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  1. 2 boxes of 200+ pcs ea of Winchester .38-40 Brass, (reloaded twice).

    Brass has been deprimed, wet tumbled, and inspected.  Extra added just in case.


    88.00 per box includes priority mail shipping

    If both boxes, will combine and 165. includes shipping.


    Paypal, cash, check, USPS M.O.



  2. 1 hour ago, Quiet Burp said:

    Why do so many people shoot Western Action using two hands? I've seen as many western movies as anyone else and can't remember any cowboys ever using two hands to aim and fire their pistol, have seen women in movies using two hands.

    How did the two handed grip come about to be so prevalent? Has it been from the get go or did it creep in and slowly become the norm for most?


    You have to remember the roots of Cowboy Action Shooting.  It started in the late 70's with a group of action pistol shooters (early IPSC) who decided to give it a go with Western-looking firearms.  Whatever they could dig up.  They just continued the way they had been but with different firearms.  They shot the way they had been traditionally shooting... (therefore the "Traditional" designation).  Once a core of them formed the Single Action Shooting Society in the 80s, they began to slowly designate different categories.  Those shooting the fixed sight guns with two hands formed the Traditional Category.  Those using adjustable sight revolver were placed in the "Modern Category".   There was a "Black Powder Category", and soon those who wished to shoot one-handed got the "Duelist" category.  


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  3. 500+ pcs mixed headstamp .357 Brass.   Most once-fired, some new, never fired.   These have been sized, deprimed, and wet tumbled, then inspected.

    some extra added just in case.




    95.00 includes Priority Mail shipping to CONUS


    Paypal, cash, check or USPS Money Order

  4. Do you reload ammo?

    If not, be prepared to spend 120.00 per match plus tax and shipping for .45 Colt ammo.

    That's not counting any practice you might want to do.

    If the bug bites deep, as with some of us, and you start to shoot 2, 3, or 4 matches a month.  Price to fuel the hoglegs rises steeply.


    If you do reload, it seems to be a little easier to get large pistol primers than the small pistol primers.

  5. 1000+ pcs of one-fired Remington-Peters .38 Special Brass.   These have been sized, deprimed, and wet tumbled, then inspected.

    1000 pcs plus some more tossed in, just in case.




    80.00 includes Priority Mail shipping to CONUS


    Paypal, cash, check or USPS Money Order


  6. 1 hour ago, Buckshot Bear said:

    Any Aussies ?


    I put entries on the list as I get input.  So far, just these on the list from the U.S. and one from Canada.  Come on folks there must be some good gunsmiths in Australia, New Zealand, and Europe!   What about the States missing from the list?  Anybody?

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  7. One of my canes is a Cold Steel with a weighted stainless steel knob.   I haven't walked with it much.  It's legal in my locale with my permit.  But, it's easier to use a crosier handle for resetting shotgun targets.  

  8. 3 hours ago, Widder, SASS #59054 said:

    Also in Tennessee:   SLATER (SlatersIHG.com). 865 / 591-5129.    Marlins, Henrys, 1887 shotguns, Laser engraving, etc.....






    2 hours ago, Krazy Kajun said:

    In Georgia Hogleg Smith has retired his gun business and given up his FFL.




    Thank you!  I've done the addition and the deletion.  Appreciate it.

