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  1. I'll be there making the rounds and getting my exercise.


    Will definitely stop by the SASS booth, as well as several of the other booths dedicated to our firearms. Other than that, will primarily be looking at suppressors and rifle chassis.


    Will be staying at the Holiday Inn Desert Club Resort this year - has to be better than where we stayed last year...

  2. I ate German food inFredericksburg while I was at Comancheria. The shoot was great but German food is terrible. Come eat some Louisiana French creole cooking it is delicious. That is the reasonGermany invaded France three times, they were hungry

    Pat - I've got so many choices of Louisiana cooking down this way that I sometimes have a hard time choosing which one to go to.


    But we don't have any good German sausage/Sauerkraut restaurants.

  3. Hmm, once I get this year straightened out that just might make for a good weekend - shoot with the Peacemakers on Saturday and the Gunslingers on Sunday.


    Sounds good - now just to see if I can make it all work out.

  4. As mentioned, gloves may or may not work. I have a pair that I wear that keep me warm but there's no way I could shoot in them. The thin gloves that I can shoot in make my hands feel colder than no gloves at all.


    As an alternative I've been looking at the hand warmers that football players wear.


    Here is an example:





    (This following material ignores thermal expansion of the mold at casting temperature. There would also have to be an adjustment for the mold material (iron, brass, aluminum) growing in cavity diameter as the mold gets to casting temperature.)


    Pure lead shrinks 1.13% of the bullet diameter from the (room temperature) mold inside diameter. Thus, to cut a mold to cast pure lead, Tom at Accurate cuts the diameter to be 1.13% bigger than the diameter you want the slug to cast at, when it cools off.


    Linotype shrinks 0.65% of the diameter as it solidifies. So Tom would cut the mold a little tighter if you specify linotype.


    All the other alloys are in-between pure lead and linotype. The ones with all tin in the alloy will shrink more like pure lead does. The ones with antimony (COWW, 6%/2% Hardball, Lyman #2) will be more like the lino shrinkage numbers.


    So for a .357 desired bullet diameter as cast, a Pure Lead mold would be cut to 0.3611" inside diameter

    And a Linotype mold would be cut to 0.3593"

    (If he can hold a ten-thousandths tolerance)


    So you can see there's a couple thousandths difference between what a pure lead (high shrinkage) and a linotype (less shrinkage) mold cavity diameter would be.


    Data on lead alloy shrinkage when solidifying is from Glen Fryxell and Robert Applegate's book:

    From Ingot to Target:A Cast Bullet Guide for Handgunners


    at the LASC site: http://www.lasc.us/Fryxell_Book_Contents.htm



    And a few more alloys are listed in this reference page (1/3 way down the page)





    Another thing this shows you, from any mold, a pure lead slug will be a couple-three thousandths smaller than a linotype slug cast in same mold. Thus, folks have not only a harder slug but a larger slug when they cast with linotype or other antimonial lead alloy. And running those two slugs through a sizer, the lino slug will be harder to size by quite a bit, because it's both harder and larger diameter!



    Good luck, GJ



    PS - Trivia question: at what amount of antimony in a lead alloy would a bullet not shrink at all when it cools?



    Per some gov't research in the 1930s, a 75% antimony alloy bullet would be the same size as the liquid in the mold. No shrinkage. And it would be really hard, and it would be very hard to knock out of the mold. Pure antimony EXPANDS as it cools, and cannot be cast accurately in an enclosed mold - it spreads the mold halves apart.





    Thank you for taking the time to explain this and providing some links.

  6. Accurate Molds website asks what material you will be casting with as casting with any alloy other than the one specified will change the resultant diameter.


    Can someone explain how the below casting materials would affect as-cast diameter?


    These are the casting materials listed by Accurate Molds:

    - Lead

    - Clip-on Lead Wheel Weights

    - 1:30 Tin - Lead

    - COWW +2% Tin

    - 2-6-92 Hardball

    - 1:25 Tin - Lead

    - 1:20 Tin - Lead

    - 1:15 Tin - Lead

    - Lyman #2

    - Linotype

  7. A fridge, hours. A freezer, 24 hrs............maybe.


    Been there.

    In summer temps - this.


    A freezer that is full will maintain cooler temps longer. Always a good idea to take up any extra space in a freezer with frozen water bottles. It also makes the freezer more efficient.


    The words the SASS software says for the Amazon pictures even though they are jpg's

    Interesting - won't let me copy & paste from there either.


    When I inspect the code from that picture I get the following:

    <img class="bbc_img" src="https ://cnt-00.content-na.drive.amazonaws.com/cdproxy/templink/U3810h-mygNjeL0pcThwfvuub5cdvuhkV5FnjLnG9JEeJxFPc?viewBox=1359,1019" alt="U3810h-mygNjeL0pcThwfvuub5cdvuhkV5FnjLnG">



    Here is a picture from our Facebook page, which is also a JPG



    When I inspect that code, I get this:

    <img class="bbc_img" src="https ://scontent-atl3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/15391191_1782054978711482_4322188335935359293_n.jpg?oh=7291ec444db41fbe7704cf7674724eb5&oe=58E4508E" alt="15391191_1782054978711482_43221883359353">



    Now, all of that means mumbo-jumbo to me. BUT!! If you read through the code you can see in the second one where it says jpg - the first picture (from Amazon Prime) doesn't and appears to be redirected through a temporary link.

  9. PR - As long as the pics you post to the net are not protected from view you should be able to use it.


    Go to your Amazon photos, right click the pic you want and then click "copy".


    With the Wire open in another window, right click in the thread you want the pic in and click "paste".


    I personally use Facebook but I do it the same way.

  10. While I didn't have a hand in the physical actions - I did enjoy laughing at the Royal Baby after he'd been stripped and duct taped to an office chair on the flight deck. :o


    The Royal Baby was a big ol' hairy BT3.


    I was fortunate that I'd only been onboard for about two weeks so I didn't have anybody out to really get me.


    Crossed on the East coast after finishing NEO Ops at Mamba Station in '90.

  11. I was issued dog tags when I enlisted in 1989.


    A sailor becomes a Shellback when they cross the equator and are initiated. Until then they are lowly Pollywogs.


    In years past, the Shellback initiation was quite elaborate with quite a bit of hazing.


    I'm not sure what happens in today's Navy.

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