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  1. Buy any you can find in this absurd market.  I use Federal, Winchester, Remington and CCI.  That is also my order of preference.  CAS rounds get Federal or Winchester. I tried Wolf and cannot recommend them, they were quite inconsistent.  Recently I picked up some white boxed Winchester large pistol that had a price on them of $7.99 from K-Mart for the 1000.  I actually remember paying that at one time.  Did any of you ever buy a $100.00 pick up truck?

  2. With new brass I found that if I take the resizing die on a single stage and set it about 1/8 turn clockwise beyond where the shell holder meets the die it will then be fully resized and eliminate that particular problem. Or you can just buy used brass and minimize that problem.  Ruger is  less persnickety with loading than the Colt and their clones.....

  3. I have had the honor to meet with him several times and grow to appreciate the man.  He is a class act and it broke my heart to hear of this.  Lets all take a moment and offer him and his family a prayer...


    God Bless all Cowboys and Cowgirls...... 

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  4. It takes quite a bit of practice to shoot with one hand.  Ask any one handed shooter and they will tell you that they are more accurate with two hands.  Shooting with one hand is a tremendous skill to have, coming from law enforcement we always trained with one hand, both the strong and weak hand,  This was because in the event of a injury to a hand you could remain in the fight.  But this is not gun fighting, it is a sport that is designed to create fun and friendly competition.  I do carry while on horse back  in the woods, should someone  have the need to shoot off of a horse you better have a solid hold of the reins and better be accomplished with one handed shooting.  Choose what you like, I choose to shoot one handed in CAS because I enjoy it.  When hunting with a handgun, then it is all about two hands and making no mistakes.   Most importantly, just find your comfort zone and have fun.....and always know that most who carried guns in the old west were not gunfighters and the handgun was a needed tool.

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  5. For the first few years I had a 3 1/2 inch Vaquero and a 5 1/2 in Vaquero.  As long as I shot with two hands there wasn't a problem, then I switched to shooting duelist style and found it better to have revolvers that matched in weight.  Create your own style, try to shoot the same caliber  and just have fun!

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  6. I was raised to hunt for food.  Dad use to call venison, natures fast food.  I have taken my share of large antlered herbivores, but I am quite content with a cow elk or a younger mule deer.  To me the hunt experience is all about friends and family, the camp and the memories of the hunt. I do not need to kill a animal, but if I do it is all about the food.  To me it is not a competition where it must be big.  At the end of the day it is a living animal that must be treated with respect and dignity if I choose to release the arrow or pull a trigger.  I will not kill just because I can. 

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  7. Before anyone begins the critiquing, evaluating or providing their own opinion of the Marlin 45-70 that was recently  released by Ruger, I would like to thank the the folks at Ruger in keeping the brand alive.  My first rifle was a Marlin 336 Texan in 30-30 that was made in 1969 and has taken numerous mule deer and cow elk.  Since then many other Marlins have become part of my collection, from .22 to 45-70.  Long live the lever gun and God Bless all cowboys and cowgirls  who  strive to keep the west and western history alive. 





    I'm holding out for a cowboy lever gun in .357.......it would be my 1st in .357.



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