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  1. Some folks hate Facebook, some folks find it a useful tool.   If you're going to get bogged down in polytickin' it's worthless.   But, it's just like a television, you can change the channel.   When I log in to Facebook I go straight to the Cowboy Action Shooting sites, (and in my case, coin collecting sites).   Nothing else.

    The Single Action Shooting Society has a FB page.  And there are several good discussion groups about CAS and WBAS on FB.   


    You don't have to like FB, but there is a huge audience out there.   These FB groups have introduced CAS to people who had no idea it existed.   As a result, we've gotten quite a few interested, and a good number have displayed their new SASS Member Certificates.   You don't have to like it or look at it, but a whole lot of people do, in all age groups.   


    A lot of SASS Clubs have a FB presence and a website.  Some, just FB.   Some of those FB pages are frustrating because they don't tell you where the club is!

    Please include your address, some directions, when you open, what time is the signup and safety briefing.  List a contact number.   Post your scores, photos, and some videos.  Keep it up to date!


    AS for match registrations, almost every multiday match I go to, is now using a registration form that you can fill out on your computer.   It makes for a much more legible application!   The SC State Match, "The Bushwack" is the first one I've come across that you can also pay online with a credit card.   That was an outstanding step forward!  Nice job Slippery Stew!   Yes, I still keep a checkbook, although I rarely use it.  Mostly for match registrations or buying something off the Classifieds.    I use electronic forms of payment for all my bills.  


    So, yes the old forms of payment are still being used, alongside the new forms of payment.   Nothings going away, but more convenient, faster forms of payment are the future.

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  2. Time to downsize my massive collection of old Paperback Westerns and Civil War Books

    These are not in new condition, but certainly readable.  From a non-smoking home.


    This is Lot 1


    1. Sin Killer by Larry McMurtry
    2. Dead Man Range by Ernest Haycock
    3. The Caves by Norman Thaddeus Vane
    4. Trouble Valley by Lee Hoffman
    5. The Doomsday Trail by Ray Hogan
    6. Blood Dance by William O. Turner
    7. Treachery at Rock Point
    8. Deep West by Ernest Haycox
    9. Gunman's Harvest by James Keene
    10. Shorty by Clifton Adams
    11. King Fisher's Road by Shepard Rifkin
    12. Dead or Alive by Max Brand
    13. West of Rimrock by Wayne D. Overholser


    Just 15.00 plus whatever is the actual cost to box them up and mail them to where you are.




  3. 13 hours ago, Buckshot Bear said:

    I have two of these limited TALO edition Vaqueros.

    The grips feel pretty slim to me, are they just normal Ruger grips or are they gunfighter grips? 


    If I remember correctly, Ruger contracted with Eagle Grips for Smooth Gunfighter Grips with the Ruger Medallion for the Talo edition.   Most other times, the grips are made by Altamont, have a wider profile, and widen at the base.   Occasionally, Ruger uses slim plastic grips on some of their models, that have a narrow profile.

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  4. 11 hours ago, DeaconKC said:

    Part 2, would there be an advantage to using nickel cases with APP?


    I will not use nickel cases in the rifle.  If the case splits, as they are prone to do, it can be very hard to extract.  All the while the timer is saying, "tick, tick, tick, tick..."

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  5. 20 hours ago, The Original Lumpy Gritz said:

    Told me, they didn't sell enough of'em. 

    I was very surprised when I was told this!


    I had been trying to buy another, but they were "out of stock" for quite a while.   I guess they hired a new bean counter who decided to put the money into black-rifle parts.

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  6. 19 hours ago, The Original Lumpy Gritz said:

    RPP no longer make that extractor :(


    Any idea why they made such a stoopid decision?   It was an excellent product and they must have sold a ton of them.  I have them in all my Marlins, and all the Marlins I upgraded and slicked for others.

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  7. 16 minutes ago, Tucker McNeely said:

    What is the hang up with cut and weld?


    I’m not a welder.  I’m not a non-destructive testing engineer.  I’m from an industry that heavily relies on welding. So I don’t understand why welding is bad.  

    I get that bad welds are an issue and failure rate increases the more humans are involved.  

    If the cut and weld is done correctly is that a bad thing?  I tend to lean towards not based on the fact that I have not witnessed a lever that has failed at the weld joint or recall reading a post where a lever has failed at the weld joint.


    I'm guessing you are talking about the cut-and-weld method of short-stroking a toggle-link rifle?   It was the first method of short-stroking.   Developed by Cody Conagher and Lone Dude.  Before that, the '92 was THE rifle for CAS.   It is still an effective way of giving you a short-stroke action.  Taylor's sells a rifle with this tyle of short-stroke, The Comanchero.   Quite a number of shooters use Codymatics.   


