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  1. The spur shown above is the in the first slide is to be worn on the right boot.  The part that is protruding up directly in front of the rowel is called the chap guard.  In  a perfect world it will keep a full length shotgun chap from getting into the rowel.  The following has always become a point of discussion or argument but normally the buckle on the spur strap goes to the outside and the top spur strap goes on the right foot.  Jingle bobs are always a nice touch except when sneaking up on anything.  I know of some horses that will tend to be rather spirited until they hear the sound of jingle bobs, the horse would associate the sound with spurs.  Remember spurs are not designed to hurt or injure the horse, the spur is a extension of the riders leg which is designed to press or roll along side the the horse to get the horse to move in a specific manner.  Kinda like someone pushing their finger into your ribs to get you to move aside.  There is no mystery to walking with spurs on, just remember you have them on.  A rule in my trucks is "no spurs"  while in the truck, they damage interiors.  Boots with a spur shelf work best with spurs, you can use them on boots without but you may have to reshape the spurs slightly so they wrap around the boot in a snug manner.  I do like Chancy Shots idea on the small wood screw on the heel to help hold the spur up.


    Hope this helps out......


    Here is an example of what I am talking about.....


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  2. Disclaimer:  This is what works for me.....


    I have owned the Uberti 1860, 66 and 1873, the Winchester 1873 and Marlins.  For overall toughness in back country conditions while carried in a saddle scabbard or in hand, go with the Marlins.  Yes there are some gunsmiths who conduct Marlin magic and transform a Marlin into a high level competition rifle.  There are more Uberti 73's out there on the CAS range than I can count.  There is an abundance of aftermarket parts and many talented gunsmiths that create an amazing high level competition rifle.  Just study what the top shooters use.  Remember Uberti's are plentiful in the used and affordable market.   But for me I vote for the Winchester 73 and 66 and that is what I use for CAS.   It is just fun and for me, out of the box smooth enough.  I shoot CAS to enjoy the shooting sport and the people.  Every time I make a new shooting friend I win the match in my eyes!


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  3. The day we brought a small generator to run the microwave in elk camp, it was apparent we forgot the recliners.   Then there was the fact that the microwave was for the popcorn.....we like to think that we brought a new elevated standard to camp.  We all went soft with the first coffee press.....

  4. Last time we needed this I contacted my local 4H horse club and someone directed to a very talented 4H member.  I have lost touch with her but I will give it a try....she is now in Texas somewhere.

  5. In 27 years of law enforcement, which involved 7 years at one agency and 20 at another, I found one common denominator.  Upper management was only concerned with a few things.   One of them being public perception and another being the bottom line.  I saw so much money being spent on recruitment and so little being spent on retention, especially retention of valuable seasoned employees.  In my estimation, you are a exceptional employee. Do not let this knock you down.  Family is family, sick is sick and the benefit that is in place to help family is yours to use as necessary. Stay true to your family and yourself, God Bless and prayers to all of your family.  A department head with wisdom is not the norm.  I hope I am not offending anyone with a LE background but it is what I have seen all too many times.  

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  6. Check what the tow capacity is of your vehicle.  If in doubt provide the VIN to your local dealer and they can do the research for you.  Make certain that your vehicle tires are capable of towing, again if there is a question go to your reputable tire dealer and they will help.  Invest in a sway control system and always have a reliable trailer brake system.  The F150 should handle it fine but I have not towed with a 1/2 ton in decades.  3/4 ton vehicles have larger brakes  and are normally better equipped to handle towing.  And remember gas engines suck the fuel when towing.  Good luck and always have help when backing, keeps you from bumping into things that you would rather not run into.   

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