lynn Shelton.



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  12. 5aa7e01d10fe2_EoT891.jpg.5f72f326a9fea5ea8ed50cfbcdc92afb.jpg

    The Top Traditional Shooters at EoT '89 were (r. to l.), 1st - The Durango Kid, 2nd - Doc Holliday, 3rd - China Camp,

    4th - Lucky Smucky, and 5th - Tex 



    Top Modern Shooters, EoT '89 were: 1st - Paydirt, 2nd - Greybeard, 3rd - Hanfire Hank, 4th - Brazos, and 5th - Billy the Kid



    The Top Black Powder shooters were: Avenger (3rd), Shotgun Red (2nd) and winner was Big Jim (aka The Butcher)



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  13. 5aa53348c7c4a_ColonelSirHarryPagetFlashman1989.thumb.jpg.7e62041480b2021f5c8f6f8c2e680a45.jpg

    Colonel Sir Harry Paget Flashman, EoT 1989. "The two young ladies came prepared to shoot, and shoot they did!

    They had loads for all their guns that would make even the biggest men flinch!"



    Jake the Snake and Snake Bait Kate tied the knot at EoT 1989. Jake had been the regional SASS director for Arizona and Kate

    was a past Top Lady at EoT.

    "SASS sent Jake and Kate back East to help establish SASS as more than just a Southern California/Arizona shooting sport.

    They took up residence in Virginia shortly after."



    Red Ryder and Judge Roy Bean, manned the SASS Information Booth at EoT, and stood guard over the John Dwayne figure painted by Kate Elder.



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  14. 5aa46e74b7795_FlintWestwood1989.jpg.8327637997591690f4d1cff503cad556.jpg

    Flint Westwood, SASS #94, an early EoT Winner, shooting through one of the stages at EoT 1989

    (interesting side note:  Flint won the first ever SASS match, shooting a .30 carbine Blackhawk)



    Lucky Smucky, McCloud (Top Senior) and Alias on the site of the "Bustin' Loose" stage at EoT, 1989



    Hash Knife, (Gene Henry), was one of the behind the scene contributors and responsible for most of the steel targets used in the 1989 EoT



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  15. 001a.jpg.97cf258dd5ceb564b13fc4628219ece3.jpg

    "In August 1988, a new twist to the Cowboy Action Shooting game was introduced in Orange, California; indoor action shooting!
    The Straight Shooter in Orange has two sets of ranges, one for the public and a second set for special events. The range was
    unique in that it had a dozen shooting bays with computer controlled target racks.
    The targets could be made to move forward or away, edge on, or toward a firing position.  The computer guaranteed that the
    stages were repeatable for each shooter. In addition to the moving targets, there was the ability to stage a "Hogan's Alley" where
    the shooter walks between a set of store fronts where both good and bad guys pop into doorways and windows for short periods of time.
    A good sized group turned out for the competition."
    China Camp, attempting to be the fastest shooter to put all five bullets inside the spade. Aug. '88



    The winner of the first indoor cowboy action shooting competition was Tex. Here he is pictured receiving and 10-1/2" Bull Barrel,

    Ruger Super Blackhawk in 44 Mag from Ted Arai, the manager of Straight Shooter. Looking on are Dr. Willard B Slipsnake and Bible Thumper.




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  16. 9 hours ago, Griff said:

    I don't remember who's idea of a joke that was... 

    Griff, I had no idea!...  Thank you and I'll make the correction.  Good to see a picture of you!


  17. 5a94454ae7cc1_1bp.jpg.5b6715288b98a8f71e79a003d6622d3b.jpg

    The Showdown '88.  The top two Black Powder shooters were Shotgun Red and Griff.



    The top lady shooters were Calamity Joan and Kid Sticks



    The Top Gun again this year was Lucky Smucky.  The runners up were (l to r) Great Dane, Brazos, William Bruce and Doc Holiday.



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