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  1. That made my head hurt. I would imagine once catagories are set...they are set. If one drops out, and waiting list drops in...they will join a catagory already set.
  2. Folks have not posted catagories for a long time...doubt any will again
  3. I want to explain this photo: I caused an issue that started a rift in our marriage...so, we had a week off for a local match, that got cancelled. We decided to take the rig up and get away...just us two. And after the very first day, we saw NO ONE. Hiked, relaxed, talked. One evening, just before the sun was going down, I looked up at the clouds...and there it was! God sent us an Angel. We both still find peace in it. Have it on a piece of canvas, on the wall.
  4. Funny....because that is NOT my dog in my golfcart!
  5. Glamour shot!!! Out the back window of the RV at BASF in Phx.
  6. Ditto on the congrats. It would be so very nice to be able to allow everyone who has a desire to shoot these matches, to do so. But, like you say...very unreasonable to raise the number of entrants above what the ranges, work 'staff'/crew and amount of days can handle. I am sure Land Run will be an epic match!
  7. Totes...we always dry camped. Great little area. In Oct, you won't need AC!!!
  8. I, myself, have been a kept woman for over 10 yrs!!! Blessed, blessed am I. And the cabin does have all the features of modern life!! I spend as much time as possible here. Blessed my dad entrusted me with this family heritage! Sadly, this is the last weekend this year. But...May 1st isn't too far away!!!!
  9. We can not make Sunday and be home for work Monday morning... Well, we CAN but getting home after midnight and up at 4:40 after a long day and 8 hour drive, we WON'T! There is one Saturday scheduled each month...we will see you there!
  10. It is not bad at all! The bridges can be rough if any weather has been had... You will enjoy yourselves. The airport is easy access as well!
  11. We will see you all on Saturday work parties from here on out!!!
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