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  1. info@acammo.com is the e-mail address I used. The link from their website is corrupt - it shows on the website correctly but the actual link has added code that doesn't allow the e-mail to go though.


    While not exactly quick, the company was easy to do business with and shipped what they said they would.

  2. 80+ pound female Black Mouth Curr - she slept on the bed with us until we got a new bed. Now it's too tall for her to jump on. At 11 years old, her arthritis keeps her from doing a whole lot.


    I have an old wool blanket on the floor on my side of the bed for her to sleep on now.

  3. Was told today that when running circuits to a power distribution panel the two sides of the panel should have evenly distributed amp draws.


    Otherwise, a panel with uneven distribution would use more electricity than a panel with equal distribution.


    Can any one verify or refute this claim?

  4. Anybody use them extensively?


    I don't have a preference (and neither do my guns) but have been using Winchester and Remington.


    Used Federal until they became rare as hens teeth...

  5. I would think that all that flying brass between you and the targets would make shooting difficult. Does it bother you?

    You didn't see Pat shooting - that ejected brass had already landed before he pulled the trigger again. :ph34r:

    Good to see ya again yesterday Pat and congrats on the clean match!

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  6. Some of the oil platforms do have cell repeaters. Depending on your carrier and your phone, you can get a good signal when within range of one of these platforms.


    I've had some luck with AT&T and a BlackBerry out to about 20-25 miles with voice in 2012 off the AL/MS coast. Text was better.

  7. Not that I expected any less, but three of the four people singing the National Anthem at this year's WNFR were were better than pretty good.


    Mark Wills for round 1 - GREAT

    Clay Walker for round 2 - Darn good

    Young lady for round 3 - Not bad

    Daryl Singletary for round 4 - Pretty good


    We are a little behind so we'll be watching round 5 tonight even though round 6 is live (will watch that tomorrow night).

  8. This is a pic of the slide from Mernickle Custom Leather. It can be had in .357 or .45 size and the loops are made of heavy elastic - they hold your reloads securely but it's not difficult to pull one out as needed. Rarely does a shooter need more than one reload for a stage, and even then that's rare. This slide can be moved from belt to belt and if you get one for each caliber you can swap them out as needed if you shoot multiple calibers. You can also position the slide on either strong or weak hand side of the belt, or wear your buckle in the back and place the slide between your holsters.


    I'm also a fan of their shotgun belt - same type of loops.


    And their Gunfighter Series holsters. Metal lined to hold the shape and not let the holster collapse after the draw. The High Performance Series is also metal lined and just slightly different on the cant and drop IIRC.


    Mernickle (as most custom leather makers) does have a wait list. If this is the direction you want to go, or any cutom leather maker for that matter, try to find someone with an extra set of leather to let you borrow until your order arrives. This will also let you experience different holsters and determine what you want long term.

  9. UPS just delivered mine. They are beautiful, even better than I expected. I posted pictures on Facebook. If I figure out how I'll post here also. Took the pictures with my phone now have to get them transferred to computer, unless there is a way to post on this wire from my phone.

    Open your FB page - click on your picture - right click your picture - COPY IMAGE


    Then come back to the Wire - right click in the reply box - PASTE

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