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  1. I blame you , Cheyene Cullpepper!
  2. The video was horrible, as was the female impersonating Yoko Ono!
  3. Shame his daughter didn't get any of his character.
  4. Thunder I love ALL of Ray Stevens!!!
  5. Y'all need to learn how to just WATCH a movie and enjoy it!!! Add some real butter to that popcorn and 'chill!!!
  6. I just went through my 'workable' wardrobe, my match wear, and my award wear!!! Now I need to figure hat/hair!!!
  7. Oh hell man!!! I can dig the song...but I will be having nightmares after watching that video!!!
  8. Putting in a new junction box. So the next 'guy' doesn't have to chase what feeds and mess with 2 ft of unessecary wire!!
  9. I make HUGE pots of vegetable soups/stews and freeze half. I could live on soup!!
  10. I made a pot of cabbage and ground turkey, carrots and potato....dash of hot 'juice' in the bowl!! Yum! Oh...I bet she was very happy!!!
  11. That is total BS! He should be standing up for what he's done...unless, of course he knows he's screwed...wich he is.
  12. Well, spoke too soon. He is putting up a juction box! Guess he is gonna trace and rewire, and get rid of a foot or two of 'too much wire'.
  13. (Been too long, miss seeing that hair flyin' )
  14. Almost always in my ear...catch myself humming MT quite often!
  15. Because FA played duo parts...Frankie and Freddy.
  16. That was the goofiest of the Frankie and Annette flicks!!!
  17. But...for that price, and getting good at loading it...he will be a whiz once he 'upgrades'!
  18. I've only had to plug my ears a couple of times, about the amount of wire used for the small space! Could he cut and trace and rewire...yes. BUT why??? I told him to tuck it in the small cabinet/cover he will make to protect water inlets...and call it good!
  19. RV saga... So...the new cabinet is wide open...wich I like. Shanley went to buy supplies for electrical, and picked up two organizers I asked for. Problem is...the wide one is too tall and won't slide under the sink. The good thing is it DOES fit in my closet and takes away two boxes I had for hats and shoes!:hugging: I will get a short/wide organizer for under the sink...and this smaller, but big enough for skillets/pans one DOES fit under, just beside the sink! Things are looking up! Should be finished today with the cabinet hook up! :fingers_crossed::fingers_crossed::fingers_crossed::fingers_crossed::fingers_crossed:
  20. A good saddle soap. Clean it without stripping oils left, and give it some where it needs it.
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