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  1. Once at a match in Nebraska, myself and two other shooters shot JW using four pistols and a shotgun.  Well it wasn't exactly JW... It was more FCJWCCGF.


    Frontier Cartridge Josey Wales Classic Cowboy Gunfighter.


    We shot Gunfighter with full Black powder loads dressed in Classic Cowboy gear with appropriate guns at all pistol and Rifle targets!  .... And it was ugly! :lol: Lord was it bad... But it was a hoot, not sure I have ever missed that many targets before :P



    Good times!

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  2. 4 hours ago, Larsen E. Pettifogger, SASS #32933 said:

    It should last forever with the stock bolt and extension.  The problem I had was the bolt inself was defective, i.e. the firing pin channel was not drilled correctly and the firing pin could not set off a primer.  Put in an empty primed case and pull the trigger.  If it goes bang you should be OK.  The only thing that might break is the bottom tab on the bolt and that can be fixed.

    Oh your bolt was just totally messed up!  I figure I will take it to the range this weekend.   I tell you what it has a truck spring for the hammer!  :lol: 

  3. On 1/4/2023 at 7:33 PM, Larsen E. Pettifogger, SASS #32933 said:

    The carrier length on the OLD Navy Arms Henry's is the same as the newer ones.  The biggest difference is that the bolt and firing pin extension are completely different from the newer ones.  On the old Navy Arms the firing pin extension is .040" larger in diameter than the newer versions.  That also means the hole in the bolt and the hole in the receiver are larger.  I had one of these new in the box for years and when I finally decided to fool around with it found the bolt was defective and the firing pin could not hit the primers.  No big deal I thought so I just grabbed a new bolt from the parts bin.  Nope, won't fit.  The gun had other problems so I just junked it and used the parts for other projects.


    First photo, the new firing pin extension on the left and the old on the right.  Second photo.  New style bolt on the left, old on the right.  Hopefully everyone can see the difference in size without having to put a dial indicator next to the parts.  The old Navy Arms is scarce and this one is the only one I have ever seen.





    Larsen, I ended up picking up that Navy Arms Iron frame you mentioned they had in Cabela's in AZ.   Beautiful rifle, but guess what version it is?  :lol: Yep, the older version...  Oh well I took a chance, I will tune it up and run till she breaks.  If you have any tips of other differences in these particular models.  Give me a shout would you?

  4. On 1/11/2023 at 10:41 PM, Charlie MacNeil, SASS #48580 said:

    Think of it this way: if you come and play in our yard you get to try to hang with the likes of such gunhands as Boothill Bandit, Holy Rider, yers truly, and maybe even Major Art Tillery. What could be better than that?


    And with a catered lunch every day to boot! Come and play in our yard!

    Ya never know... The trip is still undecided yet.


    But free bump for another Classic Shooter event!!

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  5. Buckle Artwork is back from Molly's! These are going to look great! Look forward to seeing all you Classics in June! Get signed up if you haven't done it yet!






    The Battle At Adobe Walls

    June 22nd - 24th, 2023

    The Wolfpack Ranch

    Home of the High Plains Highwaymen

    Cowboy Action Shooting club located in Pampa, TX








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  6. On 1/10/2023 at 12:06 PM, Pariah, SASS #26619 said:

    Wow, thanks for the memory! I loved the Alaska Adventure book with Lassie as a kid, where they find the frozen mammoth. I had a few Popeye big little books, too. Have to look for them next time I visit the parents house. These are nice books for young adult readers, for those of you with kids or grand kids. Like ages 10-12.

    Your welcome :D They are neat little books.




    Weekend Bump 

  7. On 1/10/2023 at 1:13 PM, Larsen E. Pettifogger, SASS #32933 said:

    This is how an original Winchester 73 in .32-20 is marked.  The early guns had no markings as they only came in .44-40.  After the .38-40 and .32-20 came out they started marking the carriers for caliber.



