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  1. Oh my!!! Are you going to be at EOT? Do you FB? Jennifer Yates is she!
  2. Get with Lill Migill...she likes these!!!
  3. Remember when mom gave you a bad hair cut???
  4. Mommy put me in the pantyhose of shame!!! I won't stop licking!!!
  5. A HS buddy lost 80 lbs by doing this 2 years ago. When he see's it adding on again, he starts the fasting again untill he is back on track.
  6. I have 80lbs to lose. I am going to try to drop 40 by June. I am going to try Intermit Fasting. My choice is alternating every other day. 1 day 'feast' ***no restrictions (but still smaller portions) Next day only 1-500 cal meal to be eaten once.***snacks okay with healthy choice. Will add that eating can only take place between 9am and 6pm. (Drinking nonalcaholic beverages okay outside times) No soda No bread No sugar No carbinated drinks Lower salt intake More water More veggie ***eat majority of calories in protien. Going to try to lift weights and do Yoga (stretching/toning) Good luck!!!
  7. Hahahaha!!! You know me well enough to know I COULD have said it!!
  8. I didn't mention the 'big bucks' ! Y'all are pickin' on me!!! Tequillia was talkin about how rich Match Directors are getting....wich we ALL know is why everyone wants to run a match!!!
  9. That made my head hurt. I would imagine once catagories are set...they are set. If one drops out, and waiting list drops in...they will join a catagory already set.
  10. Folks have not posted catagories for a long time...doubt any will again
  11. Ditto on the congrats. It would be so very nice to be able to allow everyone who has a desire to shoot these matches, to do so. But, like you say...very unreasonable to raise the number of entrants above what the ranges, work 'staff'/crew and amount of days can handle. I am sure Land Run will be an epic match!
  12. Totes...we always dry camped. Great little area. In Oct, you won't need AC!!!
  13. It is not bad at all! The bridges can be rough if any weather has been had... You will enjoy yourselves. The airport is easy access as well!
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