  9. Help us update our Cowboy Gunsmith reference list.  
    If you know of a Cowboy Gunsmith who has an extensive background working on our guns and/or modifications for our game.  Let me know and I'll update the list.   Also, if a gunsmith on the list has retired, let me know so I can take them off.  This is what I have so far...
    United States
    • Arizona - Jim Bowie, Cowboys and Indian Store, Mojave Valley, AZ (714) 210-2720
    • Arizona - The Dusty Bunch, Old West Guns & Gunsmithing, Maricopa, AZ, (520) 568-2852·
    • Arizona - (by Appointment Only), Johnny Meadows, James Peoble johnnymeadows55@yahoo.com
    • Arizona - Ol' #4"s Tuning & Repair, Tucson, AZ, olnumber4@gmail.com, (503) 890-7440 Colt/Colt Clones (C&B, Cartridge); 1873’s; BSS Shotguns (by appointment only)· 
    • California - Shotgun Boogie, Uwe Bartch, Shotgun Boogie Gun Works, Glendora, CA (512) 645-4247
    • Colorado - Boonedocks Guns & Smithing, Clinchcutter, Troy G Kerr, 900 Il Ranch Rd, Boone, CO 81025, (719) 248-8581
    • Florida - Gun Craft Inc. - Dave Smith, 2102 24th St. S.E., Ruskin, FL 33570 (813) 645-3828
    • Florida - Island Gunsmith - Tommy Bonnet (alias - El Q Jones) Amelia Island, FL (904) 557-4909
    • Georgia - Goons Gun Works, Mike Brackett, (Percussion Revolvers) http://www.goonsgunworks.com/ goonsgunworks@gmail.com
    • Georgia - Joe West, Dahlonega, GA jwest397@windstream.net
    • Illinois - Cowboy Carty, Carty Allaman, Western Gun Works, Monmouth, IL (309) 536-0163
    • Illinois - Sgt Eli, Mark Cribelar, Victory Gun Works, Fairfield, Illinois, (618) 204-9972
    • Indiana- Coyote Moon Gun Works 10749 E. Green Hill Road Otterbein, Indiana 47970 765-427-2201 text or leave a message
    • Maine - Gordon Levitt, Single Action - Gray, Maine. (207) 344-9320
    • Massachusetts - Rust Blue Gunsmithing, Sergey Lyalko, Natick, Ma, Rust Blueing.com, (508) 545-2450
    • Michigan - The Cowboy Way LLC, The Mackinaw Kid, Rick Stover. Lapeer, MI (810) 245-7040 richard-stover@sbcglobal.net
    • Minnesota - Ahlman's Guns, (formerly Coyote Cap), Morristown, MN (507) 685-4244
    • Montana - Bozeman Trail Arms, Mfg. Livingston, Mt.  Colts and clones only.  Tom Sargis at gunsmith@bozemantrailarms.com
    • Montana - Munden Enterprises, Inc. - Becky Muden/Jeff Ault, (406) 494-2833 (8AM -8PM Mtn time) Revolvers & 1911s only
    • Nebraska - Run-N-Iron Customizing, Bertrand, Nebraska, (308) 472-1445
    • New Mexico - Ken Griner, El Mulo Vaquero, Griner Gunworks, Bloomfield, NM (505) 632-9712
    • North Carolina - Three Cut, James Club III, Norwood, NC (981) 474-3218
    • Ohio - Lassiter, Tom's Single Action Shop New Lebanon, OH 45345 937-687-1039
    • Oklahoma - Creek County Kid, The Gun Shop, Sapulpa, Oklahoma, (918) 370-0781
    • Oklahoma - Roy’s Creek Dan, Jere Korthanke, (405) 615-4577
    • Oklahoma - Snake Oil George, Doyle Stockstill, (918) 729-0430
    • Oregon - Pioneer Gunworks, Portugy Joe, Joe Alves; Jr., Springfield, OR (541) 515-6084
    • Pennsylvania - Encks Gun Barn, 17 East Main Ave., Myerstown, Pa., 17067, (717) 628-5084
    • Tennessee - Slater, Slaters In House Guns,  Louisville, TN (865) 591-5129  slaterihg@gmail.com
    • Tennessee - Widder, Maryville TN - Henry .22 rifles only 865 / 696-1996
    • Texas - Boomstick Jay, Jason Widmer, Boomstick Arms Co LLC, Leonard, TX 254-368-4540
    • Texas - El Valdez, Lonnie Amman, Tejas Long Rifles, Hearne, Texas, Primary Cimarron gunsmith, will occasionally take on outside work, 979-279-3400 (no shortstrokes)
    • Texas - Lefty Wheeler, George Kucinich, Wheeler Gun Works, Willow Park, TX (817) 264-6463
    • Texas - Long Hunter, Jim Finch, Long Hunter Shooting Supply, Amarillo, TX (806) 342-0000
    • Texas - Nate Kiowa Jones, Steve Young, Steve's Gunz, Lampasas, TX (512) 564-1015
    • Texas - Ten-Ring Precision, Inc., 1449 Blue Crest, San Antonio, Texas 78232, 1-210-494-3063
    • Vermont - Jimmy Spurs, Jim McMahon, Cowboy Gun Works, Island Pond, VT, (603) 425-1189
    • West Virginia - Cody Conagher, Donald Jones, The Cowboy Shop, Berkeley Springs, WV (304) 258-1419
    • Wisconsin -  Classic Old West Arms,  1897 shotguns, Outlaw Gambler, 715-758-8380
    • Wyoming - Spring Creek Armory, Bill Fuchs, Ten Sleep, WY, (307) 431-9194
    • British Columbia - Rusty Wood Trading Co, 34239 Hartman Ave. Mission, BC V2V 6B2 604-302-6176
    • Karl Nedbal aka Luger Master www.nedbal.at, Vienna, +43-664-1326181
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  10. 550 pcs Starline .357 Brass.   Most once-fired, some new, never fired.   These have been sized, deprimed, and wet tumbled, then inspected.





