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  1. Still cleaning out items that I haven't used in quite awhile or don't fit anymore.

    This is a continuation of my other thread because there's a limit of how many pictures I can put up per Post.


    SOLD 11.) Black and Silver Leather Hat Band, Adjustable Size, B-Western or just to Fancify your hat. 20.00 includes shipping






    12.) Black Leather Holster. Lined. Heavy Construction, fits a 5-1/2" "Old Model" Vaquero and a 3" Belt. Lip flared for easier reholstering.

    I don't remember who made it, but it's a Heavy-made piece that won't collapse. Supple Leather, Solid Stitching with No Fraying. 55.00 includes shipping to CONUS 48






    SOLD 14.) Black Leather Plaited Stampede String with decorative metal end pieces (aglets), secured with an ornamental slide. 15.00 includes shipping to the CONUS 48






  2. That's funny Widder. I remember when I got my Marlin Cowboy Comp people still said "Ya need a '73" or "Ya need a '66".


    Well, I pick up my '92 today...I am sure I will hear about that from some well meaning Pard.


    I've got several rifles, '66 and '73s, but I'm holding on to my pre-safety half-round, half octagon Rossi '92 in .45colt, and a Winchester '92 in 38WCF. They are good shooters and as accurate as you could want. I shoot them with heavier loads and at longer distances than CAS, but they still make for a decent match gun. Have fun with that '92!

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  3. Thanks, yes 38 vs 32. Interesting.

    Yep, but caliber plays very little role in how well you do. I've seen a shooter with a .45colt best all comers. .38's win over .32's and .people shooting .44-40 and .38-40 beat out folks shooting .38s. It's all about the craftsman, not the tool.

  4. Still cleaning out my Cowboy Closet of items I don't use or don't fit anymore...

    FS: Leather Items


    1. SOLD) Black Shotgun Belt. 52" long overall, 48" to middle hole. 2" Wide. 8 Double Loops holds 16 Shells. Brass Clipped Buckle

    Contoured design. Made by Mernickle Holsters.

    Suede Lined so it will stay in place. Solid and Supple, no Fraying. Very nice used condition. 75.00 includes shipping to CONUS 48

    anywhere else, slightly higher.


    2) Black Spur Straps. Good basic pair. Nothing fancy, still gets the job done. 13.00 includes shipping to CONUS 48





    3. SOLD ) Heavy Duty, Small, US Military Belt Pouch, Black. Vietnam era. Fits a 2" Belt. I used it for a Cap Pouch while shooting Frontiersman.

    Back is stamped US TB&SCO 1966 Solid, Supple, no Fraying. 15.00 includes shipping to CONUS 48


    4. SOLD) Russet Cartridge Slide, for .44/45 fits a 3" Belt. Border Tooled and Star Pattern Snaps. Made by Jackson, Asheville NC (great guys!) 15.00 includes shipping to CONUS 48



    5. SOLD) Black Cartridge Slide, for .44/45 fits a 2-1/4" Belt. Made by Mernickle Holsters. 13.00 includes shipping to CONUS 48



    SOLD 6) Fancy Black Gun Belt with Spots and Conchos, 48" overall. 44" to Middle Hole. 2-1/2" Wide. Unlined. Made by Cobra Kid. Bought it here off the Wire a few years back. 62.00 includes Priority Mail Shipping anywhere in the US.








    SOLD 7.) Russet Cartridge Slide, for .44/45 fits a 3" Belt. Heavy Leather, Border Tooled and Star Concho. 15.00 includes shipping to CONUS 48




    SOLD 8.) Russet Cartridge Slide, for .38 fits a 3" Belt. Heavy Leather, Border Tooled, 13.00 includes shipping to CONUS 48





    9.) Brown Cartridge Slide, for ..44/.45 fits a 2-1/4" Belt. I used it to carry .45-70s when shooting Plainsman, 13.00 includes shipping to CONUS 48





    SOLD 10.) Black and Silver Leather Hat Band, Adjustable Size, B-Western, Steam Punk, or just to Fancify your hat. 15.00 includes shipping







  5. Chinese imports, not bad for what they are. Inspect yours before you buy it. I've seen one where the barrels were misaligned and one pointed lower than the other. Barrels are two sections with the barrel welded to the breach. Breach face has a protruding block instead of a flat face, makes smooth loading more difficult. Fit and Finish are spotty, with sharp edges at the muzzle crown and trigger guard on the one I looked at. Wood was nice, styling like a brick... but at 275.00 I wouldn't expect a lot of niceties. The specimen I handled was so stiff, I had to use my knee to open it. Personally I wouldn't recommend it as a starter gun. There are many better doubles that come up for sale on the Classified Wire for just a bit more, that already have work done on them, so they are competition ready. I'd start there. For price point, you'd do better with a Stoeger or Baikal.

