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  1. Unique and 231 is one of those go-to hand gun powders.  I recently came upon a 4lb bottle at a smaller mom and pop gun store and I was morally obligated to give it a home.  When I first started reloading  in the early 70's it was my first powder at the advice of a wise old timer....How'd I get this old?

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  2. Collectors gun and not recommended for shooting


    Iver Johnsons "Owl Head”, .38 S&W caliber (Black Powder only)  There are no markings on the frame and no serial number to research its age, best guess is 1910 and that is only a guess.

    This gun is for black powder only.  The flutes in the cylinder for the stop bolt are longer than the ones for smokeless and the owl is facing forward.


    This was part of an estate that I acquired and have  no need for it.  Perhaps some one out there needs a piece of history. 

    $100 and I get the shipping .....  


    I am at the mercy of LGS's and fellow shooters on what this is.  It is a novelty item, and the information provided is a best guess.  What is consistent is the brand, claliber and the "don't shoot this".  Even the internet has been less than helpful at times.  My expertise is not in anything made by Iver Johnson.


    Thanks for looking......






  3. In AZ she would be charged,  murder is still murder.  Trial, highly unlikely, a plea very likely.  Competency and mental health would be the sticking points.  As a old curmudgeon once told me;  at 85 or 90 a life sentence is much shorter..... 

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  4. Couple of questions:

    What is it, there are no markings or numbers...

    It is a .38 short...

    There is a "owl" on the grips

    Is it worth anything?


    To all of you that have educated me and what this antique paperweight is....a big thank you!

    Hashknife CB






    • You find yourself in the LGS and ask if they have a second pistol, not to choose from but to buy a pair.
    • You have been known to carry a single action for conceal carry.
    • Walrus ivory is good but elephant is pure decadence and quietly desired.
    • You get really excited when you find a older Marlin that you do not have, yet....
    • "Colt" is not a 4 letter word.
    • You find yourself reading True West at work, digitally.....
    • Your "go to" is a revolver.
    • You firmly believe cowboy guns breed if left undisturbed in the big metal box for 120 days.
    • You make a point of shooting or riding your horse on National Day of the Cowboy on the 4th Saturday in July.
    • And lastly, you know that we need a true Cowboy in the White House.
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  5. FS Non CAS:   Clean .338 Winchester Magnum brass, all is once fired except for the 43 pieces of Remington which is new, never loaded.


    1-Bag of 43 pieces, Remington new, never loaded 

    2-Bag of 54 pieces, Remington once fired - SOLD

    3-Bag of 54 pieces, Remington once fired

    4- Bag of 52 pieces, Hornady once fired

    5- Bag of 29 pieces, Federal once fired


    Brass is priced at $1.00 for shell casing or the lot of it at $155.00 for 178 pieces.  Buy 2 bags or all and I get shipping.  Individual bags will require $7.00 shipping.







    .338 brass.jpg

  6. I began reloading in the summer of 1972...…yes there was smokeless powder way back then.  I have never looked back.  I was a skinny kid in high school who worked  most of a summer to buy a RCBS Rock Chucker Kit and some components for my .357 Blackhawk.  I still use that press for large rifle loads and  blue one for pistol calibers.  Buy what works for you and jump in.  Unless you have a lot of money for factory ammo, it is the only way to go.  Talk to folks, read everything that you come across and calculate your savings.  There is so much information out there these days there is no reason to not become highly educated on the topic.  

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  7. No i'm not an expert but in carrying but Colt 1911's in LE for almost 2 decades here are what failed the least for us.

    • Wilson Combat
    • Colt factory magazines (they say Colt on the base)
    • Chip McCormick

    The handgun was Colt, Kimber or Springfield in .45 ACP.  Since them, it is now all about black plastic and 9mm.  My personal favorite is the Wilson.

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