    99.50 includes Priority Mail shipping to CONUS


    Paypal, cash, check or USPS Money Order

  11. 1 minute ago, Rillito Red said:

    So Colt SAA's are only available in 45 and 357?



    Makes sense.  Those are by far the two most popular calibers.  If they prove to be profitable line, CZ might possibly expand on that.

  12. On 1/4/2022 at 10:25 PM, Buckshot Bear said:

    G'day all, what method do you use to separate your media from your shells?


    I use a wet tumbler and gold pans.  The tumbler comes with a "strainer" that lets the pins and dirty water out while keeping the cases in.  The pins stay out of the waste water via a wide screen gold pan on top of a fine mesh gold pan.

    After that, I pour the cases (along with any remaining pins) into the gold pans on top of an 8 gal. bucket. 

    During the rinse, any remaining pins fall into the lower pan.  Cases are then seperate from the pins.  Cases are rinsed.  Ready to dry.


    2008823752_IMG_20200717_170005480a.jpg.694312e2d82e3e970b720d2bfffd1679.jpg   505999842_IMG_20200717_170026652a.thumb.jpg.49b50aaf217e975cedfb4bc39c343c54.jpg

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  13. 2 hours ago, Slapshot said:

    Just seemed strange to make age groups for everyone but those. Everyone has the oppurtunity to compete against people in their age groups except those, who have to shoot Cowboy/Cowgirl and compete against everyone.


    Just caught my eye is all. Being well into my late 50's doesn't really matter to me. 


    Don't forget that most of the age groups have an open top end.  Meaning, if you are a Cattle Baron and you want to shoot with those young whipper-snapper 49ers, you certainly can.

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    1000+ pcs of one-fired CBC (Magtech) .38 Special Brass.   These have been sized, deprimed, and wet tumbled, then inspected.

    1000 pcs plus some more tossed in, just in case.





    80.00 includes Priority Mail shipping to CONUS


    Paypal, cash, check or USPS Money Order


  15. A judge in New York dismissed the case against the two New York City jailers who were "asleep, failed to make rounds, and played on the computer", while Epstein supposedly killed himself.   Both the cameras focused on his cell were apparently asleep at the same time also.  


    I wonder what "they" had on the prosecutor and the judge.   Seems like when a "little black book" of rich, entitled, pedophiles wants this all to go away.  It will.

    Wonder how long it's going to be, before Ghislaine passes due to "natural causes". 

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