    If I were to compare it to a short-stroke kit, it seems similar to a 3rd Gen short-stroke, and a lot like what you find on the Winchester/Miroku.   While I'm sure a weld can fail, I've not personally seen or heard of one failing.  For that, I'd recommend talking to a gunsmith who works on a lot of these guns.   


    Short-stoke kits have progressed past the 'Cut n' Weld', as there are now kits like the Boogie Short Stroke Kit, the Cowboys and Indians 5th Gen Kit, and the Pioneer Super Short Stroke Kit.    But, the main thing is, are YOU satisfied with your rifle?   If so, it's a moot point.


    There's no real hang-up with the Cut and Weld method, it was the first short-stroke in use and still being done.   Is everyone satisfied with it?  Is "everyone" ever satisfied with everything?   And it sure beats a stock Uberti rifle for feel and function. 


    Shoot and have fun during the coming New Year!  Hope it's a great one.

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  8. Wow!  I guess we're spoiled for choices in my area.   Right around me, I can choose from Food Lion, Walmart, Kroger, Costco, Wegmans, Harris Teeter, IGA, Lowes Foods, Sam's Club, Lidl, Aldis, Trader Joe's, Target Food, Whole Foods, Fresh Market, and various ethnic markets.

  9. 3 hours ago, July Smith said:

    As the rules stand right now is the lever wrap shown in this picture legal or illegal?  


    Legal or illegal?  Yes :lol:   So either there needs to be strict wording of the rule to go by or remove the wording that makes it a puzzle.


    So,  levers may be wrapped or padded with leather, suede, imitation leather, or whatever that looks like leather.  I'm sure rawhide is good too.  So, as long as your padding material is covered, under the proposed #3,  we'll be good to go.   T.O.s won't have to police that mess.

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  10. About the only argument against some of the built-up "blocks" or spacers is "they don't look cowboy".   But, I wasn't around back then, and I don't know what some 19th century person may or may not have done.  


    To my eye, this just doesn't "look" right.   But, outlawing a bit of foam under a leather lever wrap doesn't sound right either.



    (photo courtesy of Jokers Wild)... no it's not his rifle either.

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  11. On 12/6/2023 at 11:36 AM, Cypress Sun said:


    For those that ordered from Palmetto State, how long did it take for them to initiate to shipping process?


    I ordered a 5.56 Carbine Upper from them on a Monday and had it in hand on Friday, so they're pretty good with their order picking and shipping.  But, I'm only one state away from their location.

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  12. On 11/17/2023 at 6:24 PM, Phantom, SASS #54973 said:


    Now...about all that stuff you put on about your accomplishments...do you know it takes like a whole page????




    There are several like that, and when they post multiple times on a thread they end up taking several pages...

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  13. On 6/23/2021 at 12:49 PM, Jersey Kid, SASS #287 said:


    Posse Photo 2001  - see who you remember

    Hmmm... Back row, top left.  Diamond Dick.  Top row 2nd from right, San Quentin.

    Front row, second from right, Marshal Harlan Wolff.  Third from right, (between Bounty Hunter and Marshal Wolff), is Cajun Kid.

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  14. On 1/26/2023 at 3:07 PM, Rip Snorter said:

    Read, so recycle.

    Hardcopy Cowboy Chronicle 2023 free for postage.  Don't know what that will cost these days. PM me and I'll get it off tomorrow.


    When I finish with mine, I bring it with me and leave it in a waiting room.  (I'm hanging out in waiting rooms way too much lately)... take off my address and leave it for others to read.   The magazine format is better for that than the large newspaper-type ones we used to get.   I kept the real early ones.

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  15. 208116459_IzzyLost-ErnieNicholas(R.I.P.).jpg.dc9f24ad7378ec47e0bd934ea1dc4da8.jpg  



    Izzy Lost, (Ernie Nicholas - Sept. 19, 2022) 


    "Today we lost another Good CowBoy.
    Izzy Lost alias Ernie Nicholas.
    He was a good man that I always saw a smile on his face n a joke on his lips.
    It's gonna be hard to fill his boots n sorely missed.
    A Good Cowboy to ride the river with, n I pray that he saves a place on his posse for us all." - Alamo Kid 


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  16. "We lost one of the old Los Vaqueros Shooters, Dirty Dave Rudabaugh, today Sept. 13, 2022.  He was always fun to shoot with and a good shooter. He won the Modern category at Winter Range, back when it was a category.  Ride well, old pard!" - The Butcher



    Dirty Dave Rudabaugh, David W. Glenn







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