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  1. 6 hours ago, Mud Marine,SASS#54686 Life said:

    Golly, gee. What happened to my Sharps '50-140 or .50 3-1/4" rifle? I use it for BPCR and so do one or two other black powder afficianados. It was late for buffalo harvesting but was around. I load it with a ton o fHoly Black and use a 650 grain postell bullet. It works for me. Just aim for Mars and it will drop down onto the target.

    It works for mile matches as well as regular 500 yard shoots. Mine is fancy, modern C. Sharps product with both Kelly and MVA extra long range sights. I deal with Buffalo Arms.

    WOW! SASS # 686. Thank you for helping keep this sport alive so those that came along late (me for one) are able to participate and have so much fun!

    I added the 50-140 (50 3 1/4) for Single Shot and Buffalo. The are the same, correct?

    Thanks Mud Marine! 

  2. 10 hours ago, Lucky R. K. said:

    What about the 25-21 Stevens? You might need to look a bit for this one. Mine is good, just barely, for 200 yards.



    WOW Mr Lucky I did not expect to see that little sweetie come up on the screen! The short answer is I do NOT know. According to what I have so far; it would NOT be allowed for pistol caliber nor Buffalo. However it seems to qualify for Single shot rifle. It was designed in 1897 and used in a single shot rifle. The Stevens 44 and 44 1/2 did not come along until 1903. Please let me know if you can find a reference to the contrary.


  3. On 11/16/2019 at 3:50 PM, Jimmy Reb, SASS #54804 said:

    25-20 ?


    21 hours ago, Jabez Cowboy,SASS # 50129 said:

    25-20 is a legal Main Match Rifle cartridge ......

    So is not a legal Longrange Rifle Cartridge ....Except for Pistol Caliber Longrange Events .....

    And it is really hard to see or hear impacts on steel much past 50 yards ....


    Jabez Cowboy



    Guys I have looked over almost all that I have and also looked the 25.20 up on the Colt forum and according to others this was never a part of pre 1900. Can you help me with a reference point! Good for Rifle but not pistol cal THANKS!

  4. 5 hours ago, Ron "Ironhead" Smith said:

    Check the date of introduction for the cartridges. The .405 WCF is from 1904, I will disallow it from Buffalo Rifle at least in the annual matches I run.

    Ironhead you would be right to do so. I must have written down 405 grains for something and let my fingers do to much walking. Thanks for the catch!


    PS, thanks for a great Long Range match in Alabama at the Southeast Regional!


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  5. 4 hours ago, Jabez Cowboy,SASS # 50129 said:

    Both .33 WCF and .35 WCF are post 1900 designs ....




    Danged if you aint right!

    33 WCF used in 1886 Win but not developed until 1902

    35 WCF used in 1895 but not developed until 1903

    Corrections made. Nice catch! Thanks!

  6. 1 hour ago, PaleWolf Brunelle, #2495L said:

    Add .40-70 Sharps Straight and .40-70 Bottleneck

    Added. Done. Nice catch.  Thank you!


    P.S. We have never met but I have a lot of respect for you based on your reputation and knowledgeable answers to partner's questions!

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  7. 7 hours ago, Three Foot Johnson said:

    .303 British, .303 Savage?

    If you find some information as Griff listed then I would be happy to include on the list I am putting together. I am certainly NOT THE expert and want to go with information that we can all document in some way.

    Thank you 

  8. 2 hours ago, Yellowhouse Sam # 25171 said:

    I'm a little confused.  Are you wanting to detail cartridges used back when on the buffalo ranges or are you trying to develop a list of "long range cartridges' that have been used in modern buffalo matches?

    All cartridges that can be /are legally used for SASS Long Range Competition

  9. I am working on a Long Range informational packet and one of the areas I would like to detail are the calibers used in Buffalo and Single Shot categories. Listed here is my second try at finding most if not all the calibers used back in the day and SASS legal. Note that Single shot includes all those listed and Buffalo only includes those .375 and larger. Thanks in advance for any and all assist!

    25-35 WCF

    25-36 Marlin

    30 U.S. (30-40 Krag, 30 Army)

    30-30 WCF (30 WCF)

    32 Special

    32-40 Ballard

    33 WCF

    35 WCF

    38-55 Marlin and Ballard

    38-56 WCF


    405 WCF

    40-60 WCF


    40-90 Sharps

    43 Spanish


    44-100 Ballard

    44-105 Sharps (necked)

    44-77 Sharps

    44-90 Rem

    45-100 Ballard

    45-100 Sharps

    45-110 Sharps

    45-120 Sharps

    45-125 Sharps

    45-60 WCF

    45-70 Gov WCF

    45-75 WCF


    45-90 Sharps

    50 Gov (old 50-70 Musket Caliber)

    50-90 Sharps

    50-100 Sharps

    50-110 Sharps

    50-70 Gov


  10. Just received my dues renewal notice and brand new membership card. The second sentence states "The card is a brand new design that is durable and packs a lot of benefits." Does anyone know if after you pay the dues you get a second mailing with the "durable" card? The one I received is on the same paper as the invoice and appears to be standard copy paper weight with no special coating.

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