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  1. Howdy, continuing to clear out my Cowboy Closet of stuff I don't use or doesn't fit anymore.

    SOLD: This is a pair of Wah Maker pants. 48x30 100% Heavy Cotton, made in USA

    They are in very good used, cleaned condition.






    30.00 includes shipping to CONUS 48, other locations slightly higher






  2. SOLD: Cleaning out the cowboy closet...

    This is a pair of Brown Suede Leather Shotgun Chaps with Fringe

    New Condition, I bought them new about 13 years ago and never used them. Time to move 'em on.

    only time they've been worn is to model them for these photographs.


    I've taken multiple pictures of them, if you need to see any particular detail better, let me know.


    Waist size is adjustable as there is plenty of room in the front and back belts for extra holes.



    Waist is adjustable, approx. 38" to 48"

    Zipper Length 30" (hidden zippers make 'em easier to get on)

    Inseam 32"

    Upper Thigh, approx 28"

    Calf, approx 18"














    49.00 includes Priority Mail Shipping to US, anywhere's else... a bit higher.




  3. Ruger Bisley Vaqueros will give you a bigger grip, lower hammer and are rock-solid reliable. Longest barrel they were made in was 5-1/2". Bisley Blackhawks were made in 7-1/2" but will limit your category choices.

    1860 Army is an nice gun, has some inherent weaknesses due to its older spring technology, that can be overcome by a good cowboy gunsmith. Cartridge Conversion Cylinders are available. Tall hammer spur slows you down a mite. Not my first recommendation for an all-around match gun.


    Taylor Firearms is selling some of their Colt SAA replicas with an 1860 Army Grip. But 5-1/2" is the longest barrel.


    Overall, if you want a longer barrel, the 5-1/2" gives you the best mix of longer sight radius and quick handling. I'd recommend guns with a lower hammer spur for duelist shooting.

  4. I found mine to be quite accurate, BP fouling needed to be cleaned off the cylinder pin, barrel face and cylinder face after every few stages to keep it running nicely. I widened the rear sights on mine to make front sight acquisition faster. I carried spare parts with me, and had to replace pieces every now and then. (Cheap and easy to get hold of) because it is an old design and we do shoot the heck outa them. Very easy gun to take down and clean or repair.


    Cap fragments don't fall into the action as with the Colt design, but can get down between the grip and your palm :o I found that getting aftermarket nipples, like the Slik-X or Treso Ampco and Remington Caps helped a lot.


    Good Shootin'!

  5. I prefer the Uberti octagon barreled 20", with pistol grip stock. Even my Winchester (made in 1890) has the 20" octagon barrel. But, handle some different configurations and choose what pleases you, not what others like... you'll have a more harmonious outcome ;)

  6. Still cleaning out The Cave and came across another item that might interest a CAS pard...

    Sold: Antique Harrington & Richardson Spur Trigger, Single Action, Black Powder, Nickle Plated Pocket Pistol.

    Model 1-1/2, manufactured only between 1878-1883. This is an antique so it does not need to go through an FFL, unless your particular locale requires. Chambers .32 rimfire cal. 5 shot, 2-1/2" octagon barrel, medium frame, saw grip. Action is nice, with proper timing and lockup. Bore with good lands and grooves, a small patch of frost, but no pitting. Nickel plate is worn, but not flaking. Appr. 80% coverage remains. Grips are perfectly fitted wood aftermarket, from somewhere in the last century or so, with a greater palm swell than original for better handling.

    Barrel has 2 line address that reads, Harrington & Richardson, Worcester Mass. Pat. May 23, 1876


    Load and shoot with blackpowder only, using the Dixie Gun Works cases and .22 rimfire blanks http://www.dixiegunworks.com/product_info.php?products_id=8154


    This is stock condition. I have another that I have lightened the springs on for pocket pistol side matches, that one I'm keeping.










    175.00 includes USPS Priority Mail and Insurance.



    Doc McC

  7. Breakfast of Coffee and meds... went to sleep late watching the reports of the hate crime in Dallas... woke up to even worse news. Deeply saddened and prayerful for the families, those fighting to survive, and all those who chose a career of serving and protecting us. God bless them all.

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