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  1. I have one box with 200+ pcs. of Starline Brass .44-40 cases.   I'm throwing in with the 200 pcs. of Starline, some extra Starline, about 30 pcs of assorted headstamp 44-40 and 2 Nickel-plated Starline cases.


    The brass has been sized and deprimed, then wet cleaned/tumbled, and then inspected.  The cases are all bright and shiny, inside and out.


    I do not know how many times they have been fired.  I don't shoot 44-40 and they were acquired years ago when I thought I might but didn't.


    75.00 + 10.00 shipping in CONUS


    Paypal, check, cash, or USPS money order



  2. 11 minutes ago, Buckshot Bear said:

    53 minutes to go midnight and 2022 here and the fireworks have already started...... Luckily we dosed up the dogs with valium at 5.30pm 


    0721 hours on Dec 31st here...  I'm hearing voices from the future!!  Yer the ghost of New Years yet to come!

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  3. On 12/2/2021 at 1:02 PM, the gunsmith,sass#3075 said:

    3.  Super X  32 S&W Long/ 32 Colt New Police    $35

    On 12/2/2021 at 1:02 PM, the gunsmith,sass#3075 said:

    30.  PMC 38 special 125 JHP 50 rd. box  $40

    On 12/2/2021 at 1:02 PM, the gunsmith,sass#3075 said:

    16.  Federal Classic  32 S&W Long Match wadcutter   $35

    On 12/2/2021 at 1:02 PM, the gunsmith,sass#3075 said:

    21.  Federal 22lr. 550 rd. bulk pack  $55



    I'll take these, please.



  4. 18 hours ago, 1st Sgt Yukon said:

    I've got the opportunity to buy a consecutive set of Colt SAA's, chambered in 38-40.  The are blued, 3rds gen guns, used but in excellent shape.  They appear to either have a good spring kit or have been tuned by a smith, as the actions are smooth and silky.  They have the factory rubber grips.  What is the value on a set like this?


    They haven't been made since 2016 and aren't likely ever to be made again.  Base revolvers at that time were 1550.00, consecutive serial numbers were a 100.00 dollar option.  If they have beveled cylinders, that was a 100.00 option each.  If they have custom roll marks, that was an additional option.  "Black Powder Frame" was an additional cost option.   As was the "Royal Blue" finish.  The later models with removable bushings are slightly more desirable than the ones with pressed in bushings, especially to black powder shooters.   The boxes and sleeves are a plus among collectors and Colt shooters in general.   The only drawback to these is the caliber.  It's not as popular as the .357, .45 Colt, or the .44-40.   


    I tried to find what the sold price was for completed auctions on Gunbroker, but all I could find for .38-40s were auctions that languished because of the outrageous starting price.   Looking at other calibers, the successful auctions started at a reasonable price, and bidding took off from there.   Finished auction selling prices ran from ~ 1600 - 2800 depending on condition/caliber/barrel-length.

  5. 30 minutes ago, Eyesa Horg said:

    I need to go back and read his article and see if he was using a sub (which he is famous for shooting)or BP. No wads unless shooting long range like Creedmoor.



    At the time the article was written, I believe he was using Triple 7.  Now he uses APP.

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  6. I can only tell you what "Blue Book" gun value is...  Not what someone is willing to pay.

    If the rifle has a serial number under 168,000

    10% - $675,  20% - $875,  30% - $1,035  40% - $1300,  50% - $1,550,  60% - $1,725,  70% - $2,250

    *Here's the kicker,  Double these prices for .44-40 WCF cal.


    This is for an all-original gun in proper functioning order.    

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  7. The spotters giveth and the spotters taketh away...  They called it clean, RO who counts the shots didn't have you as a P

    MSV and Merry Christmas!!

  8. 6 hours ago, Boulder Canyon Bob# 32052L said:

    Any body have experience with this company out of Kansas?


    They don't claim to have everything, (a lot is out of stock), which is a good sign!   They don't claim to have primers, (another good sign), And they want you to pay with Credit Cards.   That's an even better sign, because you have recourse if they don't send you the product.





  9. 5 hours ago, Cholla said:

    Post it on eBay with clear photos.  I know guys on the Colt forum are always looking. The fake stage coach box sold for $375 on eBay. 


    I can only guess that some people want a pristine box.  They really can't believe that they're real when the gent has an unlimited supply in all barrel lengths.

    No way I'm paying 750.00 for boxes for my 2 shooters.

  10. 4 hours ago, Snakebite said:

    I basically did the same as you and went into this down-swing with a reasonable and varied on hand stock of supplies . I also really liked Shooter World Clean Shot, but finally had to give up on finding any more of it after I ran out. Seems to be only available in the east. Anyhow, I opened one of the 8 lb jugs of Titegroup and switched back to it. I've also been experimenting with Winclean 244. It seems to be promising.  


    I get my Clean Shot from Scarlett Darlin'.  She's a distributor here in the Southeast.  Perhaps she'll know some West Coast distributor?  But Titegroup is a great powder.  I've never come across any Winclean 244.

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  11. Before China gifted the world with its virus, I had squirreled away enough powder and primers to last the rest of my shooting life.  So, I'm fortunate to still have  

    Clays, Red Dot, Trail Boss, Shooter's World Clean Shot, Black Powder, APP, and if I get down to the dregs, I still have several pounds of Pinnacle, H777, and (ugh) Pyrodex.


    I really like Shooters World Clean Shot.  I haven't looked at the store shelves lately to see what other powders are available locally.


    Last week was the first time I shot Trail Boss in cold weather, mid-30's in the early morning... I found I was having some problems with it.  As if they had been loaded too light.  (But, I'm at a mid-level load, 4.0gr in a C45S and 160gr. and I'm anal about measuring powder).  I had never known it to be position sensitive before, so perhaps it was cold sensitive?  Whatever, the problems seemed to go away if I shook up the 100rd ammo box before loading my pistols.


    The rifle rounds, which were another caliber and loaded with Red Dot, had no such problems.




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  12. I was excoriated for asking this question on another forum.


    The notion of hours and minutes and seconds is an artificial construct, man-made and imposed on the universe around us.

    This is keeps us organized and our busy world of shifts and appointments working smoothly.  It also gives us a point of reference.


    But, before we had synchronous time references, how did people arrange meets and appointments?  Did they just say "We will meet in the morning early on the second day of the full moon?   (Or some such)?

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