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  1. Here's the list again, but updated into alphabetical order by State and then by Name


    United States

    • Arizona - Jim Bowie, Cowboys and Indian Store, Mojave Valley, AZ (714) 210-2720
    • Arizona - The Dusty Bunch, Old West Guns & Gunsmithing, Maricopa, AZ, (520) 568-2852·        
    • Arizona - (by Appointment Only), Johnny Meadows, James   Peoble  johnnymeadows55@yahoo.com
    • Arizona - Ol' #4"s Tuning & Repair, Tucson, AZ, olnumber4@gmail.com, (503) 890-7440 Colt/Colt Clones (C&B, Cartridge); 1873’s; BSS Shotguns       (by appointment only)· 
    • California - Shotgun Boogie, Uwe Bartch, Shotgun Boogie Gun Works, Glendora, CA (512) 645-4247
    • Colorado - Boonedocks Guns & Smithing, Clinchcutter, Troy G Kerr, 900 Il Ranch Rd, Boone, CO 81025, (719) 248-8581
    • Florida - Gun Craft Inc. - Dave Smith, 2102 24th St. S.E., Ruskin, FL 33570 (813) 645-3828 
    • Florida - Island Gunsmith - Tommy Bonnet (alias - El Q Jones) Amelia Island, FL (904) 557-4909 
    • Georgia - Goons Gun Works, Mike Brackett, (Percussion Revolvers) http://www.goonsgunworks.com/  goonsgunworks@gmail.com
    • Georgia - Hogleg Smith Gunsmithing, Hogleg Smith, Neal Spruill, 4970 Poplar Springs Rd. Gainesville, GA 30507 (770) 503-7572 
    • Georgia - Joe West, Dahlonega, GA  jwest397@windstream.net 
    • Illinois - Cowboy Carty, Carty Allaman, Western Gun Works, Monmouth, IL (309) 536-0163
    • Illinois - Sgt Eli, Mark Cribelar, Victory Gun Works, Fairfield, Illinois, (618) 204-9972
    • Indiana- Coyote Moon Gun Works 10749 E. Green Hill Road Otterbein, Indiana 47970 765-427-2201 text or leave a message
    • Maine - Gordon Levitt, Single Action - Gray, Maine. (207) 344-9320
    • Massachusetts - Rust Blue Gunsmithing, Sergey Lyalko, Natick, Ma, Rust Blueing.com, (508) 545-2450
    • Michigan - The Cowboy Way LLC, The Mackinaw Kid, Rick Stover. Lapeer, MI (810) 245-7040 richard-stover@sbcglobal.net
    • Minnesota - Ahlman's Guns, (formerly Coyote Cap), Morristown, MN (507) 685-4244
    • Montana - Munden Enterprises, Inc. - Becky Muden/Jeff Ault,  (406) 494-2833 (8AM -8PM Mtn time) Revolvers & 1911s only
    • Nebraska - Run-N-Iron Customizing, Bertrand, Nebraska, (308) 472-1445
    • New Mexico - Ken Griner, El Mulo Vaquero, Griner Gunworks, Bloomfield, NM (505) 632-9712
    • North Carolina - Three Cut, James Club III, Norwood, NC (981) 474-321
    • Ohio - Lassiter, Tom's Single Action Shop New Lebanon, OH 45345 937-687-1039
    • Oklahoma - Creek County Kid, The Gun Shop, Sapulpa, Oklahoma, (918) 370-0781
    • Oklahoma - Roy’s Creek Dan, Jere Korthanke, (405) 615-4577
    • Oklahoma - Snake Oil George, Doyle Stockstill, (918) 729-0430
    • Oregon - Pioneer Gunworks, Portugy Joe, Joe Alves; Jr., Springfield, OR (541) 515-6084
    • Pennsylvania - Encks Gun Barn, 17 East Main Ave., Myerstown, Pa., 17067, (717) 628-5084 
    • Tennessee -  Widder, Maryville TN -  Henry .22 rifles only   865 / 696-1996
    • Texas - Boomstick Jay, Jason Widmer, Boomstick Arms Co LLC, Leonard, TX 254-368-4540
    • Texas - El Valdez, Lonnie Amman, Tejas Long Rifles, Hearne, Texas, Primary Cimarron gunsmith, will occasionally take on outside work,  979-279-3400  (no shortstrokes)
    • Texas - Lefty Wheeler, George Kucinich, Wheeler Gun Works, Willow Park, TX (817) 264-6463
    • Texas - Long Hunter, Jim Finch, Long Hunter Shooting Supply, Amarillo, TX (806) 342-0000
    • Texas - Nate Kiowa Jones, Steve Young, Steve's Gunz, Lampasas, TX (512) 564-1015
    • Texas - Ten-Ring Precision, Inc., 1449 Blue Crest, San Antonio, Texas 78232, 1-210-494-3063
    • Vermont - Jimmy Spurs, Jim McMahon, Cowboy Gun Works, Island Pond, VT, (603) 425-1189
    • West Virginia - Cody Conagher, Donald Jones, The Cowboy Shop, Berkeley Springs, WV (304) 258-1419
    •  Wyoming - Spring Creek Armory, Bill Fuchs, Ten Sleep, WY,  (307) 431-9194


    • British Columbia - Rusty Wood Trading Co, 34239 Hartman Ave.  Mission, BC  V2V 6B2  604-302-6176 
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  2. "We are saddened to say another Southern Missouri Rangers has passed. David was a club member and always willing to help us with our gun raffle and tickets. We will remember him most for his contribution to 4H shooting. We loved having the Missouri State 4H Cowboy Action Competition on our range and allowing us to work the stages for the kids. Rest In Peace cowboy."


