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  1. Ok, I do not like the dude.  But, if you are pulling back the hammer of a stock SAA repro, with a round under the hammer, and your thumb slips off the hammer before the gun goes into half-cock, it can light off the round without pulling the trigger.   This whole thing was a failure of redundant safety precautions right down the line.   The part of the interview where he said "I would never point a real gun at a person", is of course, horse pucky.   That's obviously exactly what happened.  I'm sure nobody wanted this really unfortunate incident to happen, but what a mess!   


    By the way, the armourer's father may have been Thell Reed, and trained by him, but others in the industry don't seem to be enamored of him either. 

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  2. 3 hours ago, Cockney Rebel said:

    I just ran some dummy rounds through it and it seems to work fine on first pass. 

    Only issue I had, when loading multiple rounds in the magazine tube, was that the first round loaded crooked into the brass lifter.  I am putting that down to my technique as subsequent tries did not have the same issue.  I will be doing a tear down later to check the state of internals.  Italian proof codes puts this at 1977 so I am assuming most parts will have worn smooth already/


    The reason a round might be a bit crooked on the carrier block is the cutout for the loading gate.  Once the bolt starts it's forward travel, the cartridge will straighten on the block and chamber properly.




    One caveat, and the source of many Out of Battery Discharges, is trying to force a round into the chamber that doesn't want to go.  If there is a problem with a cartridge, it's more than worth the time to eject it and go on to the next one.




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  3. Right now, I think the media on both sides are using him to advance their ratings.  He is still going to have to ride out the inevitable civil suits.  He is in therapy for PTSD.  He has nightmares.  He will have to live somewhere else.  And he'll always be, "that guy".


    I pray that he will find some peace.

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  4. On 11/8/2021 at 12:11 PM, Tennessee williams said:

       I see a lot of misuse of the term "benefit of the doubt goes to the shooter". It seems to me atleast this is the first go-to to explain away a call. An example:

      On a social media page there was a wtc thread about a hammer not being fully down on a revolver. The shooter finished his shooting string with the revolver and it was found the hammer was not fully down after reholstering. Many many of the first calls were a no-call. That's not really the point of this post. The point was some of the reasoning. There was a lot of "benefit of the doubt goes to the shooter". Now this wasn't just from very new shooters using the term. Atleast one was an RO instructor.

       Now there was no doubt the hammer was back. They doubted the reason why it was back. 

      Is it just me, or do yall often see the overuse/misuse of this term as well?


    "When there is no doubt, there is no benefit"  Either the hammer was down or it wasn't.  A malfunction wasn't declared...


    Then it turns out the OP got it wrong, and it should have read"...he was shooting gunfighter. He lost count dry fired his left pistol and started to cock his right pistol then stopped and put it away. It was not locked back, but it was not down."  


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  5. 13 hours ago, Buckshot Bear said:

    Yes, here in Oz its a requirement.




    Just for the sake of my own curiosity.  What does "Holster Qualification" entail?  Is it a course?  Do you have to prove to them that you still have 10 toes?  A demonstration that you can draw, fire, and put it back without maiming anyone?

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  6. 47 minutes ago, Hoss said:

    The Bullet coming out of round 7 hit 8, driving it into 9, setting Bullet deeper in case a bit. Rounds 9&10 were unaffected. 
    no damage to rifle. I suspect I was unluckily lucky! 


    Glad you and the rifle are ok!  I was timing a gentleman when the entire magazine detonated in his '73.  Nothing left but the barrel!  Magazine ballooned and split, the forearm exploded into splinters.   His very good shooting glasses saved his eyes.  He went to the ER to get metal splinters taken out of his face. 

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  7. 18 hours ago, DeaconKC said:

    I have a gent offering me a Winchester 24, it is well used, non-collector grade. Are these any good for CAS?


    I used one for years.  It was worked over by Jim Bowie.  He made it slick, fast, and it opens wide. 

    Like GJ said, not many gunsmiths work on them, but Cowboys & Indian Store did mine just right.     

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  8. 10 hours ago, Dusty Devil Dale said:



    There certainly were no celebrity unicorns at Founders Ranch, and I seriously doubt they will be attracted to Akron.  Getting them at our events is about location, location and location. 


    Cheap shot.  Akron is an office location.  Do you think any events ever happened at the offices in Yorba Linda, or in RJ Poteet's basement, before that?  End of Trail is being held in Phoenix Arizona, in a major population area.  (The 5th largest city in the US + the population of the suburbs and surrounding areas).  That's your location, location, location.


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