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  1. For the cowboy who has most everything....


    Lindholm Brothers brass spurs and custom spur straps by Costanza.  2 1/4 inch 18 point rowels, 3 1/4 inch wide and  made for a mens boot.

    Double jingle bobs are 3/4 inch long.  These spurs have never been used and I have no intent to use them.  Cool factor is high and I can't recommend them for use on a horse, a bit too aggressive.


    $400.00 and I get shipping








  2. 4H, FFA, Agriculture Education, County Fairs and Livestock Shows have been a staple in our lives.  I applaud all of the young people and families of such,  quality young people are our future.  I believe some kids in Colorado just got all of their college paid for.  Well done to all!

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  3. If you are not learning at every shoot you might just be sleep walking.  Often its about learning new names to new friends.  I've been doing this for a while now and have absolutely no regrets.  Welcome and have fun!


    God Bless all Cowboys and Cowgals too!

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  4. That is a fine looking lever gun.  I have the one my dad bought new in 72 and it has digested thousands of rounds.  Someone should buy or trade for it, these do  not come along very often.

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  5. I have 2 and love them both.....

    One is a Ruger BH  and the other is a converted Ruger GP100 into a 5 shot .41 magnum.  The GP 100 is a 6 inch stainless steel.  I have take one mule deer with the Ruger BH and both have had custom work done to them by Gary Reeder in Flagstaff, AZ.  You cannot go wrong with this caliber and if you handload you will enjoy its full potential.





    018 (#177-06016 Reeder Black Mamba .41 Mag.).JPG

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  6. I load for two entirely different  30-30's, a Marlin 336 Texan built in 1969 and a Thompson Center G2 with a 14 in custom barrel.  For both I have found that Winchester 748 powder works best, Federal #200 large rifle primers and the following bullets.

    Marlin is loaded with  150 or 170 grain Soft Nose Flat Points,  150 grain can be any jacketed brand but for hunting I strongly recommend Nosler Partitions 170 Gr FP.

    For the TC, same powder but I use Spitzer Boat Tails in 150 gr.  I can get good accuracy out to 150 yards.  Again for hunting I have great success with the Accubonds or Hornady Interlocks.

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  7. Primary home defense:


    Pump 12 ga with turkey loads


    or any handgun you are comfortable in shooting and can manipulate in the darkness and will not go through multiple walls and hit something or someone outside of your home.

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    Come Christmas I believe  we need think, and just be greatful for what we have. Breath in our lungs, roof over our heads, shoes on our feet, and food on our tables. Jesus who is the King of everything, humbly came to us in a manger.  This Christmas I hope we will all be grateful for what we have.  Because we all have the best gift of all in the gracious love of Jesus.


    Merry Christmas

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  9. I would rather sell to a CAS, after the 31st it will be on consignment at a LGS :


    For Sale:  New in box - Dillon Square Deal B with .45 ACP dies

    $400.00 and I get shipping.  Does not have the black strong mount base, powder sensor, metal bullet tray, extra bin and tools in picture.  







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  10. I have been using these  for about a year.  They are good and I turn one of them off when on the range, amplifying only one ear.  The reason I do this is because they tend to pull in quite a bit of external sounds.  The ones I used in the past were made by Walker but used a hearing aid battery but have died a ugly death.  The new rechargeable ones seem better.  I use old school muffs for hunting.


    Walker's Silencer 2.0 Bluetooth Rechargeable Electronic Ear Plugs (NRR 24dB)   Manufacturer #: GWP-SLCR2-BT    UPC #: 888151026410

    https://ads.midwayusa.com/product/1022561770?pid=596785&utm_medium=shopping&utm_source=google&utm_campaign=Shooting - Ear & Eye Protection&utm_content=596785&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI3LmAx-GI_AIVpiWtBh0O-gVbEAQYAyABEgIht_D_BwE

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  11. Television is especially bad fiction when it comes to medicine, law enforcement, military and Fire/EMS. I run a Criminal Justice Program at a local college and some believe that they will get to work with stunning super models as depicted  in CSI.  I just remember working with really smart men and women.    Maybe I was working for the wrong agency.....  



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  12. For Sale:  New in box - Dillon Square Deal B with .45 ACP dies

    $425.00 and I get shipping.  Does not have the black strong mount base, powder sensor, metal bullet tray, extra bin and tools in picture.  


    Last price drop.....





  13. I had the chance to handle one of these this past weekend.  I would have loved to fire it but since I was indoors at a trade show it probably was not a good idea.  For what it is worth:  Overall finish - satin stainless without flaw.  Wood to metal fit - someone took the time to do it correctly and precisely.  Stock is functional, nice to hold and actually wood not black plastic.  Action:  Smooth and a pleasure to cycle.  Seems to me, Ruger has done it justice.  Sadly the one I handled was not for sale, just a display model.  Looking forward to the introduction of the Cowboy rifles.....






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  14. A few weeks ago we came upon one of the largest mule deer bucks I have ever seen.  Given the terrain, a large canyon within a recovering burn area at 8800 ft with a wind out of the southwest at about 25 mph I/we  did some calculations after ranging the bedded down deer at 610 yards.  The shot was down hill, about 100 feet below to the southeast.  Shooting a Nosler  model 48 in 300 Win Mag, 180 gr Accubond (factory ammo) I felt confident I could make the shot.  With my daughter to my left and my best buddy to my right I found a proper rest, held accordingly given the conditions, controlled my breathing and I even shot in between heartbeats.  I then got very lucky....


    The deer was bedded down behind a section of downed timber with  the lower half of his body  protected by the down timber.  Now I practice long range shooting but don't recommend it.  I saw the bullet hit the downed timber about 10 inches below my intended point of impact.  At the moment the Accubond exploded into the downed timber both my spotters said the same thing, too low by about a foot!  The last we saw of the deer was it packing the mail heading  southwest and a dead run.  I got lucky, a clean miss and  no more long shots for this western deer hunter.


    Later on in the hunt I took a respectable mule deer at 110 yards with one shot.  Now that's more like it.  Another North Kaibab adventure.



    Deer 2022 1.jpg

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