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  1. On 12/13/2020 at 12:30 AM, Sixgun Shorty, SASS #35717 Life said:

    Wow! great stuff and great memories!

    SASS was a everything to Me for many years, ,till age and body wore out!


    I haven't even looked at the Wire in years, so this was big fun...My old Pard Yakima Kid contacted me and am really enjoying the wire!

    To all My Old Pards That still remember Me, Hope you are all well and doing great!

    I miss every one of you! Best years of my Life!

    Keep on 'Keepin' On!

    Yer Pard,

    Sixgun Shorty



    Wow!  Of course we remember you.  You are sorely missed.

    Happy Holidays pard!

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  2. 639981682_RobinTBanksCherokeeCharlieDoubleDealerSanQuintonJoeWestCoyoteCalhounandgentlemenJames1.thumb.jpg.83499dffa69038a3062da953e6d31b69.jpg

    Robin T Banks, Cherokee Charlie, Double Dealer, San Quinton, Joe West, Coyote Calhoun and Gentlemen James.  The Magnificent Seven. 

    Founders and  Organizers if the Cherokee Cowboys and the Shootout at Mule Camp. 



    Gentleman James - (R.I.P.) and Patience Galore 

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  3. 569993798_TheWildBunchatEOTinAprilof1991.....theseyoungguyswereDiamondBarKidGeneralGrantJudgeRoyBeanTexDocBonesR.J.PoteetandHipshot.RIPDocBones..jpg.184ebe13eb0dd4c3af1a9c543bb57a06.jpg

    The Wild Bunch at EOT in April of 1991.....these young guys were (standing), Diamond Bar Kid, General U.S. Grant, Judge Roy Bean, Tex,  and

    Doc Bones.  (kneeling) R.J. Poteet and Hipshot.   (R.I.P. Doc Bones).

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  4. 20 hours ago, Ramblin Gambler said:

    The picture is blurry.  Is that the real charlton heston, or was that someone'e alias? 


    Yes, that was Charlton Heston.  The quality of the picture is what it is.  Not a lot I can do with it.

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  5. 1984608849_PackRatandOpalRoseattheCaliforniaStateChampionship1998.jpg.a69d989f86c8263eb269f4c55105f9f8.jpg

    Pack Rat and Opal Rose at the California State Championship, 1998 



    Pack Rat, shooting full power, black powder .45-70 rounds from a Gatling Gun, in the Top 20 Shoot Off!!  EoT 1998

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  6. 560727692_HoulihanHackWeedyCoffeeandEdSchefflin.jpg.503aa8761d66a942d0ce1afa42a99d8c.jpg

    Houlihan, Hack m Up, Weedy, Coffee, and Ed Schefflin, EoT 1996



    Ivory Jack McCloud, Nevada Mike, Hack m up, and Coffee taken Saturday March 13, 1999

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  7. 20017732_10210362343919342_4102134511957275888_o.jpg.8060a91d3a41cb0ab512e84f8eef1c7b.jpg

    In a photo from 1998, David Carradine (Coleman Younger, SASS #9145), Keith Carradine (Jim Younger, SASS #5176), and Robert Carradine,

    (Bob Younger, SASS, #174). In the beard right behind them is Paul Harper (Fort Phantom Kid, SASS #169) from the movie, The Wild Bunch.

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  8. 1851125494_JudgeRoyBeanR.J.PoteetBigJakeGraybeard.ArizonatraintoGrandCanyon..jpg.ae35ccc1553afd1ebbf12a66f387f55c.jpg

    Judge Roy Bean, R.J.Poteet, Big Jake and Graybeard at the Arizona train to Grand Canyon



    Midway, Big Jake, U.S Grant, BB Gun, Tex, Cat Ballou, Wm Bruce, R J Poteet, Miss Lilly at the Grand Canyon


    (photos courtesy of Craig Hanson)


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