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  1. No sweets, I am at the cabin...hopeing to see them pull in today or tomorrow with game to process!!!
  2. Prayers. Cough, keep moving, keep those lungs clear!
  3. I am building a kitchen cabinet...at least putting it together. And WOW!!! That was a chore. Took me 5 hours alone. My back and hands will ache tomorrow, but worth it. Only put one piece in upside down...will deal with that tomorrow!!! And, need better handles!
  4. Hahaha!!! Shanley has the Silverado and mini camper up on Carracus. Saw 30 go right past camp tonight, so I believe God will supply us at least one!!! I drove the Dodge Ram...Larame package. Even hauling the 5th wheel, in rough wind, ect... it will get around 14!!!
  5. Oh my!!! Hmmmm.... I didn't realize how tedious this was going to be!!!
  6. Well...hubby filled up 1/2 way to hunting site $85 for about 16 gal gas. I made it the 5 hours (don't ask me miles!!!) with the deisel on less than half a tank. 28.7 mpg...does my heart good!!!
  7. What is litre to gal ratio? I paid $3.58 per gal.
  8. I would love to see you at BASF this Feb. We will be in space #90 of East Campgrounds from Wed prior of EOT to March 9th ! I could use to lose a pound or two....or 80!
  9. We will be North a bit. Not much better...but much smaller area, no 'big' cities... Kinda forgotten.
  10. If our last Tuesday elections show a trend...NM is doomed. No desire to go West of Phx.
  11. $75 got me 21 gal of Diesel. I'm thankful I can pay it, but not at all happy with the price!
  12. Yup. Too many of them. Unfortuately, they seem better protected than we.
  13. Thanks. Been a while since I sang Latin!!! Oh, another check... See who owns the property.
  14. Uhm... Email is Info@example.com (For BOTH supossed instructors) Check the phone #'s 88001234567 And is the language French? What? Not hard to find scams.
  15. 1) look up a street view of the business 2) check with BBB in town where they conduct business 3) search for reviews If it is 'too good to be true' RUN AWAY!
  16. Oh...sorry. I just saw this was 11 hours ago...it must have been bed time!
  17. Dang it Alpo....do you need to go back to bed, and start over??? Grumpy puppy!!!
  18. 12 stages....10 rifle = 120 'lost'. Buy a bag of 500 from the Troop at a great cost... No brainer!
  19. The boy scouts use this as a fundraiser. Oportunity to buy back bags of brass.
  20. Shanley likes the snake...I like pushing a pad through... It is kinda theraputic!
  21. Sorry if I caused anyone confusion on the RV sites.
  22. Sorry Kajun...I meant full hookup, as in electric/water/sewer . I do not believe they allow spots to be booked early for those shooting the match...allow I am not positive. I would go to them and ask that question.
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