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  1. On 1/4/2023 at 6:55 PM, Bad Company, SASS #20195 said:

    I have noticed people talk about sending their USFA's to gunsmiths (Longhunter comes to mind) to have action jobs. I totally understand that but is there a reason they do a coil hand spring mod. Do USFA's have a stock flat hand spring problem?


    Leaf-type hand springs are another thing that can break at the most inopportune time.   I've had one break during competition, and one break on the second shot out of the box.   Why risk it, when there's a better way?

  2. Only thing I see about the proposed change for Juniors, is then every other age-based group will want it also.   Basically, you'll do away with the Gunfighter categories.  So, how do Gunfighters and Frontier Cartridge Gunfighters, (and all the age permutations of those), feel about about losing their niche??   

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  3. 16 hours ago, Nostrum Damus SASS #110702 said:

    At Thunder River Renegades' annual match this past Thursday-Saturday...


    Sounds like you done good, and helped the shooter with some advice.   

    I'm wondering if the shooter perhaps doesn't check inside the cases before putting the powder in... some debris clogging the flash hole?   Maybe a bit of corncob or walnut cleaning media?   All speculation at this time.  Your suggestion for him to revisit every step is a good 'un.  


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  4. 1 hour ago, Old School SASS 111982 said:

    Can anyone recommend someone to do action work on my Cimmaron 1878 Hammer Double?


    Coyote Moon Gun Works, Daniel Turpin, 10749 E. Green Hill Road Otterbein, Indiana 47970 765-427-2201 text or leave a message


    He has a fairly quick turnaround time.  


    For other Gunsmiths:



  5. Everybody has their favorite brass cleaning technique.  I'm not saying mine is better than anyone else's.  It's just my way.


    I decap first.   

    Frankford Arsenal large rotary tumbler w/pins.


    1 oz Brass Juice

    1-2 teaspoons of Strat-O-Sheen


    Media Separator 


    Frankford Arsenal Brass Dryer






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    10 hours ago, 1st Sgt BearClaw Toklat said:

    Well, I just got off the phone with Joe Perkins, over at Classic Single Actions, and unfortunately he is no longer doing short stroke/half cock mods on Ruger Vaquero's.  Who would the group recommend for short stroking/adding a half cock to a set of Ruger SASS Vaquero's?

    Thanks in advance


    Three Cut




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  7. 18 minutes ago, Alpo said:

    Apparently I was confused about the plot. When I saw this trailer in the other thread, I thought the little girl had been assaulted. Thus the sheriff's comment - as long as that little girl is alive revenge isn't necessary.


    But watching the trailer this time - same trailer - it appears that Mama was the one that was assaulted and killed.


    But now the comment about the little girl being alive doesn't make any sense.



    In other words, ( a long paraphrase) "You got that little girl to think of.  You can't go off seeking vengeance, gittin' yerself kilt and leavin' her all alone".

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  8. On 11/8/2022 at 10:20 AM, Alpo said:

    I'm reading a story and the guy is required to bring a suit of afternoon formal wear and a suit of evening formal wear.


    Now I've heard of evening wear. That would be a dinner jacket, or a tux, or maybe even tails. And I've heard of a morning coat. But never "afternoon formal wear". A web search was no help.


    Anyone know what that means?


    What was the era involved?   The late Victorian/early Edwardian era had different ideas of fancy and formal than nowadays.

  9. I think I'll watch Forsaken again, after I watch Dead For A Dollar.   I watched a Western from 2020 on Prime last night, "Road to Revenge".   A solid 5 out of 10.  But, I got thrown off by the details...   A Stainless Steel Rossi '92 carbine is featured prominently in a story supposed to take place in the 1870s.   A Marlin '94, and rubber soled boots with colored inserts on the bottoms.   Quite prominent when one of the good guns is knocked down.   Everybody has Peacemakers, and in flash backs from 15 years earlier, everybody has Peacemakers.   Filmed at Old Tombstone Studios, but electric Christmas lights were still strung across the streets.   It was an independent production, so I'm sure money was very tight.  Some of our re-enactor friends had parts, so it was good to see them.