    Hondo Dave - (David Brooks,  April 22, 2021)







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  3. 974734594_GrandpaDillona.k.aDaveGeorge..thumb.jpg.6230cba1869178dc6156e540b6f71b53.jpg

    Grandpa Dillon, (Dave George,  April 26. 2021)


    "Moved on peacefully Monday night, after returning from the Washington State championships. Grandpa was family to many of us. His laugh, generosity and friendship will be dearly missed." 



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  4. 1440027351_CarolinaKatewithKarenSchommerDeSombrerip.thumb.jpg.f55320efa25e5714aa156388d48c2847.jpg

    Carolina Kate, SASS# 100527 (Karen Schommer DeSombre - July 6, 2020)


    "Condolences to Cactus Whiskey on the loss of his sister... may God give her family the peace and strength that only comes from Him."


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  5. Bill Lindholm also sent me these:



    "My brother Whiney Henry Yoho here. He's not been to a shoot in a few years, just like myself health issues. This one was taken in Portland, Oregon at one of the SASS Northwest Regional matches they put on many years ago."



    Myself, Wimpy Hank Yoho & brother Whiney Henry Yoho standing in front of our booth. This is at the Portland match too.

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  6. Bill Lindholm sent me these:



    Wimpy Hank Yoho - EoT 2002



    Tule Spud, Wimpy Hank Yoho, Lost River Slim & my brother Whiney Henry Yoho

    "Tule & Slim left us a few years ago. :( Miss them.  Pards ta' ride the river with.  They were like brothers to me too."



    Wimpy Hank Yoho and Whiney Henry Yoho

    "Here's one of my brother Whiney Henry Yoho & myself.  I'm guessin' about a dozen years back or so. Match was called True Grit, Roseburg, Oregon. Whiney's smilin' big cuz' it was a two day match with 10 stages with 4 pistols, 2 rifles & a shotgun. Ammo count per stage approximately 50 rounds per stage. We'd do that one & feel like all the other matches after that one seem like not much shootin'. LOL"



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  7. Quotes from Craig Hanson, "Big Jake, SASS #1001...


    "Only One Handgun back then. In 1985-86-87 we could use Winchester 30-30 and 45-70 as a main match rifle. we used wrist watches and stopwatches for a timer. Things changed with SASS in late 1987 and End of Trail 1988 and up."


    "Targets back then were poured cast steel and had many pockmarks from hits and craters from hard hits from the 30-30's, .38-55' and .45-70's. had several bounce backs that hit people and cut the skin. I had a .45-70 hit and bounce back, skid off the ground, hit a shed behind me, and bounce to hit me in the Cowboy Boots above the ankle. Black n Blue for two weeks. SASS started using AR (Abrasion Resistant) Steel and no more pockmarks and craters. Just a bullet Splash in the dirt. But also went with Pistol only calibers in the Rifles."


    "Some of our guys were a little upset when they banned the rifle calibers. One had his 30-30 all set up and dialed in and the other had been working, for months, on getting his 45-70 '86 to be competitive."

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  8. Train.thumb.jpg.245cab04b5c25760a738737eee7c3a08.jpg

    Harper Creigh "Judge Roy Bean" #1, Dave Britton "R.J. Poteet" #3, Craig Hanson "Big Jake" #1001, Harold Iskawich "Greybeard", at Railhead 1989 and the 1st time the Train had gone to and from the Grand Canyon since 1968.

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  9. On 2/10/2021 at 10:56 PM, Miss Weev said:



    William “Bill” Ackerman, 70, passed away peacefully on February 6, 2021 after an honorable battle with Leukemia this past year.


    Bill was an active member of the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) at the Litchfield Sportsman’s Club. Bill chose the shooting name of Ross Haney after a character out of his favorite Louis L’Amour book collection. He and Carol (a.k.a. Sunny Day) enjoyed shooting with their friends at hundreds of club matches over the years competing in Cowboy Action Shooting while preserving the history of the Old West. 


    Bill will be deeply missed and is survived by; his wife, Carol, daughter, Jane (Andrea) Ackerman, sister, Nancy (Bud) Klaustermeier, sister-in-law, Nancy (Don) Thomas, brother-in-law, Howard (Laurie) Hall, numerous nieces, nephews, friends.




    Ross Haney - (Bill Ackerman, February 6, 2021)

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