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  1. About the only argument against some of the built-up "blocks" or spacers is "they don't look cowboy".   But, I wasn't around back then, and I don't know what some 19th century person may or may not have done.  


    To my eye, this just doesn't "look" right.   But, outlawing a bit of foam under a leather lever wrap doesn't sound right either.



    (photo courtesy of Jokers Wild)... no it's not his rifle either.

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  2. 1955 sweep, T-1 (1 rifle) T-2 (9 rifle) T-3 (dump pistol) T-4 (dump pistol)   Stand and deliver with 3 dumps.   Then maybe go to another position for the shotgun, or shoot the shotgun from the same position.   This is the kind of stage that the InRange guy was talking about.   Not a whole lot of challenge or movement.   Granted, there are only so many ways you can shoot a 10-10-4+, and sometimes in the height of summer, this kind of stage is welcome.   


    Perhaps break it up some?  Widely spaced targets.  Shotgun on 2 targets on the left, shotgun on 2 targets on the right, pick up the rifle. Then 1 on an R-target on the far left,  then 9 on an R-target on the far right, then proceed to a downrange position to do the 5-5 on 2 widely spaced P targets.  It's still a 3-dump 1955 but with movement and maybe a little challenge?  Just a suggestion.


    Never mind... I need more coffee.

  3. On 12/6/2023 at 11:36 AM, Cypress Sun said:


    For those that ordered from Palmetto State, how long did it take for them to initiate to shipping process?


    I ordered a 5.56 Carbine Upper from them on a Monday and had it in hand on Friday, so they're pretty good with their order picking and shipping.  But, I'm only one state away from their location.

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  4. On 11/17/2023 at 6:24 PM, Phantom, SASS #54973 said:


    Now...about all that stuff you put on about your accomplishments...do you know it takes like a whole page????




    There are several like that, and when they post multiple times on a thread they end up taking several pages...

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  5. He wants to "bring in younger blood".   Well, with that laying in on the ground scenario, he's lost most of the ladies and most of the older shooters.  To which he's also added a foot race.  Looking at the way he moves when he's running, he'd no longer be able to do it 10yrs from now.   The idea of his Dead-Eye CQB Brutality Match seems to be geared toward younger male shooters.  That seems to be his target audience.   Way to kill a game that welcomes all shooters, male and female, of all ages.



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  6. On 11/21/2023 at 8:19 AM, Johnny Meadows,SASS#28485L said:

    100's and 200's were both built with both style forearms, it's just that most 100's have splinter forearms and most 200's have beavertail forearms. I've never see a 150 with anything other than a beavertail.



    I'm still shooting a 150 I bought from you years ago!  Great shotgun.

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  7. 53 minutes ago, Phantom, SASS #54973 said:

    I must be stoopid...this is what I use in my pistols.




    I'd never accuse you of being stupid, under any spelling.  You've been doing all things CAS for quite some time.  I've never had the pleasure of shooting with you, but I hope to one day if I get out West.   

    I've never had the combination of Black Powder and Hi-Tek coated bullets work well in my rifle, it appears to build up a hard fouling.  

    Red River Ray, when he had Red River Bullets, advised me to "don't do that"!   Since I had/have a large quantity of BP-lubed bullets, I use those instead.


    I would never claim to be the holder of all knowledge.  Since the combination of BP and Hi-Tek coated bullets works well for you, then obviously it must work well for others.   I've just never had it work well for me, and the other soot shooters who have told me of their poor experience with that combination.  Why is that?  I haven't a clue.


  8. On 11/22/2023 at 2:08 PM, Skullbone Willie said:

    I have 12 lbs of Swiss fffg, Holy Black. I have searched but not found what I’m looking for, I want grains not cc for 200gr and 160gr bullets for a good place to start. 


    The non Hi-Tek coated bullets from Scarlett and the ones you pictured from Badman Bullets have a smokeless lube.  What you need is to find a bullet-maker that gives you an option of either smokeless or BP lube (for example SPG lube).   Or, buy big lube bullets without lube and pan-lube them yourself.  Hi-Tek polymer coating and smokeless lube do not play well with BP.  You'll notice this most in the rifle.   


    At this moment, I don't remember which bullet-makers offer BP lube.  But, when the right synapses finally connect, and my memory kicks in,  I'll post it here. 

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  9. This is the next chapter in Robert B. Parker's "Appaloosa" series and follows Hitch and Cole after the bloody confrontation.

    This excellent condition Hard Cover book has the original Dust Jacket which is protected in a mylar archival sleeve.