  10. 3 hours ago, Bullett Sass 19707 said:

    I have been using for about 1000 rd small pistol mag primers.   I notice no difference in the rounds over reg small pistol primers.  I got a good deal on large mag pistol primers.  Will I have the same experience?  So, does anyone have experience with this combo? These are CCI mag I now use CCI large pistol in 45 colt and 45 acp.  Thanks Bullett  


    All I use for CAS loads are Magnum Pistol Primers.  Both small and large.   Better ignition for smokeless rattling around those voluminous cases meant for Black Powder.  I haven't found a discernible difference in cowboy loads.  But, might help when you up your load for those "Long Range Lever Action Pistol Caliber" rounds.


  11. 24 minutes ago, Alpo said:

    But 12 pouches of water. Two people, so that's six pouches each. 3 days so that's two pouches per day per person. 4 oz pouches. So one cup of water a day for 3 days, and you can survive?


    A person can survive 3 days without water, (yes, I had to do that).   Buried earthquake and building collapse survivors have gone a little longer.   So, maybe they're thinking, "Heck, some is better than none... We'll call it a survival pack and rip off,  make a lot of money!

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  12. 6 hours ago, "Big Boston" said:

    In half cock, fully cocking is just a one click operation, a fairly quiet click, and the gun is ready to fire. As simple as this is to use, I've never heard this type of "safe" carry described or used. Not an option for SASS, but was it an option "back in the day" on the trail or on duty? 




    Colt revolvers have a "Safety Notch", so do the Winchester rifles.   Some carried their guns this way if they had 6 in the cylinder, or a round in the chamber.   They did not carry at "Half Cock".   As "going off half cocked" was a real thing.    


    With Rugers, many cowboy gunsmiths, as part of an action job or an upgrade to a short-stroke will cut a half cock notch, in order to eliminate the "Ruger-go-round".   As you noted, sometimes if your thumb slips off before fully cocked the gun will be half-cocked instead, and you can recover by pulling the hammer the rest of the way back.  


    Not a great way to carry. 





  13. 208116459_IzzyLost-ErnieNicholas(R.I.P.).jpg.dc9f24ad7378ec47e0bd934ea1dc4da8.jpg  



    Izzy Lost, (Ernie Nicholas - Sept. 19, 2022) 


    "Today we lost another Good CowBoy.
    Izzy Lost alias Ernie Nicholas.
    He was a good man that I always saw a smile on his face n a joke on his lips.
    It's gonna be hard to fill his boots n sorely missed.
    A Good Cowboy to ride the river with, n I pray that he saves a place on his posse for us all." - Alamo Kid 


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  14. 13 hours ago, Tennessee Snuffy said:

    Have you seen at any match a person whose cartridge belt is way above the  belly button?  Was anything said?


    Yes, I've been at matches where shooters were told by the Posse Marshal or Berm Marshal to position their shotgun belt properly.   SASS will always accommodate someone who has a medical necessity for wearing it differently.   In our area we start at the local, monthly match level, correcting folks who are unaware of SASS rules.  So, that when they shoot at bigger matches there won't be complaints of, "That's not the way we do it at our matches!"   


    The "shotgun bra" rule goes back a long, long, way, ever since Deadly Redly (R.I.P.) started wearing his at chest height, and the pictures appeared in the Chronicle.   It was efficient, but looked pretty silly.   If you want your shells that high, wear a bandolier... much more better.  


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  15. 30 minutes ago, Eyesa Horg said:

    I tried the non chlorinated brake cleaner from Auto Zone and left finger prints in the finish of my stock. Seems to have solvents that Gun Scrubber doesn't. Noticed it quick enough to avert major damage. Also the pressing was a bit much. JMHO 


    I keep non chlorinated brake cleaner on the shelf for cleaning glop out of disassembled old guns.   I use it on the metal parts only.   With the nozzle straw on, it's great for cleaning ancient grunge out of Marlin extractor tunnels in the bolt.  

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  16. "We lost one of the old Los Vaqueros Shooters, Dirty Dave Rudabaugh, today Sept. 13, 2022.  He was always fun to shoot with and a good shooter. He won the Modern category at Winter Range, back when it was a category.  Ride well, old pard!" - The Butcher



    Dirty Dave Rudabaugh, David W. Glenn







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  17. 27 minutes ago, July Smith said:

    Yes, the Uberti/Colt 1862 is the same frame as the 1849.  


    Fair enough.  Uberti says the 1862 is built stronger than the 1849, but nevertheless, that means with a .32 S&W Conversion Cylinder, the 1849 could be a main match gun.  

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