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  1. START: At POS 1L or POS 1R, At the Ready. Rifle loaded with 10 rounds and Open, empty shotgun staged anywhere safely. Two revolvers loaded with 5 rds each, holstered. Stage may be engaged Left-to-Down Range or Right-to-Down Range.
    Shooter may indicate ready by saying "WHO BLABBED THE GOLD WAS HERE"
    At POS 1L/1R, with Rifle, engage the “R” targets with two 5 round Nevada Sweeps, starting on either end of the array. Make Rifle Safe flat on the platform pointing into the side berm or re-staged vertical.
    At POS 1L/1R with Shotgun, engage two “S” targets in front. Move to POS 3 with the Shotgun and engage two “S” targets in front. Make Shotgun safe on the box at POS 3.
    At POS 3 with revolvers, engage the “P” targets with two 5 round Nevada Sweeps, starting on either end of t

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  2. Mortars can be aimed with colimator or aiming stakes, but the shift in the tube, wind, fluctuations in the wind, etc will deflect the impact. Slow fire , aimed carefully can be very accurate, but exact hole is improbable..

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  3. I make and sell #7.5 shot. Screened for size, tumbled and graphited, ready for use. #65 shipped with insurance and tracking $150. Delivered to shoots, EOT, Landrun, SW Regional, Ok State or pickup in OKC, #25 for $50. 


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  4. Iron Jim

    plan on 5-6 days in the hospital.

    30 days in bed or in a recliner. 
    2-3 months with a walker or cane.

    6 months with a brace.

    do exactly what the Doctor says for rehab. 

    I see mine Wednesday for clearance to try to start shooting. 90 days post op. 


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