    20.00 + actual shipping via USPS to CONUS

    (shipping is 9.74 via USPS Ground Advantage 3-5 days, or 11.27 via USPS Priority Mail 2-3 days)

  10. I only shoot .44s now.  But, when I shot .36s I used 19gr of Goex Cowboy.  (Yeah, I know they don't make that anymore.)  I found that the little 88gr ball did not make a loud enough "clang" to be heard by the spotters; especially when there were other berms shooting, or over the boom of the BP.   So, spotting being what it is, I would get Miss calls when I know I hit the target, and the T.O. agreed, but there's nothing we can do but grin and take it.


    I went with 144gr conical bullets for the extra weight and the louder "clang"... much mo' betta outcome!  

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  11. Growing up, we had boiled Tongue, because it was cheap and there would be a fair amount of leftovers.   

    My ma made something that she optimistically called "Shephard's Pie", which was nothing like Shephard's Pie.  It was dry and nasty, and if we wanted to eat, that's all there was... and if you didn't eat the pile of green peas that came with it, you sat there until you did.   To this day I hate green peas.   Can't stand 'em.  Head Cheese, jeez, that stuff was awful!


    My Grandmother always had a jar of Schmaltz (rendered chicken fat), in the refrigerator for cooking, and used it like butter in the pan.


    Liver and onions, haven't had them since I was a kid.  I remember I kinda liked it, especially with the gravy.   But, haven't had it in more years than I can remember.


    My dad loved Pickled Herring in Cream Sauce.   I came across it in a supermarket recently.  Didn't buy it, but it brought back memories.   Cold Borscht with sour cream, Gefilte Fish with a potent Horseradish sauce that could clear out your sinuses from across the room...


    Growing up in Brooklyn in the '50s we had easy access to foods from all cultures.  Most of it I can't remember what it was or what it was called.  

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  12. There was a question recently, "Does anyone know when Ruger will build more vaqueros?"

    Well, it looks like Ruger New Vaqueros are busting out all over.  While a lot of local gun stores ignore CAS firearms.  Ruger seems to be churning them out.

    If your LGS won't order it for you, go to someplace like Bud's Gun Shop online.   Discounted prices, free shipping, and most important, "in stock".


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  13. Plainsman matches are rather rare in my neck o' the woods.  The last time I was someplace that offered Plainsman was when EoT was in Indiana.   I bought an H&R .45-70 Handi Rifle off the Classified Forum for 179. back around 2002 and have been using it whenever I got the chance, ever since.    No complaints, it seems to work well at whatever distances I've come across.  Although I have had to download the rounds to .45 Colt levels for some of our Eastern matches with short bays.

  14. 14 hours ago, Sawed-Off said:




    I don't think I've ever run into a shooter who refuses to say at least "ready", or "shooter ready", or does something to indicate that they are set to "own the stage".   Then I give 'em the beep.   

    Do they have to say the prescribed line?  No.   Ain't no such rule.


    My alias is McCandless, but many know me as "Duc", and I often quack my line with a duck call.   At a State Championship match, I ran into a T.O. who wanted to give me a P for not saying the line correctly.  A founding member of SASS was on the posse and informed the T.O. in no uncertain terms, that he was wrong.


    Don't strain at gnats.  There are larger things to be concerned about when R.O.ing a shooter through the course of fire.



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    • Shotgun Boogie 
    • Fast Eddie 
    • Doc Noper

    Not listed in any order of preference.   SKBs I've handled that were done by them were sweet.

    Mine were done by Johnny Meadows, (but he's mostly retired) and Doc Noper.




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  15. Project DYNAMO, Rep. Cory Mills (FL), and some civilian operations are trying to get Americans out of Israel, as commercial flights are avoiding the area.   Why isn't the State Department or some branch of our gov't working to extract any American civilians who want to get outa there?

  16. Israel is getting ready for their ground assault into Gaza, they have been warning the populace to leave, go to shelters.   Telling them, "If you stay, you'll die".  So, a good number have gone to UN shelters.   Hamas however, is telling the people to stay, "Don't leave your homes because of the Zionist liars!"   Hamas wants maximum civilian casualties so that the opinion of the world will shift, seeing the Palestinians as the "poor victims of Israeli aggression".   And since they see the U.S. as weak, with no will for the long haul, that we'll abandon Israel.


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  17. We've had stages where one closeup target at the end, or the beginning of the rifle string was fired at a large, close, target was required to be fired from the hip.  Not a bonus, not a reload, no going back to the rifle.  I can't remember anyone missing.   We don't have any Outlaw shooters at our club and everybody did well.

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