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  1. Anyone had any dealings with GunAuction.com?  

    One BBB complaint but it appears to be more towards a seller on their site.  A couple of negative comments about the owner but then other comments say they have had positive dealings and some dispute what the negative commenter says regarding GunAuction.com's role in the sale should be. (I take negative comments with a grain of salt because people are more likely to post negative comments rather than positive ones, unless there's a trend of course.)

    Golden Bear Services is an ffl in CO that sells on the site.  Seller and buyer reviews are positive.  They only accept personal checks or money orders.


  2. 9 hours ago, Imis Twohofon,SASS # 46646 said:

    The CZ Sharptail is also a great double. Have Longhunter work his magic and you have a sweet double. The price is also reasonable compared to a well used SKB.



    A friend of ours actually has one coming in soon so she can try it out when it gets here.  

  3. As you may know from a post in the classifieds I am helping a new shooter get her guns.  I have an skb 100, 200 and Stoeger single trigger (all of which have been slicked up) that she has shot.  She definitely likes the skb over the Stoeger, however as everyone knows they are extremely hard to find.  She can get a Stevens 411 single trigger 12ga.  I have never shot or handled a Stevens/Baikal and neither has she.  I have been told the Stevens 411 is made by Baikal and is the top of the line. What are your opinions of this gun?  How does it compare quality wise, weight, handling, etc to the skb and Stoeger?


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  4. 17 minutes ago, JJ “Reb” Wainwright 110206 said:

    My 10yo son shoots a 12ga double. Shortened stock and 20” bbls. I load him some light 7/8oz loads over a wee bit o’ clays and he does just fine.  I liked the idea of a fairly heavy gun along with light loads to tame the recoil. A sub-gauge double can/will kick just as hard if not harder than a 12 with comparable loads simply due to gun weight. If your pards load for 12, they could keep the kiddo going for now and it’ll grow with him as he gets bigger and the loads step up a bit.  Assuming, of course, that the parents are comfortable with their son shooting someone else’s reloads. 

    keep in mind, too, that Buckaroos only have to hit the SG targets, they don’t have to fall. So no need to go looking for a knock-down recipe right now. 

    Good luck on the hunt and good on you for helping another youngin’ get started. 


    Thanks JJ.  We have some clays, how many grains do you use?  Any idea how much you shortened the stock? What brand double?  Thx.

  5. We have a new shooter who wants to get her 12 year old son started too.  She is buying the Ruger Wrangler pistols for him and a 22 rifle.  What do you suggest for a shotgun?  They don't reload but some of us reload 12 gauge, but not 410 or 20 gauge.  I don't know if they could find 410 or 20 gauge shells and if they did they would be factory loads and I don't know how "heavy" they would be because I have never shot them.  So this would be a consideration in the type of shotgun they get for him.  Also any suggestions on the stock length?  We all shoot sxs's and she has an skb 100 so she would like to get a sxs for him.  Any suggestions or helpful hints would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.


  6. We would start out with hand made primered only loads, then 1/4 loads, then 1/2 then full loads.   Just remember you have to make the primer pocket hole bigger or the primers will back out and lock the gun up.  And you can't reuse these for regular CAS after you enlarge the primer hole or I think Starline used to sell the blank brass.  We used Jim Shockey 2F if I remember and put a punched out piece of cardboard on top of the powder to keep it in.  I forget what size the paper punch was, it's been awhile.  We did NOT use wax or any other kind of material over the powder other than the paper because it will become a projectile.

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  7. We have a new shooter looking for the following:

    1.  Ruger Bisleys, new model vaqueros in 357

    2.  73 pistol grip rifle in 357

    3.  Skb 100 or 200


    Sixgun Schwaby and I  have been working with her.  She's tried a number of different guns and configurations and these are the guns she shot the best and liked.  She will be shooting duelist.  Let me know what you have.  Thanks.  Roper

  8. Fast Eddie is a great guy!  So glad we've had the pleasure of knowing him and shooting with him.  Also glad you guys are all right.  

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