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  1. Couple of questions:

    What is it, there are no markings or numbers...

    It is a .38 short...

    There is a "owl" on the grips

    Is it worth anything?


    To all of you that have educated me and what this antique paperweight is....a big thank you!

    Hashknife CB








    May 31 2020.jpg

    SASS Alias:  Hashknife Cowboy

    SASS #: 68957

    Where you are from:  Flagstaff, AZ

    How long you’ve been Cowboy Action Shooting:  15-16 years...I believe


    The 44 special looks pretty good after 3 days in the back country.  A few days later it transitioned back into a CAS gun with its twin.



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  3. Here is my partial list of what is incorrect on a regular basis in the movies......


    Fire in outer space, don't we need oxygen?

    Gun inaccuracies, doing the impossible with firearms.

    Lack of horsemanship skills, to the point where it is almost abuse.

    Cop shows that get it all wrong.

    Medical impossibilities.

    One of my favorites, its just a flesh wound.


    Just my opinion......

  4. After 1st reading about the journey and then watching the movie, I'm ready but I am taking my quarter horse. I have ridden parts of the AZ portion and its a bugger! My hats off tho those cowboys! One thing about the AZ Trail it was primarily designed for hikers and not horses or mules......typical.

  5. I mix em up with the horse buckles.......wear them on a regular basis except when shooting. I don't have a 1st Place yet, someday I'm a hoping.... But then again I wear a hat most all of the time.....

  6. When my daughter was in 6th grade she did a science project testing .38 special, 125 gr that were charged with 231. The test rifle was a Marlin and the low was 0 F and the high was 70 F. There was no difference. All velocities were around 880 FPS. Froze our keesters off in the name of science. Just my 2 cents worth...

  7. I still have the old school revolvers, shoot em and love em! Smith's, Ruger's and Colts, I got the speed loaders for em and they are not for sale. Once upon a time I went to Gunsite, they use to have a revolver school....Jeff Cooper even taught it. Maybe I am getting old. Nice to see Ruger just released a GP100 in .44 Special for us old schoolers.

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