    I was wondering how it was done on the originals... Thank you

  8. Howdy all you Classics!


    Well I have had a tremendous amount of support this year for award at The 2023 Classic Cowboy Showdown!  I want to thank everyone of you that have graciously helped out with this, you all are the best and are the reason I love this category!  


    Thanks to the efforts of fellow classics we now have awards for the following:


    Classic Cowboy (Buckle)

    (4)Classic Cowboy "Top 5" (Conchos)

    Senior Classic Cowboy (Buckle)

    Black Powder Classic Cowboy (Buckle)

    Ol Skool Classic Cowboy (Buckle)

    Classic Cowgirl (Buckle)


    Remember these awards and categories are sponsored by fellow Classics for the Showdown, they may differ from what the host club has offered.  Just sign up as classic on entry forum... But contact me with any specific Classic Category you are shooting for.   SENIOR... OL SKOOL...BLACK POWDER...ect. 


    I will keep a list of who is shooting what for the Showdown, so make sure to contact me.  


    Thanks all and look forward to seeing you all in June!


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  9. 1 hour ago, Chas B. Wolfson, SASS #11104 said:

    One of my '73.



    Wow!  That lever engraving looks great too!

    1 hour ago, Driftwood Dan SASS #62738L said:

    I had this done for my 1873    and I still am shooting very very slow.   I guess all the engraving has lots of wind drag.   Driftwood Dan

    Driftwood Dan parts.jpg

    Dang those look great!

  10. Thinking about having the caliber engraved on the bottom of carriers on my rifles.... 

    I have an idea of what I want, but looking at other options


    Who has had this done? Look good?  Pictures?  Or any other type of engraving?





  11. Not for sure if anyone on here would be interested, but have four Big Little "Lassie" books for sale. (2) are duplicates.  These are copyright 75', 68', 67',& 67'... Decent shape for age.


      These books are  4 3/4" x 3 1/2".  Two have colored pictures, two are B&W.


    Asking $25 shipped for all 4 OBO















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  12. 10 hours ago, Johnny Knight said:

    So are there particular bullets that folks are fond of for the Henry to mitigate this concern?  Looking at 44-40 loaded with both real BP as well as APP.


    Hollow points.. :lol:

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  13. PM Largo Casey, he runs a 20" carbine Original Henry.   Dantankerous and I gave it a good looking over this past year at the CC Showdown.  Beautiful lil carbine.  The shorter Uberti Henry's are harder to find I think.  They do show up from time to time on Gun Broker.

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  14. Hey Johnny Knight!


    First off the 1860 is just way too cool, or at least I think it is!  They are heavy guns, but they sure do scream "Classic". I shot an untuned Uberti 1860 Henry this past year at Nationals and made it into the Top 10 of Classic Cowboy category... So they can shoot well! Have transitioned to shooting a Henry full time in 2023... We will see how that turns out..:lol:


    Pretty much the only two versions out there are the Uberti (Italian Clones) and the American Made (Original Henry).   For the money the Italian Clones work fine, They could use some smoothing up of the internals, and the fit and finish is well ok nothing amazing.


    Now the Original Henry... Hands down one of the prettiest fit and finish 1860 Henry's you will find, but it will cost you more $. The Stocks are beautiful and the case hardening or brass is gorgeous!  One thing they do I am not a fan of is over polish the octagon barrel edges.  A pro is it will be backed by Henry.. who will take care of any problems you would ever have with the gun.


    I would stick with a 44-40 if you already reload for them and plan to shoot BP, it just keeps your action and what not so much cleaner.  


    As far as tuning work, most any work that can be done to a 66/73 can be done to a Henry.  Codymatic, most all short stroke kits will work fine too.


    Hope you get one.... Sometimes for the Classic Cowboy Showdown we have a buckle put up for the fastest Classic Shooter with a Henry! 


    Get you a Henry and let's go shooting!





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