  6. Howdy, continuing to clear out my Cowboy Closet of stuff I don't use or doesn't fit anymore since I shrunk.

    SOLD: This is a pair of Frontier Classics pants. 48x28 with a 15" Rise 100% Heavy Cotton

    They are in very good, almost new, cleaned condition.

    Suspender Buttons and Button Fly Old West Trousers



    30.00 includes shipping to CONUS 48, other locations slightly higher



  7. Still cleaning out the Cowboy Closet, parting out items I don't use anymore, or don't fit since I shrunk....

    SOLD: An older Holster Set with Belt, Cartridge Slides and a Belt Pouch for carrying your empties from the unloading table.

    Had this made for me back in 2002, the dye has sun-faded over the years. I have several rigs and I don't use this one anymore.

    Leather is Heavy Weight, and all in solid, supple condition. All stitching it solid, no fraying.


    Holsters are Double Strong Side with a Muzzle Forward Cant, fits 4-1/2 and 5-1/2" "Old Model" Vaqueros

    Heavy Lined Holsters keep their shape and the lip is flared for easier re-holstering

    Belt is Suede-Lined so it stays in place, 3" Wide and 55" Long, 52" to Middle Hole

    Comes with 2 Cartridge Slides that hold 5 .38's each.

    Also comes with a Belt Pouch to hold your empties. Flap of Belt Pouch has a Badge Holder.


    Holsters were held stationary on the belt by 2 Chicago Screws, (included) You can use the same spot or move them where you like.

    I don't remember the maker's name, he had a leather business out of Ohio, but it escapes me at the moment.








    99.00 plus 16.00 shipping (Large Flat Rate Box Priority Mail) anywhere in the U.S.









  8. I saw a few more of these stages. Lots of "stuff" being done on the clock, runnin' and gunnin'... using what guns they have available. Not SASS rules but they sure are having a lot of fun! Reminds me of what I've read and heard about the very early days of CAS.

  9. Still cleaning out the Cowboy Closet of stuff I don't wear or use anymore...

    SOLD: A pair of Mernickle "Evil Roy Series" Holsters. Black with Spots and Conchos

    Leather lined Holsters with metal between the leather layers. Will never collapse on you. Flared lip makes holstering easier

    Model BW1 Ref1 http://www.mernickleholsters.com/b_western/bw1r1.html

    Can be attached to a Mernickle Buscadero Belt or on a Traditional 2-1/2" Belt (belts are NOT included)

    Made to fit 4-1/2 and 5-1/2" Barreled Colt Revolvers (and Uberti or Pietta Reproductions). New Model Vaqueros will fit (see pictures), but are a little snug.

    Very Nice used Condition.


    From their website:


    • Our B-Western holsters have been developed using the same metal technology found in our popular Fast Draw Series. This includes stabilizing the gun when running with a calculated retention factor yet allowing the gun to come out with ease when being drawn.


    • Each holster has an outward lip curl to help with a faster re-entry of the gun.


    • The tie down has a small piece of leather attached with a slot in it to go over the hammer. When slipped off the hammer, the weight of it keeps it low and out of the way when drawing the gun.














    165.00 includes Priority Mail Shipping anywhere in the US, anywhere else, slightly higher.




  10. Howdy, continuing to clear out my Cowboy Closet of stuff I don't use or doesn't fit anymore.

    SOLD: This is a pair of Classic Old West Styles pants. 100% Heavy Cotton, made in USA

    Suspender Buttons, Button Fly, High Waisted

    48 x 29 with a 15" Rise

    They are in very good used, cleaned condition.



    25.00 includes Shipping to CONUS 48, anywhere else, slightly higher



  11. Still cleaning out my Cowboy Closet of items I don't wear, or haven't worn, or just doesn't fit...

    SOLD: Pair of Earthwalker Half Chaps (Botas), They listed the color as "Tobacco"


    Calf: 16" to 19"

    Height: 16"

    Width along the entire length is adjustable

    Stirrup is adjustable


    Very Nice, worn once condition.






    115.00 includes Priority Mail Shipping anywhere in the US... anywhere else slightly higher




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